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Online Reputation Management Services India For Better Brand Recognition

Being the Best Online Reputation Management Company in India, we offer reliable ORM services to enhance the brand reputation.

The foundation of your company exists in its reputation. If you have accumulated a customer base that thinks highly of your products or services, the trust increases. Online Reputation Management services help a brand to maintain its trust among its customers.

The ORM services provided by a renowned firm have the tendency to keep your reputation in a stellar position. Whether you own a small business or large business, every brand requires recognition that can only be accumulated with the help of trust.

  • We are the top ORM services in India, helping companies with an enhanced reputation and providing them with much-needed recognition.
  • Situated in the heart of Gurgaon, we are a leading ORM firm that has worked with big corporate houses in the world.
  • Brand reputation is entirely dependent on the trust that a company builds with years of dedication and we help sustain it.

The corporate reputation management process requires rigorous analysis of business methodology, assets at stake, and overall turnover. The management system protects your online reputation by keeping an eagle eye on the threat actors.

If you are looking for the best online reputation management companies in India, you have reached out to the right corner. The stats show that the majority of the customers look for online reviews before buying anything. We ensure your reputation remains intact.

What We Offer As A Best Online Reputation Management Company In India

Corporate Reputation Management

Corporate Reputation refers to the people's collective opinion of a corporation or enterprise. It depends on several features and news, such as new coverage, search engine results, and publicized actions of the company.

Maintaining a positive reputation for the company means showing that it is performing well, and is working to provide the end users with the services they want. If you want a positive corporate reputation, you must ensure proper communication techniques to help you with that.

The management process entails analysing the corporate reputation by influencing an indispensable metric known as “sentiment”. It begins with observing the online brand perception among customers on social media and other online interactions. Once the necessary observation is made, the process starts strengthening the weak links and provides the necessary product education where it is required.

Our Corporate Reputation Management services ensure a positive reputation, and it helps in attracting new customers and building a customer loyalty base.

  • With prior expertise and utilizing the resources efficiently, we deliver a message of impact and authority to your audience.
  • We deeply examine and analyze your brand's online data and build a solid foundation for creating an effective Corporate Reputation Management strategy.

Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation Management is the process of monitoring and influencing the perception of the public related to your brand. The brand's online reputation may speak for itself, but it does not indicate that the narrative is out of control. With the help of correct information, you can easily refine and improve the company's public perception. Nowadays, brand reputation is mainly concerned with monitoring and protecting the brand's online reputation in reviews, Google, and social media platforms.

The process monitors what consumers think of your business and takes stringent action when there is a necessity to improve a brand’s image. The Brand Reputation Management system protects the harm targeting a brand’s image and educates the customer about the services/brands they consume. Most of the time, it comes in the form of an angry rant coming from a consumer who fails to understand how to use the product or service. Thereby, by providing the proper resolution to the query, the problem gets solved.

  • We help our clients build, repair, manage and promote our brand globally.
  • We analyze your needs and requirements, and then we create tailor-made solutions.
  • At Advology Solution, we help brands to control and clean defamatory content with the help of our Brand Reputation Management services.
  • We develop an online reputation management strategy that helps you to keep yourself engaged with customers and position your online brand.
  • We are a team of ORM experts who know how to drive more views and visits across the location. Our proactive brand reputation management techniques have helped many clients build brand positioning.

Celebrity Reputation Management

When it comes to celebrities and public personalities managing their online reputation, it becomes a challenging task. There are different types and levels of celebrities, including actors, musicians, executives, etc., and the reputation of each celebrity must be created differently. Our celebrity reputation management services extend far beyond interrupting the news cycle to protect your image against past, current, and future threats.

It is challenging to repair a negative online reputation, especially for those constantly in the spotlight. Celebrities are not just people like us; they are a brand in themselves. If you want to recover your online reputation after a piece of viral negative news or unwanted images, then we're much more capable of handling that. We deeply analyze the topic, and news authorship, identify the assets, and then develop a strategy to build a positive online reputation.

