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Top Mobile App Development Services In India

Advology Solution is the Best Mobile App Development Company in India that has a team of top mobile app developers who deliver application development solutions.

From small businesses to large-scale enterprises, every industry has been seeking our help for Mobile App Development services ever since our inception. We understand that quality and user engagement are the deciding factors for a successful mobile app.

We have a firm command over all the operating systems when it comes to developing a robust Mobile App. We deploy cutting-edge technologies such as AI/ML, cloud and various others to carry out our operations.

  • Our Mobile App Development company strictly adheres to the parameters set by technologies used for industrial purposes.
  • We analyse the idea, strategise the plan to execute and then deploy our development process.
  • They call us the best mobile app development company because of our distinctive way of executing the development process while integrating bleeding-edge technologies.

Whether Android system or the closed ecosystem of iOS, our highly professional Mobile App Developers are highly potent at developing apps for all sorts of operating systems. Our scalable and trackable progress always involves our client taking the necessary feedback.

Advology Solution is the leading mobile app development company in India, that supports your business by giving wings to your ideas. Come to us with your business idea, and we will help you by transforming it into reality.

Our End-To-End Custom Mobile App Development Services In India

IOS App Development

iOS has grown to an extent where industries at a very large scale are now using iOS as their enterprise software solution. The Mobile App Development Services offered by our professional App Developers provide a secure iOS-based Application that fits your business. Just because the App is finished with the developing process doesn’t mean it’s the job gets done. It requires rigorous testing with the help of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to commence a testing phase of an app. Our developers conduct the testing phase to analyse if there’s any error left that may pose a problem in functionality. Apart from that, it is done to improve the user interface. Once the digital product is passed through all testing parameters, the developers launch it. The finished iOS app works flawlessly and increases customer trust. The interface lets the customer be aware of the latest updates and information about the business and helps them navigate to the buying kart.

  • For decades, we have been creating impactful applications for all iOS versions, helping the leading global brands to shift to mobile.
  • We help businesses across all the different industries and niches and help them to select the right technology stack for creating a fitting UX and integrating the application into the existing infrastructure.
  • We at Advology Solution is a team of iOS developer experts who helps in using technologies, integrating, and creating functionalities pertinent to developing products around the iOS version.

Android App Development

Android Apps developed by our Mobile App Developers have transformed the Mobile App Market. There are a variety of applications for the Android platform that our developers create. Our mobile apps that are particularly meant to run on the Android interface work flawlessly and streamline a workaround. We use technologies like Swift, HTML5, PHP, PhoneGap and various others that facilitate our developing process. We make sure the Android Apps developed by our team are fully compatible with all devices supporting the Android platform. Besides that, we ensure that the app is future-ready, and just in case it requires any update or a technical tweak, it would be easy to manoeuvrer. Our highly professional team of developers keep in mind that it must be compatible with widgets and other utilities in an Android system. Also, our apps are business-centric and made to boost sales conversion in a business. Lastly, we understand that an application must adhere to security and quality parameters to fully perform. Speaking of, Android Apps developed by our company are fully streamlined and functional, respecting all enterprise parameters.

  • We are a team of experienced and dedicated android mobile application developers who have mastered the skill sets of developing, customizing, integrating, modifying, and redesigning the application that meets your business goals and standards.
  • We deliver high-performing, scalable and secure android app development services to startups and enterprises.
  • We enable businesses to leverage their mobile operating system to connect with more potential customers across more platforms, deploying enhanced security features and increasing ROI.

Windows App Development

The Windows App Development Process at our digital agency gets frequently applauded by our clients around the world. The applications are specifically meant to run on this platform, get timely updates and are fully laced with current-gen features and modern capabilities. We are the best Mobile App Development company in India, catering to global brands with Windows App Development services. Applications developed by our team are susceptible to zero to no crashes whatsoever. We provide an excellent and intuitive interface that runs flawlessly. We provide all kinds of Windows App Development services for enterprise software queries. We utilise enterprising tools which are tried and tested on industry parameters for perfect navigation. The applications developers under the supervision of our sophisticated project managers are meant for high scalability and always adhere to user experience norms.

