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Google My Business Optimization Services India

Advology Solution is a trusted Google Business Profile management service provider in Delhi, Gurgaon and surrounding areas.

If you’re looking for GMB services, you have reached out to the right web page. Our tactics are profoundly client focused. We utilise bleeding-edge web-specific techniques to keep you in the front position all the time.

Using our digital analytical tools, we remove all the errors that keep you from outshining your competition. We optimize your Google My Business profile in a way that it will crush your competition as you would do to a bug.

  • The GMB optimisation executed by our expert team, uses a distinctive mathematical calculation to lay your outlet on the map with a precision of a meter.
  • Our Google My Business management system enables your business to appear in the local searches and helps local customers know about the services you provide.
  • Through our Google My Business optimisation process, we bring your profile to the top Google rankings. Apart from that, we also provide additional details pertaining to your business.

We bring your profile to the standard indexed list and upscale your business in the local search engines and the local maps. Expect your business to compete flawlessly in both similar pages and natural search results with our GMB optimisation services.

Google My Business optimization services offered by our agency are tried and tested on industrial standards and have worked flawlessly for both small-scale and large-scale businesses. Expect nothing but sheer results when you opt for our GMB services.

Google My Business Is Essential For Online Presence

Google is a popular search engine which is accessed by a vast number of audiences around the globe. Google My Business services offered by our organization make the most of the search engine and boost your GMB profile by using various options such ads, SEO, social media promotion, etc.

Whether it is the nearest gym you are looking for, or the most accessible laundry service, we bring your business on Google Maps and bring you the potential clients to sustain your business. Our lucrative offers make your business appear throughout Google and make it available to customers.

  • Our Google My Business management service is focused on making your business visible to local customers on Google search results and Google Maps.
  • A significant number of customers often reach out to your web portal after seeing your location on Google Maps. We make sure the search queries will never get away from this opportunity.

Google My Business marketing service is the best way through which you can enhance your Google ranking and increase your customer traffic. We make it certain that the technology and techniques used in executing the process are proven and tried and tested. Also we ensure you are getting the best out of our services.

Google My Business may seem easy to use, but it requires both time and effort to optimise your profile. Our team holds extensive experience in maintaining various portfolios. Also, outsourcing saves a lot of time than spending time and money on the in-house process.

Our Google My Business Listing Services In India Involve:

Improve Local Search Visibility

Optimising a Google Business Profile is important for SEO tactics. Experts at our digital marketing company use the best of the strategies and deploy enterprising digital tools to improve your local search visibility. The remarkable Google My Business listing services offered by our techies enhance your listing by decisively responding to reviews, correcting contact information, updating store hours, and by several other industry-led tactics. Monitoring reviews and delivering the befitting resolution to the customers is not something that anyone can do. It requires in-depth knowledge of SEO metrics and product information that takes both time and investment. Fortunately, our team has a department that solely works on this matter to get the job done. Apart from that, at our digital workshop, we also set up tracking tools for local ranking and creating localised content. While summing up everything together, we leave it to Google to crawl your page.

Improve Local Search Visibility

Optimization Of Google My Business Page

Optimization Of Google My Business Page

More than 50 percent of all internet traffic comes from smartphones and other mobile hand-held devices. Therefore, it is quite necessary for your business to show up on all mobile devices on a consistent basis. We optimise your Google My Business Page to promote all of your business information on Google search and Maps. Google My Business Profile helps you to update your contact information, your business hours, videos, photos, and helps a customer in seeing the necessary information about your business. In simple words, the customer will be able to see the relevant result in Google search results when they input a certain search query about the business. We optimise your GMB profile in a way that it increases the chances of showing up in the search results quite often. We enable your profile to be fully populated with the required information. Apart from that, we update your business hours and verify your location.

Composing Relevant Description For Your Business

Composing a reliable and accurate description is just as important as improving your products or services. While most businesses do not care much about it, little do they know that it may harm their brand credibility. Our expert team knows that fact very well and always advises brands to have a reliable description of their business. Speaking of, we have a team of highly potent content writers that are specifically trained in composing reliable content such as description for Google My Business profile. Our writers ensure that the description is of good quality pertaining to grammatical accuracy, SEO-friendly description, engaging content, well researched content, etc. There is no question about it that the content rules the digital world. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that content is the backbone of a search engine, without which a search engine will inevitably crumble down. Therefore, our expert writers keep on sharpening their skills to match up with the digital pace.