  • We deeply analyze and categorize hundreds of search results and images to gauge personal brand sentiment and news density.
  • We secure all the digital assets which you own to shore up the search result and hold back the negative news cycles.
  • We look for tie-ups with foundations, charities, products and companies, career achievements, and sponsorships.
  • Our strategies include targeted editorial publication, press releases, and distribution to deliver unique online reputation management services to celebrities.
  • We will implement our extensive SEO knowledge to attract more positive press toward the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Hospital Reputation Management

By optimizing the online presence of a hospital, the Reputation Management system enhances the hospital’s trust among the patients. Advology Solution delivers professional solutions by keeping industrial standards as the top priority. The skill-full analysts and experienced strategists in our organization carve out the most functional plan to popularize your hospital by narrating the benefits of the services. Our services create a positive brand image of a hospital. We let them know how cooperative and warm the hospital staff is, which makes patients feel like they are at home. Also, by providing fact-full information to the patients, we help create trust in your services.

  • Online Reputation influences the patients to walk into your hospital.
  • Hospital Reputation Management services act as a first impression of the hospital to serve the business, which acts as a positive opinion before they set foot inside the building.
  • We closely monitor your hospital's primary social media platforms and the connecting points for your business and implement the necessary stages to deliver results.
  • We structure services by keeping the patient's needs in mind, which helps to avoid negative reviews and earn positive ones.
  • We make sure that your hospital website is easily accessible, mobile friendly, and displays the content-relevant information people want.
  • With a negative or unmanaged online reputation for your hospital, you are most likely to lose thousands and lakhs in revenue, as 75% of patients prefer to avoid visiting a hospital or healthcare center below four stars.

Restaurant Reputation Management

The goal of any restaurant is to provide high-quality services to its customers, which depends on food quality, customer experience, and customer service facilities. Restaurant Reputation Management is managing customers' feedback and queries, creating systems for enhancing customer experiences, and building a positive image on Google and social media platforms.

It entails managing customer feedback and providing them with the right resolution to their queries. The system manages the positive reviews about a restaurant and helps educate the customers about the services by providing them with a peaceful resolution. The management process keeps the persona positive and helps generate more customers. The system makes a great impact on the business by providing enhanced sales conversions.

  • Our ORM services are a combination of strategies that helps to influence the narrative around the online presence of your business.
  • We create a foundation for your restaurant that combats negative reviews, news, and other negative search results about your business.
  • We will establish your restaurant across the globe, which can help you to generate new business and boost your relationship with customers.
  • We will focus on creating your restaurant's presence on all the possible social media platforms, which builds trust and credibility and improves visibility on search results.

Hotel Reputation Management

The Hotel Reputation Management system evokes the positive perspective of a hotel among the customers and provides the customers much-needed insight into useful services. The system keeps Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat in a broad appearance to narrate the story. Apart from that, it provides a useful solution to the queries coming from the customer side by educating them about the services provided by a hotel. Where a social media platform is used to build a good customer-client relationship, the other online interaction is used to make customers aware of the services offered by a hotel.

  • From the customer's perspective, online hotel reviews give them a clear idea about the services and amenities your hotel provides so that new customers can make a booking decision.
  • Online reviews are highly influential and represent the consumer opinion about your services. You must also respond to positive and negative reviews so that some of the proactive steps can be undertaken.
  • Hotel owners always search for ways to improve their services and attract new guests. As a result, they spend their crucial time investigating and strategizing how they can increase revenue.
  • You can boost the revenue by implementing a robust management strategy for your hotel.
  • Our Hotel Reputation Management services can help your hotel to deal with fake reviews, complaints, and negative opinions.

Local Listing Management

Local listings are the local online business like Google Business Profile that shows businesses information on result pages, directory sites, social media, and business review sites. Local Listing Management checks and updates business information such as location, website, and other related details.

Local Listing Management improves the brand's visibility and boosts organic traffic to your website while maintaining the listing standards, resulting in increasing physical consumer foot traffic.

Local Listing Management process consists of consistently checking and updating the right information referring to a business. It can be anywhere from updating the location of a business to website content, to directions on the map, to anything related to data on the online directories. The Local Listing Management system keeps your business updated with the above mentioned information, which is necessary for a client to know. Apart from that, it lets the vicinity know that your business is active and that you are constantly growing.

  • We at Advology Solution handle local listing management with a multi-stage process depending on the goals of your business.
  • We seamlessly help local businesses to get found online with real-time submissions to a combination of local and niche business searches.
  • We manage online reviews and the location of your business, which influences the new prospects to purchase your products or services.