  • We are a team of windows app development experts who are always abreast with the present-day market trends and ensure that the application works seamlessly on different platforms.
  • Our windows applications are meant only to be updated once to improve the application and provide a seamless user experience.
  • We deeply understand your business requirements and objectives, and later we came up with the needed steps to design a dynamic interface for the windows application.
  • We thoroughly conduct necessary steps and tests to ensure your windows application is free from technical glitches and bugs.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development, which takes place in our digital marketing company, enables a user to execute all the surface-level functions with great ease. The apps that are developed with a Hybrid mindset are incorporated with updated frameworks having the latest features. We use various technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Apache Cordova and Unity to support our Hybrid App Development process. The biggest advantage of having a Hybrid App for your software query is it runs on all operating systems. Chances are, you might have customers that use both desktop and handheld mobile devices. What it means is, you have a requirement to have an app that runs on operating systems and all sorts of devices. Having a Hybrid App in your workaround makes work streamlined since it works on both the open source and all kinds of proprietary systems. Having a Hybrid App makes a developer’s job easy. This kind of Application has one source code, which makes it easy to update the application for the future. Apart from that, it reduces the time invested in the project and enhances work productivity.

  • We are a top-notch hybrid app development company in Gurgaon that provides high-quality, robust, scalable, and interactive hybrid app development services.
  • We help brands understand the digital role that can play in realizing strategic opportunities and solving real-world business problems and are always focused on customer experience and results.
  • We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects and engagement, and we provide rapid and cost-effective hybrid app development services to our clients.

Native App Development

The Native App Development process comes into play when you need to have an application for a specific operating system only. The applications which are developed via Native technology at our digital workshop can be downloaded and installed through both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We have highly professional Native App Developers who solely work on these projects and use programming languages such as Objective-C or Swift. Our experts use development tools such as SDK and interface elements. The Native Apps are highly productive and meant to last for a long time with zero to no error. They use the full power of the programming languages and APIs integrated in them. Apart from that, Native Apps are highly secure and leave you with nothing but utter peace of mind. While incorporating technologies such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML5, you will feel fully secure while using Native Apps developed by our sophisticated developers.

  • Our native application development services allow better access to built-in smartphone functionalities such as GPS, camera, microphone, accelerometer, etc.
  • Our highly trained developer experts will turn your application concept into a secure and cutting-edge application.
  • We deliver cutting-edge mobility solutions adapted to your business needs for native app development services.
  • We built native applications that are quicker and more responsive than web pages, as they can communicate directly with the native APIs and components, and it also enables multithreading and hardware accelerations.

Progressive Web App Development

The Progressive Web App Development, also known as PWA is a development process in which apps are made to work for users who prefer an app-based interface. It utilises modern web tendencies to meet the requirements pertaining to URLs. These kinds of Web Apps can be indexed on search engines, and also they can be installed on servers as well. It wouldn’t be downright wrong to say that the PWA development process respects the combination of apps and websites. The Progressive Web App Development executed by our developers is robust in nature and works smoothly no matter what browser you run it on. These Applications are highly responsive and can be operated on all kinds of gadgets such as desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets. The applications which are developed under this segment of the development process can go extremely well on both offline systems and systems with low web connectivity. PWAs are highly secure and can be used as a secured server that protects you against content tampering and snooping.

  • We deeply optimize the web applications as they provide app-like navigation and appealing visual content.
  • We help businesses to bridge the gap between web and native experiences which provides great user experience.
  • Our progressive web app developers boost performance, accessibility, and user engagement to develop comparable applications faster, more reliable, and more engaging.
  • We develop quality progressive web applications that render the user experience more consistent and seamless and help achieve results faster.

Cross-Platform App Development

The majority of the population in this world has multiple devices with different operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Open Source and Windows. Our Cross-Platform App Development provides the same UI/UX experience despite having different operating systems. The development process enables a user to enjoy the benefits of an application on all devices and on all operating systems. Since there is no requirement for building the same application for all platforms, our developers create just one that fits well for all ecosystems. You just need one source code to operate and update the application on all platforms. The process is easy to implement. For instance, you can write code in HTML and convert it for any platform. Also, product management is easy and provides quicker development with one source code with fewer errors. The development process is extremely cost-effective, and the launched product is highly robust and easy to navigate.

