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Isn't it a perfect way of "buying" visits to your website, along with attempting to "earn" those visits organically? Pay-Per-Click is an effective advertising method and a perfect strategy to quickly get targeted visitors on your website and promote your products and services. The best part about Pay-Per-Click is that it boosts your chances to be seen on the results page and helps you attract new customers.

PPC is not only about good keyword research but also about setting the right bids. Our PPC experts create effective campaigns that attract and convert casual visitors into customers. We help you gain immediate visibility, get targeted traffic, and leverage better ROI. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Advology experts and transform your position on the search engine.

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Our PPC Services that Enhance High ROI

Being the most common form of online advertising, search ads pop up at the top and bottom of the search engine results page. They are tagged with an 'Ad' symbol that indicates it is paid content. Our experts create these ads in order to drive more traffic to your page, which eventually generates higher revenue for your business.

Did you notice that you see some picture ads that are often related to the stuff you've already searched for? These ads tend to appear on Google's partner websites that, in turn, help you to reach people who are already interested in your business. We create these ads to increase your online presence and reach a broad audience.

As the use of social media grows with each passing day, social ads are becoming even more popular because of its ability to connect with the young generation. Our experts at Advology create these ads on various social media platforms, which have the 'sponsored' tag written below. The vast network of social media outcomes significantly increases proximal outcomes.

As the term suggests, these ads are created to get a hand on the local necessities. From benefiting small businesses to giving customers what they are looking for, local service ads are the most efficient way to get local customers to your store. Our experts create these ads and operate them to deliver real results for your business.

Looking to reengage your audience? Remarketing ads is the best way to catch on. If a visitor visits your portal, scrolls through the products and services, but didn't convert, don't worry. Don't think that you have lost the lead. Our experts, by creating remarketing ads, target those specific audiences again in order to get revenue for your business.

Who doesn't like to be served on a silver platter? Google Shopping Ads helps the user browse products and services without having to actually visit any website. They appear in the form of a carousel above the main Google search results and make it easy for customers to shop just by displaying the products and the prices. It curates similar products at a variety of ranges and from different companies.


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One-third of people (33%) click on a paid search ad because it directly answers their search query. .

Frequently asked questions

What is the point of creating an appealing website and ranking on the 'next' pages of the search engine? Though it isn't easy to rank on the first one, it is not necessarily impossible. With well-structured PPC ads, you can not only get the centre of attraction but also display your website to customers who are specifically looking for the same products or services you offer. It might cost you a bit, but there is no harm in investing, where you can gain higher results.

Though it is different for different search engines, the most frequent targeting options are:

  • Device - You can select the device (smartphones or desktops) you want to target.
  • Location - You can set a specific geographical area you want to target.
  • Language - You can even choose a specific language to target.

Choosing the right keyword can surely make or break your ad. While creating an ad, it is better to select a set of keywords that will surely trigger your ad and make it appear on popular searches. Though there are many tools to find the best collection of keywords, the most popular ones are - Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool. Choose wisely and select the right keyword to target the right audience.

Choosing the right keyword isn't the only task; you also have to decide how 'exact' you want the match to be. Here is what broad, exact and negative match mean:

  • Broad - when customers search for something similar to your keyword.
  • Exact - when customers search the exact keyword or phrase that you selected.
  • Negative - when customers search for something entirely different to your selected keyword.

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