Google My Business (GMB) Management

Google My Business, also known as GMB, is the first impression, in which you list your business in the search engine. It expresses your business in the digital world and lets people know about your business. It provides the first glance of a business and helps building a long-term relationship with the client. The system helps a business to reach out to as many customers as it can and convert the leads into steady growth. The system helps you with the first step to achieving your goals.

  • We know what it takes to grow your online business and achieve its goals. We have shown many businesses the best way to manage their GMB accounts.
  • We'll share more offers, photos, products, blogs, and products so that you can consistently get more results from your Google My Business listing, which will help you connect with more customers.
  • We ensure that your GMB account is optimized, up-to-date, and spam-free. We will create a customized review strategy that includes attracting and replying to all positive reviews and efficiently dealing with negative reviews.
  • Google My Business (GMB) Profile gives the power to control and update the contact details, working hours, and other details as needed.
  • GMB listing is a great opportunity to rank your business higher and drive more leads and revenues from your business.
  • Google's combined star rating and publishing of detailed reviews enable the customers to share in-depth details about their experience with your business.

Travel Reputation Management

Companies that are operating in tourism and travel face the kind of competition which can either catapult them to the top or slam them down to rock bottom. Therefore, building and maintaining the reputation of a travel company requires a robust Travel Reputation Management system that not only creates a positive persona but also maintains it. It requires good analytical skills and top-notch management aptitude to execute the process. An expert takes everything from social media to other online interactions into strong consideration to maintain the reputation of a travel agency.

  • Our team of social media, SEO, and developer experts provide high-quality services to ensure your business reputation is intact and help your travel business to touch the sky.
  • We assign a dedicated project manager to our clients, who keep an eye on the overtaken tasks and take responsibility for being a consistent point of contact for your business.
  • We deeply monitor your travel agency's reputation across different social media platforms. We keep track of your customer reviews and deal efficiently with poor or negative feedback or reviews.
  • Our team leverages audience targeting and delivers personalized review requests via email to boost online referrals and add feedback to your review sites.
  • Our Travel Reputation Management experts enable CRM and POS systems integrations to facilitate automatic backend processes.
  • Our team of SEO experts, social media players, and web developers works hard and efficiently to keep the online reputation of your travel industry intact and helps travel businesses to achieve business success.

Our ORM Services In India Include

Build And Manage Online Reputation

In this digital age where almost every business has its online existence, online reputation management (ORM) strategy plays an important role in building a customer base. Your online image also plays a crucial role in whether or not you’ll accumulate more customers.

The internet has provided consumers with an extreme level of transparency where they learn everything about your brand. It is the reputation of your organization that compels a customer to opt for your product or service.

A customer utilizes all aspects of your business online and analyses them to know whether or not they want to stick around with your brand. Speaking of, online reputation management services provided by our digital agency, help your brand in strengthening its positive persona.

It is necessary for a brand to present a story that a customer can relate to. Our experts understand it and they devise a strategic plan to narrate that story of yours. It can be anywhere from a simple mission statement to building a website that showcases your products/services.

Monitor Online Reputation

The success of your business depends entirely upon the reputation of your brand. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the online life of a brand is everything that is used as a measure to reach the heights of success.

The online reputation management services offered by our agency caters to everything from monitoring your online reputation to building them. Thereby, keeping up with analysing and monitoring the online reputation is an important marketing strategy.

Our experts monitor the possible threats to the reputation of a brand and deploy a predetermined tactic to overcome it. It varies from educating the customers about the brand and providing them with the necessary resolution for their query.

We know how volatile social media is, where customers quite often drop their honest comments about a brand. The online reputation management (ORM) strategy monitors the comments posted by the customers, detects the negative remarks and deploys necessary actions to overcome them.

Recover Online Reputation

It takes more than just investment and hard work to put the business out of a brand. Also, it takes years to build trust among the customer base and only a few negative remarks tarnish the reputation. Therefore, online reputation management services play a crucial role in overcoming it.

It can be downright stressful if you are dealing with a brand reputation crisis. Therefore, it is quite important for a business to get over it as soon as possible. Whereas an upbeat persona of a brand could lead to massive sales generation, a harmed reputation could go otherwise for ROI.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the online reputation management (ORM) strategy has become businesses’ first choice when they are facing a crisis like that. Poor reviews are something that not even the big whales are immune to.