  • Our cross-platform app development strategy is built on numerous factors, including compatible technology, speed to market, easy updates, and overall cost-effectiveness to deliver excellent conversions across different platforms and devices.
  • We develop applications that work across different operating systems efficiently and quickly.
  • Our web developer experts are well-versed in the technologies that help drive efficiency and better results for cross-platform app development projects.
  • We create a cross-platform application from scratch by visualizing the application concept and composing architecture depending on the peculiarities of your business requirements and targeting platforms.

IPAD App Development

Our iPad App Development services provide an exceptional level of ROI as compared to Android App development. Apart from that, iPad App development delivers you extreme security if you are dealing with very sensitive enterprise data. Tackling huge data is no joke, and especially when it comes to securing it, it is no less than a tough nut to crack. We provide an integrated data management system with our development service that makes it easy to automate huge data without even worrying about security. Apart from that, tampering seems to be a huge problem that big enterprises quite often deal with. Our iPad Apps are tamper-proof and make it next to impossible for a threat actor to make duplicate copies of data. Besides that, we provide extreme measures with our iPad Apps that backup your data just in case your data gets compromised. Our hardened encryption protects your sensitive data with life and helps back up with the cold storage of the latest technology.

  • We offer a full-cycle of iPad app development services that include planning, designing, integration, and management. We deliver end-to-end iPad app development solutions across different verticals.
  • We build, deploy and manage iPad applications that get millions of downloads on the App store.
  • We deliver high-quality iPad application development services that are recognized for their features like scalability, modern and unique designs, and robustness.
  • We develop customized iPad applications with specialized features that match the user’s expectations and needs.

IoT App Development

IoT, also called the Internet of Things, is the new norm in this digital era. We provide IoT App Development which is tried and tested on industrial parameters. We understand that IoT is the latest technology in the digital sector and has taken the industries to a whole new level. We integrate multiple components in your IoT App to make it accessible to your IoT devices. Our IoT App Development is completely customised and totally based on the prerequisites of a business. Also, since we deploy our development process integrated with current-gen technologies, it makes the process completely cost-effective. Our integration of revolutionary technologies such as AI/ML makes it extremely automated and user-friendly. The IoT Apps developed by our highly professional developers improve customer experience and enhance sales conversions.

  • We possess unique security concerns for software and hardware and use the leading security standards and tools to keep your data safe and secure throughout the entire process.
  • We develop IoT applications that help the manufacturing industries to access crucial data, which helps the companies to work proactively.
  • We develop IoT solutions typically composed of a complex, heterogeneous mix of endpoints, back-end systems, middleware apps, and connectivity.
  • We partner with small and medium-sized businesses to build, manage and scale their operations with the help of customized IoT development services and solutions.
  • We collaborate with hardware designers to launch IoT firmware and embedded applications for IoT devices and boost the results of your IoT project.

Trusted Mobile App Development Company India That Helps Develop Your Custom Mobile Application

We are the top-notch Mobile Application Development Company in India that provides long-lasting solutions pertaining to Enterprise Software.

Why Is Advology Solution One Of The Best Mobile App Development Companies In India?

We offer you to leverage our more than a decade-old experience to power your Mobile App. Ours is one of the renowned Mobile App Development Companies in India that provides scalable, engaging and user-friendly Mobile Applications for iOS and Android platforms.

By adopting Advology Solution, you are choosing concrete and experienced partners that conceptualise, design, test and design Mobile Apps for industries all over the world. Our result-oriented business perspective allows brands to have consistent success in the digital world.

  • We have a passionate team of highly potent Mobile App Developers that offer a robust solution to world enterprises.
  • The Mobile App Development headquarter we have in India, caters to global clients that always contact us when they require a robust Mobile App solution for their business.
  • Whether it is the eCommerce platform or the Healthcare sector, or the IT Support, our strategic approach toward Mobile App Development provides complete satisfaction.

