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PPC Advertising Services In India

Advology Solution is the Best PPC Company in India that offers Top Pay Per Click Management Services to help businesses to increase sales.

PPC is an ad marketing framework in which a publisher gets paid every time a user clicks on their ad. Usually, a user either gets redirected to the main page of a publisher’s website or any landing page to which the ad has been subjectively linked.

We guarantee you full satisfaction on your investment with our PPC services as we’re backed with industry-led digital tools and software that get the job done for us. Apart from that, we ensure you enhanced traffic and increased brand credibility with our robust PPC services in India.

  • Our PPC experts offer plenty of advantages over your competition with our exceptional PPC services.
  • We create ad campaigns by analyzing your business, and based on the data we gather, we deploy our customized PPC strategy like PPC strategies for B2B ecommerce companies.
  • Being a PPC services company in India, offers results with our result-oriented tactics.

We are the top PPC company in India, having the best PPC experts ready to take the bull by the horns. Our PPC company in India provides long-lasting results that not only strengthen the trustworthiness of a brand but also increase brand value.

The PPC services provided by our company are fully customized and always cater to the requirements of a business. Our experts analyze the business model and devise the strategic plan that best fits the prerequisites of a business.

What Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising And Why Is It Important For Businesses?

If you’re struggling to get qualitative leads for your business campaign, our PPC approach might help you in generating the leads for you. While some businesses get perished in a battle to sustain in the long run, our PPC services ensure a guaranteed return on your investment.

PPC, also known as “Pay Per Click”, is a way of advertising a brand through which a publisher gets paid each time when a user hits the ad. Our PPC services in India have a broad spectrum of ad campaigns specifically designed to cater to your business prerequisites.

Extend Market Reach
Extend Market Reach

We are the top-rated PPC company in India, providing PPC assistance for both long-term and short-term business goals.

Ensure To Scale Your Business
Ensure To Scale Your Business

While there are several PPC companies in India offering the same, we are somewhat exceptional with our mathematical and scientific approach.

Track & Balance Business Profits
Track & Balance Business Profits

Our PPC services are trackable in terms of outcomes and can be measured with analytical tools and data gathered via SEO metrics.

It’s not that we have become a Pay Per Click marketing extraordinaire overnight. It took us more than a decade and an unfathomable amount of hard work to land where we are now. This is the reason why our clients call us the best PPC advertising company in India.

We enable your business to have full control over the PPC ads. Whether you want to remove your ad campaign and add a new set of ads, or you want to extend the time duration, we offer complete control in your hand.

Our PPC Services In India That Enhance High ROI

Google Ads (Display and Search Ads)

Google Ads is a network of ads specifically fabricated to help a brand find a particular audience among the millions of websites available globally on the internet. Our Pay Per Click services utilise the search, network and display to cater to the strategy. With the help of our PPC marketing services, a user can get to your product or service while seeing your ads. Our Google Ads Search and Advertising Campaigns use keywords that have high search volume. A search volume refers to any number of searches concerning a specific keyword. Also, if you are cutting corners with your budget, then the service could be of great help to you in generating a flood of traffic to your landing page. The results delivered by our services can be measured and tracked. It can be used to spread brand awareness, strengthen brand credibility and in generating leads which could result in exponential growth and boosted ROI.

Google Shopping Ads

The PPC solutions offered by our Google Shopping Ads company could be a remarkably effective selling channel. Through our services, you can excel in search queries specifically allotted to shoppers with clickable photos. We provide enhanced organic traffic while you stay in the top SERPs. Google shopping campaigns are there to stay for a very long time and they have been helping shoppers for years with features such as; Showcase Shopping, Smart Shopping, Local Inventory Ads, Smart Bidding and several more. Our PPC marketing company helps in setting up a product feed that connects to a Google Merchant centre. It dynamically incorporates the catalogue inventory with Search-Engine’s Shopping Platform. Apart from that, our strategy includes Smart Shopping campaigns to support your business goals by incorporating creative ad customisation, machine learning, automated bidding, ad placement and several other options. It is a great way of spreading brand awareness to a wider audience, especially for businesses having smaller bandwidth.