Thereby, it is necessary to look for a robust online reputation recovery agency that has the ability to get you out of the image crisis. Speaking of a renowned company that solely works on the reputation recovery process, we are here to offer you a helping hand with a team of experts.

Remove Negative Comments

Removing a negative comment is just as important as tackling an angry rant of a dissatisfied customer. It all starts with one negative remark and a brand’s reputation goes to the hellhole. At Advology Solution, we are an online reputation management services provider that helps remove negative comments.

It takes more than just countering with a confronting tone against negative comments. The fact of the matter is, it’s not about confronting it, but rather providing a counterfeiting resolution to the negative remark that helps customers educate about the product or service.

A search engine, such as Google, can either break or make your business. It is unfortunate that some ill elements put negative reviews about a brand just to let it down. While some of the comments from the customers are genuine, others are not.

The experts at our digital workshop are well equipped with industry-led digital tools and proven tactics that help remove negative comments. To answer your question, if you would ask if it’s possible to remove the negative comments, yes. Our ORM experts can help you with that.

Build Positive Online Reputation

Whether it is through the webpage, blog post, or social media posts – your customers get to know a lot about your brand. While it takes only a matter of time to tarnish a brand’s reputation, building it is a long process.

However, in the digital era, where life is on the fast track, it takes slightly less time to build a reputation. No wonder the internet has played a major part in connecting the entire planet together and it only takes a few moments for a news to spread across the world, building reputation is not difficult.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to look for a reputed agency that has enough experts to build your online reputation. Building a positive persona is not something that every tom, dick, and harry can do, it requires sheer knowledge on the subject and experiences to commence the same.

Speaking of expertise and experience, at our digital workshop, we have tech experts that know everything that it takes to build a positive reputation of a brand. It takes everything from business analysis to goal settings to expected ROI to a targeted audience for an expert to execute the plan.

Online Branding

Online Branding is a technique that falls under the brand management process in which various online channels are used as a powerful medium to market a brand. The technique is also used to elaborate on the niche on which your brand is focused on.

Most companies these days are now choosing online branding systems to expand their business. The same process is also used in creating a brand identity that helps in further business expansion.

The strategic execution of the tactic also helps a brand in staying ahead of the competition. It takes care of the negative remarks and puts your positive front before the customers by spreading the benefits of using your products or services.

Online branding offered by a reputed company also helps in connecting with the customers and making a rapport with them. An effective strategy helps your brand in connecting with your customers on an emotional level.

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Benefits Of Online Reputation Management Services

Managing a brand is not something that you can do in just one day. It takes time and strategic execution to proceed with the process. While some brands take longer than usual to build their reputation, others take only a matter of time.

To reap the full benefits of the ORM services, you must hire a reputed agency. There are several benefits of using online reputation management services, out which, noteworthy are mentioned below;

  • When you take the decision of hiring an ORM company, you also decide to beat your competitors.
  • The professional ORM experts provide you the much-needed peace against the negative remarks of your brand.
  • The online reputation management services offered by a reputed organization not only manage your brand identity but only monitor the incoming threats from your competitors.
  • The positive image of your brand is directly proportional to the sales conversion. The increased trust among the customers, thanks to the positive image, enhances your ROI.
  • We being one of the leading online reputation management companies in India, offers complete protection against negative remarks.

For a brand that strives to go uphill in the long run, they need to be aware of how its customers think of it. A business needs to take care of, if its brand image is being seen from a positive perspective or not so positive perspective.

Being said, only a reputed digital marketing agency having extensive experience in creating and sustaining brand image can help you with that. It is wise to look for a reputed organization that has expertise in the matter to help create a positive brand image.

Why Advology Solution As Your Online Reputation Management (ORM) Agency In India?

We, the Advology Solution, ORM services provider, build long-term and meaningful professional relationships with result-driven tactics.

Our Mantra is,

“Have a tunnel vision of what you are best at and leave it to our team to help you with which level of success you want to reach!”

Outsmart Your Competition

Proven Tactics
Proven Tactics

We have an analytical viewpoint thanks to the mathematics and scientific research we do to derive the best out of the proven methodologies.