Composing Relevant Description For Your Business

Adding Post To Your GMB Profile

Adding Post To Your GMB Profile

Whether you have a small business or a large-scale one, a fitness centre or a drug store, a coffee shop or a brick and mortar store, it is highly important for your business to show up in the Google search results. Adding posts to your GMB profile is an art that our experts are highly potent at. Our professional team spruce up your Google My Business profile with relevant posts and increase its visibility in Google search results. There are ways to improve your GMB presence and adding posts to it is one among them. By adding a post to your GMB profile, our agency enables you to pace up with local SEO rankings. We help you to appear higher in the local search results. When a customer looks for your business in search results, it appears in top SERPs. We highlight specific information about your business that denotes it in the best way possible and showcase your products or services so that customers get to know about it.

Help You Collect Reviews For Your Business

Collecting reviews is just as crucial as improving your products or services. While improved products or services help attract more customers, reviews, on the other hand, give you an insight into where you are lacking with your services. At our digital woodwork, we have a team of techies that tirelessly work upon their tactics and always stay updated with new digital tools that help collect reviews for your business. There are numerous ways through which our experts collect reviews for your business. One of the most befitting ones is, via email. Our professional techies use tried and tested methodologies to compose an email for reviews. Apart from that, we offer an add on page review request on your webpage that enables users to directly post their reviews on it. Other than that, we also create landing pages specifically for review posting. It enables customers to see the review page clearly and allows them to share their reviews whenever they can.

Help You Collect Reviews For Your Business

360 Degree Management Of Google My Business Page

360 Degree Management Of Google My Business Page

About a decade ago, Google introduced a 360-degree virtual tour integrated into Google My Business. It enables a customer to have a 360-degree view of your business, and our Google My Business Profile managers understand this fact. We completely manage your profile in a virtual tour of 360 degrees. It is filled with all the necessary information such as; social media profile, website, business hours, product posts, product description, open/closed info, map location, etc. Using Google’s Street View mapping technology, we enable your business to be visible on a broad visible spectrum of 360 degrees. Enabling your business to have such a wider scope of the visual spectrum, your organisation will have the maximum exposure. We enable your customers to have access to customer insight which delivers better engagement. The engagement section allows you to keep an eye on the followers. The stats help your business to have increased sales engagement and boosted ranking.

Improve Businesses Search Visibility: What We Do

Rank Higher On Local Searches

Are you running a business that provides goods and services to the local population? According to the search engine watch, 80% of paying customers end up with their purchasing decision by visiting a store. Getting your business listed in the top 3 map results will help you to achieve tremendous results for your business.

You can increase the physical traffic of your business by leveraging Google My Business services that can help you to bring more visitors to your shop or business address. We make Google My Business work for you by converting more searchers into paying customers.

Where is your Google My Business listing lagging?

  • Fake reviews
  • Not verifying your business listing
  • Low engagement
  • Less content
  • Missing business address and contact details
  • Missing from the top 3 map results
  • Not responding to reviews

List Business On Google Map

Your listing in Google My Business shows the searchers how and where they can visit your business. A listing for a local business is more likely to appear when searching for a nearby local business on Google Maps. Your Google My Business profile account gives you full power to control and update the business details, contact information, and other relevant information.

The main benefit of ranking higher on Google maps is that Google displays the top three Google maps listing on the top of the SERPs. Displaying your business at the top of Google Maps listing can help you increase your business's visibility.

Factors determining the local ranking of a business:

  • Relevance
  • Distance
  • Prominence

How we can help you to rank higher on Google Maps listing:

  • Completing Google My Business profile.
  • Optimizing your web presence to increase local organic search.
  • Updating local listings.
  • Creating local backlinks.

Add Business Information

For claiming and verifying your business, it's important to provide the business's physical address, where customers can visit to check your products or services. Therefore, the first thing in the Google My Business is to provide the essential information that describes your business:

  • Working hours
  • Location
  • Holidays
  • Timings and contact details
  • Website address
  • Customer's photos
  • Products/Services
  • Insights
  • Reviews
  • Posts

Providing this essential information will help the visitors understand more about your business, along with how they can reach out to you. These details will help you in boosting the local SEO of your site.

List Products/Services

Get the most results out of your Google My Business listing with the help of GMB experts.