We are well known for sculpting powerful Mobile Apps to help top brands in the world excel in their business. We believe in crystal clear communication and flexibility in management to maintain a responsive workflow in the projects.

Our core team of Mobile App Developers ensure a seamless engagement and enhanced user experience to maintain the digital woodwork. We proceed with a tech-centric approach to analyse human response to the digital tool.

Hire Expert Mobile App Developers In India That Help In Making Your Business Accessible

Advology Solution is a hyperlocal Mobile App Development platform that enables enterprises to discuss everything concerning technologies that can help them to excel with sales revenues. The Mobile App Developers at our digital agency always keep your queries as top priority.

Our expert Mobile App Developers can turn your idea into reality through their potent expertise that has been helping both regional and global businesses for the past ten years.

Expert Mobile Developer
Expert Mobile Developer

If you have been digging into search results looking for an expert mobile developer in India, your journey ends here as we provide a robust solution for your enterprise software queries.

End-to-End Solution
End-to-End Solution

Here at our digital marketing firm, we have a team of specialists that create end-to-end custom-made mobile app solutions using bleeding-edge technologies.

Cross-Platform Apps
Cross-Platform Apps

Whether it is the Android platform you are interested in, or you want to go with the iOS platform, or Windows is your first preference – we deal with all platforms, including cross-platform apps as well.

We are a team of digital marketing experts that have experience of many years. We make sure the development process entails using the latest technologies and updated industrial software to ensure the maximum output.

Our seamless Mobile App Development service provides an ambient user experience that not only streamlines your work environment but also provides software solutions to your business. The developers in our team offer high-quality business-centric Mobile Apps for the maximum ROI.

What Are The Characteristics And Benefits Of Mobile Application?

If you are seeking a top Mobile Application Development Company in India, you have reached the right destination. We are able to figure out all conceivable queries that an enterprise encounters while struggling with a software query.

Besides having enhanced user engagement, maximum outcome, boosted productivity, streamlined workaround and increased sales conversion, there are several benefits of a robust Mobile Application Development that are listed below;

  • Mobile Applications developed under our supervision have an exceptional backup that not only protects your sensitive business data but also encrypts it.
  • Mobility is undoubtedly the deciding factor that a business seeks to automate and streamline the workaround. We offer beefy mobility.
  • A business which cannot be scaled is fated to doom. The developers at our digital marketing agency understand it quite well and hence provide measurable scalability through our apps.

The Mobile Application benefits for a business offered by our team are the result of strategic planning and execution. We make the application through rigorous testing to ensure no error is left in the room that may hamper your business process.

We stay accountable to our services and development processes as it defines our integrity. Speaking of which, deadlines are something that we always take seriously. Therefore, we proceed with stringent brainstorming, and strategic planning to provide you the benefits and that too on or before the deadline.

Our Mobile App Development Process

At our workaround, we understand how competitive the smartphone app development market is. While there are several players in the market that are offering the Mobile App Development service, only a few are the ones that enterprises can consider to take help from.

Understand this, Mobile App Development is a vast subject and includes several attributes related to technology. It takes rigorous training and understanding of the matter to proceed with an intelligent development process that helps a brand yield maximum ROI.

Developing Idea
Developing Idea

We proceed with a fresh start while having the concept in a clear perspective. We analyse the idea and put it into our analytical scope before devising a strategy to develop it. Once we are convinced that the idea can be executed with a firm approach while keeping the parameters of the developing process in perspective, we proceed further.

Planning The Process
Planning The Process

Once the core idea is conceptualised, we move ahead with identifying various other elements that involve real planning. We take several apps similar to your idea and take inspiration from them. Once we figure out one element that separates your idea from the others, we move to the next step.


It’s a no-brainer that it takes an excellent design that makes an app outshine its competitors. From conformity to touch gestures to colour to OS design standards to everything necessary to design the entire app, a developer proceeds with extreme caution. All these characteristics, when combined together, take the shape of a wireframe.