Dedicated Brand Reputation Managers
Dedicated Brand Reputation Managers

The brand managers in our digital woodwork are highly professional, withholding years of expertise on the matter.

Result-Driven Tactics
Result-Driven Tactics

Our online reputation management in India is based upon a proven and tried and tested formula that never fails.

An Online Reputation Management Agency in India that is built upon the foundation of excellence

Being one of the leading online reputation management companies in India, we abide by the high moral grounds of ethics and help prosper brands with our core values of quality and integrity.

Thrived By Core Values
Thrived By Core Values

The online reputation management services provided by our Digital Marketing Agency are driven by the core values with which the company’s foundation has been laid.


As a leading online reputation management company, we practice gratitude every day and create an environment where our experts excel every day with excellency.

Out Of The Box Though Process
Out Of The Box Though Process

Our R&D team always has a “Think Out Of The Box” attitude that helps us to derive new tactics and help clients to reach extreme heights of success.


Our integrity lies in the core ethics of using tried and tested methodologies, tools and hardware to help a brand create a positive persona.

Our Online Reputation Management Service Steps


Every ORM process begins with thorough research, which is led by the industry’s top analysts. The research starts with identifying a brand’s top search phrases. The process might include variations in names, services or key titles, and several other phrases that are one way or another associated with your brand.


In each ORM service, once the research stage is accomplished, comes the next phase to strategize the goals. Various outcomes are taken into consideration, such as; Wikipedia development, social media, content replacement, article replacement, third-party content, review improvement, promoting positive results, rating improvements, and suppressing negative results.


No wonder content is the king in digital marketing and is an indispensable part of brand reputation management services. It can neither be neglected nor underestimated. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the core foundation of every brand and helps increase sales conversion.


All reputation management services include the development process that displays the content which puts your brand in a positive perspective. It not only syncs with the SEO metrics but also delivers organic traffic and goes cohesive with all the significant inbound links.


The top online reputation management services require strategic promotion to reap the labour of the process. The promotion process is led by the digital marketing team that takes care of SEO metrics and everything that requires to do a tactful promotion.

  • Leverages digital properties of a brand.
  • Supports positive aspects of a brand for better brand awareness.
  • Strategic targeting of a brand to keep things upbeat.
Online Branding

Online Branding is a technique that falls under the brand management process in which various online channels are used as a powerful medium to market a brand. The technique is also used to elaborate on the niche on which your brand is focused on.

Most companies these days are now choosing online branding systems to expand their business. The same process is also used in creating a brand identity that helps in further business expansion.

The strategic execution of the tactic also helps a brand in staying ahead of the competition. It takes care of the negative remarks and puts your positive front before the customers by spreading the benefits of using your products or services.

Online branding offered by a reputed company also helps in connecting with the customers and making a rapport with them. An effective strategy helps your brand in connecting with your customers on an emotional level.

Our Process to Grow Your Online Visibility

Monitor Your Online Reputation
Monitor Your Online Reputation

The very first step of Online Reputation Management starts with monitoring the current online reputation of your brand. We will scan every social media platform, forum, blog, and review site manually to know the opinion of people about the product or service that you offer to them.

Create a Response Plan
Create a Response Plan

After knowing what people have to say about your brand, the next step is how you are going to respond. Your response encourages them to maintain a long-term relationship with your brand. Don’t make it tricky, keep it as simple as possible. You must also know how to handle the negative response from customers as it can be a boost to your online reputation.

Build on the Positives
Build on the Positives

Handling negative responses with politeness, professionalism, and friendliness is an art that every business owner should know. You can’t just ignore the negative reviews of customers as they will stay online forever and will cause a negative impact on your business. Try to get the heart of the issue and resolve it as more than 80% of Unhappy Customers can become Happy with your brand if you give them the right response.

Follow through the Outcomes
Follow through the Outcomes

Bring the change that you committed to your customers and after implementing the changes, track if that change is working for your business. Till the time you don’t analyze your insights, engagements, and conversions on social media platforms, forum, blogs, and review sites manually, you won’t get to know where your brand stands in this competitive market. So, following through the outcomes is also involved in our ORM service.