Google My Business (GMB) products help companies to display product or service details. By adding products or services, you can provide additional information to potential customers that can help them to select your products or services from your competitors.

Google Business Profile services have very limited visibility and don't appear as a list of services on the desktop. However, on mobile devices, these services are displayed under the "Services" tab in Google search, which increases the chances of acquiring more local traffic for your business.

How we will add products to your GMB profile:

  • Selecting the products that you want to feature.
  • Creating high-quality images.
  • Creating engaging and powerful content.
  • Measuring via GA.

Google My Business products allow you to provide the details and photos of your products and services. Creating this free profile is a great way to improve the visibility of your products/services across the globe.

Display Your Business

Google My Business is one of the most powerful and high-performing SEO tools. This tool helps businesses to rank higher on local searches and attract more local audiences.

Google My Business has upgraded the new performance report from the insights report, which means it has added a section for people who checked your business profile. This section shows how people find the local listing through Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) or Google Maps.

Additionally, you can provide complete details about your business to tell the visitors about who you are. Including important information related to the business, such as product details, service areas, store address, and business description, can help you to present a brief overview of your business in front of the site visitors.

When you provide updated and accurate business information, it acts as a trust factor in the mind of visitors, giving a clear signal to them about your company's credibility.

  • Your Google My Business profile allows you to control and update the contact details, business hours, and other crucial details as needed. Whether you want to gain more foot traffic or web traffic, Google is the ultimate search engine to which people are referred.
  • By displaying your business on your Google My Business profile, you are ensuring that people will find your business when looking for the products or services like yours in a local area.

Reply To Reviews

Google My Business is most often where potential customers interact with your online business. Therefore, providing positive reviews for your business can be a powerful asset to drive traffic to your physical location and your website, which will help you create more revenue and expand your business.

You must make sure to reply to each and every review, whether it is negative or good. By replying to reviews, you display that you value your customer, and eventually, you are getting to know what people are talking about your products.

The best way to encourage more positive reviews from real customers is to run your business operations with the fundamentals of good customer service. Online reviews are the key components for key success. Reviews show how your business is legitimate, and it may be a quick and simple process, but the benefits are ongoing for a lifetime.

Apart from this, you can add a follow-up email or text after days of purchasing a decision so that they can drop an honest review about your business.

When you are responding to reviews, it tells Google that you are engaging well with your customers and helps boost the rank. As a local business owner, you must focus on reverting to reviews and gaining positive customer feedback, which can help you increase foot traffic.

Direct Chat With Customers

In 2017, Google My Business launched the messaging feature, which helps business owners to respond to customers' messages and queries via their GMB account. GMB messages empower businesses to help customers get what they need- no matter when and where. It helps the brand to be founded on multiple channels and devices, which allows interested people to communicate directly with your team.

Sending and receiving direct messages from your customers will help you in the following ways:

  • Meet customers at the time of need.
  • Ensure high-value services to customers.
  • Assuring customer satisfaction.
  • Providing 24/7 help assistance.
  • Better customer engagement.
  • It helps in understanding the customer’s mindset.

Google’s business chat feature is available in two different ways i.e. Google Business Profile and Google's business messages integrated with various third-party API applications. GMB business chat feature is limited, but it provides enough chat functions for local businesses, so that the local businesses can meet potential customer’s needs and demands.

Respond To Customer Queries

The Google My Business (GMB) Q&A feature allows the searchers to ask and answer questions about a business, place, product, or service, which allows the business owners to provide the answers to the questions and build a more positive approach to their business. It is another way businesses interact with customers and understand their mindset.

FAQs in Google My Business profile will help the customers to find answers to their questions easily; well-informed customers are more likely to purchase from you, and it will automatically decrease the workload of your customer care team.

Tips for getting an advantage from Google's Q&A section:

  • Attentively listen to customers’ queries
  • Respond to queries calmly
  • Avoid the blame game, and come up with a solution
  • Examine questions
  • Answer all questions
  • Provide answers clear and concise
  • Stay proactive
  • Always reply to negative comments as well

Get More Customers

GMB account helps businesses to get featured in the search engine result pages. It is a free cost-effective tool for SMEs. Google My Business account helps to provide useful and necessary information about your business, products, and services to your customers. It makes sure that when someone is searching for similar services online. Therefore, getting your business listed in the GMB will provide the customers with contact details, working hours, holidays, websites, etc.