The Building Stage
The Building Stage

Here comes the actual development phase. The aim is to create the actual product based on the idea, planning and combined attributes of designs. Besides, we also take budget and time constraints into consideration before building. Other than that, we also involve our clients by asking which operating system they want to focus on.

Creating The Prototype
Creating The Prototype

Before you start developing and launching the app in the App Store, we develop a working model similar to the actual app. A prototype provides you with an insight into what the fully-functional app would look like. You can also either pitch for investors/buyers, or define APIs or procure licenses just by showcasing the prototype.

Adding Analytics
Adding Analytics

Adding a layer of analytics to a mobile app is certainly a good idea. You can try any other options from Localytics, Google Analytics, Preemptive, Flurry and Mixpanel. It is necessary for a mobile app to perform without any hassle. Therefore, adding analytics would ensure the performance of an app.

The Testing
The Testing

It can be disastrous for an app to be launched without letting it go through beta testing. There is an uncertainty if the app can perform without any error by multiple users. A stringent beta test ensures the performance and provides much-needed feedback. It helps define your target audience and helps in fixing the bugs.

Launching App
Launching App

Once the testing goes all good and the bugs are fixed, it’s time to launch the app. We ask whether a client wants to release it on the Android platform, or they want it to be released on Windows or iOS or they want to proceed with Cross-Platform. Once the app is reviewed by the respective App stores, it is launched.

Track The Metrics
Track The Metrics

So, now that you have your app launched by steering clear of the bugs and other elements that were stopping you from performing good, it’s time to track the metrics. The analytical tools that we add in phase 6 of development can be of good use in this process.

App Development Cycle

Your dream App deserves more place other than your imagination, and we can make it happen. Advology Solution uses the agile process and proactive approach for developing your mobile application.



Strategy mapping is to visualize customer vision and getting acquainted with customers. We develop a strategy around the requirement of our client.

Product Design

User Experience Design

We believe an astute user experience is beautiful, intuitive and subtle, and our designers can create an exceptional design for your mobile app.


Development and Testing

The app is built in this phase, and normally a build of the app is released to the client for review. QA team will test the application against numerous test modules.

 Quality Assurance


Once your requirements and desired functionalities are fulfilled, we will finally launch your mobile application on the App Store or Playstore.

Top-Rated Mobile App Development Agency India: Build Brands You Can Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

The app is just not limited to a matter of programming. It is more than that. Mobile App Development services engulf more than you can imagine. Services in the Mobile App Development process entail end-to-end enterprise conceptualisation, maintenance and optimization of an app. Together they take the shape of a unified idea that turns into a fully functional asset. Put simply, it could be your next money-bagger. Apart from that, it includes customization based on the requirement of a business and the testing process once the App is ready and is yet to launch. The services can focus on many aspects related to the industry your business belongs to. It could be anything from the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Devices, Healthcare, eCommerce, Travel, Agriculture, Software As A Service (SaaS), etc. Apart from that, the service could include which operating system you want to run your App on. It could be anywhere from a simple android, iOS, or Windows-centric to altogether a hybrid app that can be operated on any operating system.

Every year an enormous amount of money is spent on having solutions for enterprise software endeavours. While choosing a bad company may prove to be a total disaster, the right company may provide you with a helping hand in reaching the heights of success that you have always dreamt about.

One way to look for whether or not a Mobile App Development company is good for you is to look for their present and past clients and their reviews. Naturally, a good company has satisfied clients, and a not-so-good company doesn’t. While satisfied clients would seek the same company for its services, the other one with a bad reputation doesn’t have ongoing projects. Other than that, you can try their sample apps and see what kind of technology they incorporate into their apps.

Apart from that, observe their delivery management. While many companies do not post their progress and never involve their clients in their projects when the development process is progressing, a reliable company would never do that. These are some parameters on which you can judge which company is a good call for you.

You need to know that it’s like asking if just one shoe size can fit everyone. Similarly, not all enterprises would look for the same business goals. While one organization may have different needs when it comes to its business and investment, the other one totally differs in the set of requirements. In simple words, it all varies from business to business.

For instance, an eCommerce enterprise may have different prerequisites of business than that of a healthcare organization. No matter if their endgame is the same, which is, to excel in the business with boosted ROI, not all industries have the same path to reach the end goal.