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads are the best way to reach a new targeted audience. Our PPC ads services utilise the full power of Social Media to meet the business goals of a brand. Experts at our digital marketing agency understand that having an organic reach is no less than a tough nut to crack. Speaking of, for a regular guy with a little understanding of social media, it wouldn’t be an easy job. On the other hand, our PPC advertising company uses modern tools and well-versed mathematically attained proficient strategies to get the job done. Of course, ditching an organic approach and sticking with tactical Social Media Ads services while putting hard-earned money on the table is not something that everyone would do. However, for a brand, it is a requirement that they cannot escape, and for that, they must look for an agency that has great expertise doing the same. Speaking of, our due diligence towards generating organic traffic is something big brands and corporate houses greatly rely on. We promise you guaranteed results with our strategic approach toward Social Media Ads.

Bing Advertising (Microsoft Advertising)

When it comes to Bing Advertising, also known as Microsoft Advertising, its comparison with Google Advertising is inevitable. However, users see them as competitors fighting to claim the best advertising platform, a Pay Per Click Advertising company such as ours see them as an advantage, where a brand can promote its business. Bing advertising platform could give a business a competitive edge in manoeuvring its brand to reach a wider audience. The platform works as a strategic approach where a brand can strengthen its incoming traffic and boost its trustworthiness. Apart from that, we provide Pay Per Click services that are cost-effective and wouldn’t hurt your ad budget. With our Bing advertising solutions, we provide brands with a broad spectrum of click-through rates. Also, the cheaper rates for Bing Advertising would provide an added advantage as compared to your competitors who stick around Google Advertising. Other than that, Bing also approves ad campaigning in different time zones, while Google does not.


It may sound like you’re starting again altogether, but it is not. The PPC management services offered by our team focus more on gathering more audience, rather than targeting the same visitors. The practice majorly targets the audience that, whether directly or indirectly, come in contact with your brand, even for once only. This strategic way of attracting more customers affects your brand hugely. It not only encourages organic traffic, but also boosts sales conversion. Our tactical and result-oriented solutions are applauded by the top corporate houses, and this is the reason they call us a leading Pay Per Click company in India. Speaking of, we strategically use emails, newsletters, abandoned cart reminders and other ad campaigns to facilitate our execution. We provide informative content in our newsletter and emails to lure them back to a brand. The tactic is proven and tried and tested. It not only helped various brands to get back on track again, but also helped them in generating huge ROI.

Mobile App Install Advertising

Our mobile app install advertising enables users to install your application directly from the ads. The ad content may be added, removed, or modified during the ad serving process depending upon where your ad appears. Our professionals ensure that users get an incredible experience from the ads, regardless of when or where they see them. Our well-thought-out strategies congregate the intended audiences directly to the app store so that they can install your application with the utmost ease. Through our mobile app install ads are well-embedded with a customer-acquisition strategy, which ensures the success of our install ads. The ads appear on different channels providing a direct CTA or download links that redirect you to the app store. Furthermore, our strategic ads also boost your app store ranking.

Hire Us To Get The Top PPC Services In India

We provide the top PPC services in India that not only serve you as a guide but also help achieve business goals.

PPC Marketing Services: What Do We Include

1. Keyword Research And Listing

Searching for the right keywords to target is the heart of PPC effectiveness. We build your PPC campaign goals and dive deep into the millions of Google’s search queries, and choose the best words and phrases that provide the largest likelihood of converting prospects.

2. Ad Text Creation

We will create engaging and powerful headlines and click-worthy and creative content for your PPC ad. Our in-house experienced content writer provides catchy advertising content and triggers the viewers to complete the CTA action.

3. Landing Page Optimization

We build landing pages that help businesses to drive more sales and leads. We craft a landing page that speaks to your target audience and design it in a beautiful way that entices the visitors to convert.

4. Efficient Bid Management

Our Pay Per Click experts will only bid on keywords more likely to provide you with a great ROI. We closely monitor the bids, with an approach of selecting the most targeted and yeast competitive keywords and decreasing the cost of ads.

5. Track Call/Sales/Conversion

We track calls and conversions in the best possible manner so that we can create more effective ads that bring more positive results for your business, so that tracking the sources, keywords performance, and monitoring the campaigns becomes easier.

6. PPC Monitoring And Reporting

Our Pay Per Click management services regularly share campaign reports with our clients. We monitored the ROI closely, and we tweaked the campaigns as per the trends in the report. We provide the performance data of all the keywords that give an overview of the ROI, traffic rates, Click Through Rate, etc.