We Are Trusted By Brands You Believe In

Frequently Asked Questions

It requires a company to work hard to keep its customer satisfied. A reputed brand works tirelessly to do R&D and bring new products to the market. However, all it takes is just one angry comment, and the brand’s reputation gets hit. This is where Online Reputation Management (ORM) comes into play. An ORM company manages a brand reputation by minimizing negative customer feedback and keeping it in a positive perspective. An ORM’s job is to respond to negative comments by offering an enlightened perspective of the product or service. The management educates the customers by politely making them aware of where they go wrong in using a particular product. Thereby, by providing a peaceful resolution of a service/product, an ORM keeps a brand reputation intact.

Online Reputation Management, also known as ORM, is crucial for a business. The management system enables businesses to monitor their online reputation. The system not only provides a customer with the much-needed resolution but also keeps an enterprise in the positive perspective. The fact of the matter is, the more satisfied customers a company has who are confident about the service/product they consume, the better the sales conversion an organization makes. Therefore, it is wise to hire a robust ORM management agency that keeps a user view in a positive perspective. While it takes enormous investment and tireless work to maintain a business, it is always advised to look for an agency that maintains your positive persona.

Online reputation of a business is quite important for any enterprise that is planning to stay in the game for the long haul. Whether you’re a start-up, SME, or a large-scale enterprise, it requires more than just hard work and quality you pour in your product/service, to maintain the reputation. While a large-scale business requires a more complex ORM management system, an SME requires other sets of requirements to sustain the reputation. The other factor is the diversity in the business methodology. In some cases, an SME may require a little more complex ORM system than that of a large-scale enterprise. Therefore, it will be more subjective than objective to provide you with the exact cost of an Online Reputation Management system. It is advised to contact a reputed ORM agency to get to know the cost.

In a nutshell, Online Reputation Management monitors and manages a brand’s reputation on the internet. The system ensures your online persona stays in a positive perspective among the users/customers and the brand always radiates a great impression. Simply put, an ORM system educates the angry and dissatisfied customers on your behalf and offers them a peaceful resolution. An Online Reputation Management agency does extensive research on your business and learns your product/service functionality and deploys its strategic approach on the web. Whether it is social media, or a search engine itself, an established Online Reputation Management system works well in all kinds of media.

Maintaining an online reputation takes more than just providing quality services/products. It involves creating the best persona of a brand that leads to a boosted customer base. Whether your online reputation is non-existent, bad or good – ORM always works for you in maintaining the positive aspect of your enterprise. There are several kinds of ORM services out of which, crisis response plays a major role. The strategy comes into play when a brand’s image gets a backlash of any sort. Apart from that, the other role that ORM system plays is, building an image by spreading the benefits of services/products that a brand sells.

Believe it or not, Online Reputation Management, also known as ORM, is a necessary part of any business. It’s the internet where a user consumes content in the form of news, blogs, articles, social media posts, memes, and all sorts of content swimming in the vast ocean of the web. Businesses with a positive image usually end up building a huge customer-base as compared to the brands with a meagre positive persona. Speaking of, it’s all about the persona that an organization builds before its customer-base that attracts more customers and boosted sales. Being said, it is not just the tiresome planning and labour that a company puts into their services/products that maintain the reputation, but an established “Online Reputation Management” system that puts the image in a positive perspective.

It is not a piece of cake for a company to regain its lost reputation, once the web is bombarded with negative and angry remarks about it. It’s not even a cup of tea for anyone to do the same when the damage is inflicted. It takes years for an enterprise to build a positive image and only a moment to tarnish it. However, Online Reputation Management systems can help a brand recover, if they are going through an image crisis. If you’d ask, how much time does it take to build a stained reputation, there is no perfect answer to it, just like there’s no quick fix to it. Nevertheless, it all depends upon the amount of damage that has been inflicted on the reputation of the company and what the assessment analysis has to say, can predict it.

A negative review can put a question mark on the product or service of a brand. Whether it is a small business or a large scale enterprise, it is important for them to maintain the positive aura to sustain a business in the long run. No wonder, there is no quick fix to remove all the negativity about a brand on the web, but it can be overpowered with the positive remarks that an ORM can take care of. A good Online Reputation Management service not only maintains the brand value by educating a customer about the product/service they are using, but also enlightening them about the benefits of it. Thereby, by deploying the strategic plan, they can overpower the negative reviews of a company.

If you need help with your next amazing product, let us know. We will get back to you within 24 hours or less.