In simple words, there is no specific answer to the question of how much it will cost to have the Mobile App Development process done. It is better to seek advice from a reputed company for your cost concern.

Mobile Application has been helping businesses to thrive in industries ever since smartphones become a global norm. Mobile Apps have consistently proved themselves as a useful option for users. An App facilitates a user with multi-purpose information such as text messages, video streaming, payment transaction, product information and several more. Their demand is to provide the outcome in real-time, and that too instantly.

Apart from that, it helps a business to reach out to the global audience with a pinch of ease. It encourages brand awareness and brand loyalty. Other than that, one of the most prominent advantages of having a Mobile App Development process in a business is, it boosts your retail business and decreases on-site cost in the production. Also, it facilitates your customers with a Feedback Management system and social media integration and enhances user engagement.

Chances are high that the majority of users have multiple devices with different operating systems. While a majority of the users prefer the Android platform when it comes to operating their devices, the remaining part of the population prefers other operating systems. When your business demands not to stick around just one operating system for your users that have different operating systems, whether pre-installed or post-installed, it is necessary to have an App that supports all operating systems.

Having a Cross-Platform Mobile App enables you to have quicker tracking of the outbound data. Simultaneously, having a single source code for cross-platform applications puts a developer at ease while managing an Application. It becomes easier for a developer team to deploy necessary technologies in the system.

Besides that, it makes product management and management easy for you. Certainly, the development process isn’t a straight-way drive but a zigzag one. Having a Cross-Platform App Development makes the process streamlined, reduces the time investment and enhances productivity.

Yes, we can help in uploading the mobile app to the app stores.

Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store are trustworthy stores from where users download and install applications. These are the industry parameters set by the tech giants to maintain the efficiency and security of the applications. There are several App Developers offering their services in the market to upload applications to these two prominent online stores. While not all stick around to their promise and fail to comply with the technical compliance set by the industry’s top leaders, a few always keep their promises.

Talking about us, we are one of the most prominent Mobile App Development organizations that helps clients with uploading their applications to trustworthy stores. We have been ruling the market for many years in helping the industry’s top brands to excel in the business with our Mobile App Development. We make sure that benchmarks set by the industries are used as parameters to ensure the quality of the digital product and also the requirements are met while uploading the Application to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

There are 3.96 billion active users that actively use smartphone applications in the entire world. No wonder businesses seek equal attention. Therefore, the demand for Mobile App Development is at an all-time high. Mobile applications are continuously excelling businesses in their respective fields and encouraging their customers to engage through their Apps.

There is no certainty in predicting how long it will take to complete a mobile app, there is no specific timeline that anyone could give you. One of the most prominent reasons is the distinctive set of prerequisites that all brands have.

For instance, an eCommerce brand might require everything from payment method gateway to product display to prices and everything.

On the other hand, an Agriculture App might need a totally different set of requirements, such as an IoT monitor that provides information such as humidity and temperature of an artificial crop field.

In simple words, no one can tell you with utter certainty how long it takes to complete a Mobile App.

For an entrepreneur who believes in excelling in business and is ready to take their App idea to the next level, better seek a reputed developer who might give you an insight into the development and the approx time taken to complete the process.

An App demands constant management in updating features such as new-user interfaces, UX design and other similar features. Also, the update is required to fix the bugs and other discrepancies that affect the functionality of the Application. However, there is no restriction on whether or not a Mobile App must be updated.

It is wise to keep your asset updated with new technologies and trends that must be integrated into your App to enhance user engagement.

Apart from that, there are chances that the App your customers are using is based upon a legacy technology that may hinder the App functionality.

In such a case, a Mobile App Developer replaces the old technology with the latest one. Also, security is one of the biggest reasons why Mobile App Developers must update Apps regularly.

Chances are the App your customers are using might have a backdoor that cyber threat actors are or could use to exploit your loyal customers by stealing their personal data such as health and banking credentials. Therefore, it is wise to update your App whenever it is required.

If you need help with your next amazing product, let us know. We will get back to you within 24 hours or less.