PPC Marketing Management Include

Why Is Advology Solution The Top PPC Management Company In India?

Why Advology Solution For PPC Services?

PPC is an ongoing and ever-growing process that requires both strategy formulation and tactful execution. Anyone with a little knowledge can proceed with PPC ad campaigns, but not everyone is going to succeed.

This is the reason why trusted brands in the world look for the prominent Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising company that gets the job done for them. Our advertising company is known as the Best PPC agency in India because we believe challenges are meant to be overcome.

  • Whether a small-scale business or a large-scale enterprise, we are the leading Pay Per Click advertising company in India, providing PPC ad campaigns to both.
  • We have a proven track record of helping businesses with boosted sales, enhanced customer traffic, increased organic reach, and strengthened brand value.
  • Our Pay Per Click company has been here in the game for more than a decade helping enterprises in achieving their business goals.

Our Pay Per Click company in India is well equipped with a highly efficient staff of PPC marketers, analysts, SEO experts, AI/ML developers and experts. We use industry-grade software and computer applications to carry out our PPC processes.

Our digital woodwork is a house to experts that are proficient at their work and keep on upgrading their skills to match up with the pace. The digital age we are living in these days requires constant resilience by learning new trends and technologies, which our company understands.

Our PPC Service Campaign Stage



Without an end goal for your PPC ads, your plan has no direction. Start with what you want to achieve with your advertising campaign. We will systematically organize your goals of whether you want to get more visitors, email subscribers, or customers. Accordingly, we will define your business objectives before moving ahead.



After determining your objective, we will determine your PPC ad budget. Unless you can spend huge amounts of money on PPC, you must seek to optimize your campaign. We will set up your ad budget by understanding your industry, competitors, and keywords so that you can fully utilize the money you spend.

Selecting Targeting Audience

Selecting Targeting Audience

To whom are you selling? Do you understand the needs and points of your products/services? We will start by creating detailed buyer personas and guiding your marketing efforts. We will dig deep into social media platforms, niche forums, and groups so that you can deeply understand your target audience.

Optimizing The Landing Page

Optimizing The Landing Page

Getting the click is the first crucial part of a PPC project, but if the user arrives on a landing page unrelated to the ad or what they want, you can’t grab these users for long. We will strongly optimize your landing page by selecting high-converting keywords, adding quality graphics, and creating a strong CTA action to boost the CTR, which helps in higher profits.

We Are Trusted By Brands You Believe In

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Click, also known as PPC, is an advertising model of online advertisement that makes an advertiser get paid whenever a user clicks on the link of an ad. PPC is the best way to get a page in the top SERPs. It is entirely an automated procedure in which Google and other search engines use the predetermined set of relevant metrics to perform commercial searches. A search engine could use any device to perform commercial searches. Be it the desktop, laptop, mobile or, or tablet – a search engine engages the same metrics for all device platforms which it shows compatibility with. A business that runs a pay per click campaign can only be paid when a user clicks on their ad. An ad could be anywhere from selling pizzas to selling smartphones to selling cars to selling cameras to promoting any kind of service. Depending on the search query metadata of a user, they get the ads on their device.

PPC is a digital form of marketing transmission which is used to bring traffic and conversions from a search engine. Usually, a publisher gets paid every time when a user clicks on a certain ad pertaining to the search queries of a user. Pay Per Click can be a great way to expand your business through an advertising platform. For instance, you as a publisher get a set of ads from a search engine like Google. You publish the ads on different web portals and every time when a user clicks on an ad, you pay a bit of it to Google and the remaining of it you get as a profit. More often than not, these ads run on top of a search result. It is the most common way of generating sales used by businesses these days. It requires targeting a set of audiences that fall under the demographic parameters and who you deem fit need to watch the ads.

Pay Per Click that goes with another name Cost Per Click (CPC) is something that you come across every day when you surf the web, but never cares about. You might witness some of the results that show up in the top of the search results that appear as ads. This is where PPC ads exist, in their natural habitat. The objective of the PPCs varied from business to business. While some businesses might want to generate more traffic through ads, the other ones are entirely ad-based businesses. PPCs are also used for generating leads, spreading brand awareness, and for generating revenues. PPC holds great importance in identifying your audience. In short, PPC is a strategic way of promoting your online campaigns through advertisement.

PPC is of great significance when it comes to the existence of business online. PPC structures the readable data giving information about a business. Also, when making an adjustment to the PPC ads, it targets a specific group of audience and improves the effectiveness of a business. The field of ad is extremely data rich and provides precise information about the users. Businesses around the world that are online, need PPC to generate more customers and more revenue. Apart from that, it is one of the sophisticated ways through which you convey your business information and the benefits of the products or services you are promoting. Last but not the least, it helps in the expansion of the business as more and more people will become aware of your brand and, through your targeted PPC campaign, will become your loyal customers.

Not all businesses are the same and not all businesses require the same user data for the targeting purpose. Where one enterprise requires a different set of PPC campaigns, the other one, altogether demands contrasting terms when it comes to PPC advertising planning. Though PPC is the best way to generate higher sales conversion and enhanced traffic, each brand requires a planned set of datasets pertaining to PPC marketing.

To answer your question, if you would ask, how much would a PPC campaign cost you, the answer is more vague than precise. As elaborated above, no business has the same set of earning models. It is like asking if the same shoe size could fit everyone or not.

Although, it is highly advised to look for a renowned agency that would better guide in the cost comparison. Apart from that, look for the reviews a PPC agency got on the internet. If a marketing company has good online reviews, go for it.

There comes a time when your PPC ads are not visible to the audience. There isn’t any precise reason why your ads are not visible to you and the audience. It can be anything from a technical error to anything like targeting the keywords which are of low volume. If search volume picks a reasonable pace in the search query, Google as a search engine is designed to react to it.

Simply, just waiting and watching is not going to work in that case. You are rather suggested to use the keywords planner to overcome the atrocity. This is one of the reasons why you are not able to see your PPC ads.

There are various other reasons as well, that pop up as a hurdle that detects your ads. It is wise to look for a good agency that provides you a good insight into the matter. Also, a reliable PPC marketing agency will never let this happen to your ad campaign.

PPC ad campaigns can be quite lucrative for your business and brand awareness. Where an unorganized ad campaign having low volume keywords could go against your strategy, a tactful and planned campaign can help you to reach the extreme heights of success. Now the question is, where do PPC ads appear?

If you talk about text ads, they appear either on the top of the search results or at the bottom.

The local ads you see quite often come with a map indicator and appear on Google Maps.

Shopping ads show up when you’re buying something and put a query in a search engine.

In simple terms, whenever you intend to buy something and put a related search query in a search engine, the result shows up and above mentioned are the fields where your PPS ads appear.

Wondering why your cost per click is rising even after following the best PPC advertising practices? CPC in Google Ads is an auction algorithm that uses a multitude of variables that decide where your ads are placed and how much you pay. Some of the main factors that can drive your CPC up are:

Competition: The more competitors enter into the auction, the higher the bids will be.

Extended Text Ads: Most of the ads ranking on the top of the page allow additional headlines, greater length of description, and other ad components, causing CPC to rise.

Lesser Ad Space To Compete For: With Google making changes to its search engine results page in recent years, the space available on the first page is more limited than in previous years. Those who are ranking at the top share more of its space, while it is very less for those who are not there.

PPC campaigns are quite helpful in generating huge traffic, sales and branding. Whether you are a small business or a large-scale enterprise, in this digital era, you need to have your business launched online. Also, PPC, as a marketing strategy, can help you bring your organization into the limelight.

If you want to look for a reliable PPC management company, look for the online review. Go deep into their services and see if their customers are satisfied. One way is to check out their social media page, as most PPC management companies have their social media pages. These pages are highly engaged with the comments posted by their customers and clients. If the remarks given by their customers are good, you can hire the agency for your PPC requirement.

Does it really make sense to spend when someone is already searching for you? The same question comes to mind when you bid on your brand name. However, bidding on a brand name has its own set of advantages:

When someone clicks on your brand name, and your organic listing appears, it directs the person to your homepage. However, the ad with your brand name sends the traffic which is already on the verge of converting to a dedicated page, thereby boosting the chances for conversion.

In organic SERP listing, title, description, and meta tags are optimized in order to achieve higher ranking and better CTR. However, it can cut you down to creating a balance between SEO endeavors and CTR optimization. On the other hand, paid ads give you the freedom and full control of your ad messages. Besides, you can change the messages whenever you want.

If you need help with your next amazing product, let us know. We will get back to you within 24 hours or less.