Apart from this, a listed business appears more credible to potential customers. You can also add pictures in your profile showing your physical space, products or services, etc.

It's 100% worth enhancing your Google My Business listing as it is likely to double the interest in your products, resulting in visitors purchasing your products or services.

How GMB Helps to bring more customers?

  • Better rank on SERP
  • Build credibility of your site
  • Provide customer reviews
  • Enhance the visibility of your site
  • Improves website visibility and discoverability
  • GMB allows you to appear on Google Maps and Google Local Pack Listing

Get A Professional Help From Top Google My Business Management Service Provider In India

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a digital tool from Google that allows you to optimise and manage a business profile on Google. Our Google My Business services provide your business with an edge to stay strong in the competition.

Your Google My Business profiles appear in Google search results and Maps. It is necessary for your business profile to have all the necessary pieces of information pertaining to the business. Be it your contact information, business hours, social media posts, websites etc.

  • We effectively maintain your business profile with the help of modern-tech digital tools and cutting-edge SEO analytics metrics.
  • Your profile is used for SEO, which enables your business to show up in the top SERPs. It also allows your location on maps to show up in ranking.
  • We manage everything from managing your posts to reviews posted by your customers, which provide necessary feedback about your brand.
Why Is Google My Business Important?

If you’re wondering why Google My Business is important, then you must know that in this digital age, you need to have an online presence for your business. There are several benefits of having a Google My Business profile, out of which, the main points are given below;

  • Extended reach to your customers who would look for similar services online and could possibly look for the location where they can fetch those services.
  • Increases brand credibility. Once your business shows up online in Google Maps with all the necessary updates about the business, it increases the trustworthiness of your brand.
  • Enhanced on-page traffic to your website. You will get more users redirected to your website. More visitors means more chances to convert them into customers.
Google My Business Listing Management

1. Let Us Know About Your Location

In the first place, we need to know your business! It helps us render our GMB management service in an efficient manner. Providing the required information to us is your first step towards thriving.

2. Get Your Profile Audited

Thereafter, our Google My Business Management service analyses your current performance. Our skilled experts carry out a thorough audit of your GMB listing wherein, 100s of the growth parameters are considered. Besides, we can get your GMB verified, if you don’t already have one.

3. We Devise A Plan Based On Audit

After having a clear picture of your GMB listing performance, we create your GMB listing plan aiming at overriding the existing shortcomings and strengthening the dominant areas.

4. Google My Business Listing Optimization Comes Next

Now that we have a robust growth plan, our Google My Business listing optimization service will execute it in order to turn the odds in your favour. Through this entire process, your account manager will keep you in the loop.

5. Monthly Profile Promotion And Management

In addition to the GMB listing optimization part, we also help you with our monthly profile promotion and management. The array of these services includes posts, profile management, reviews and reporting, and more.

6. Enjoy Higher Traffic, More Calls, And Increased ROI!

Last but not least, our Google My Business listing helps you achieve the desired results within 2-3 months after completion. We love to see you thrive!

How To Optimize Google My Business?

Google favours the businesses in its local search results that have the most relevant, complete and precise information. At our digital factory, we optimise your Google My Business profile with updates and truthful information pertaining to your business.

We let your customers know what your business is all about and what it is that you sell. While information such as your products and services are mandatory to mention, other updates such as your location, contact information and the number of outlets in the vicinity also have the same importance.

  • We completely populate and optimise Google My Business profile with the required information.
  • Our professional GMB operators and managers fill the profile with the required information, such as business descriptions.
  • We select and fill all the necessary attributes concerning your business and help verify them.

We fully optimise your profile in a way that when a user enters a certain search query related to your business, your business profile shows up on the top search result pages. It requires an in-depth analysis of gathered data and precise expertise, which our agency provides.

We put all the mentioned attributes together with all the essential information concerning your brand and we then proceed with optimising it. Our methodology is entirely mathematical and is based upon the latest tactics, which provide results in just a matter of time.

How Do We Add Your Business To Google Maps?

We are a GMB marketing company that adds your business on Google Maps. Google is a popular search engine that everyone relies on when it comes to search endeavours. Having a GMB profile means you are entitled to be searched on Google Maps.

Our marketing team ensures your GMB profile appears on Google Maps and stays updated with essential information that denotes your business. Just because you make a profile and put it up on Google doesn’t mean the job gets done. Thereby, we ensure the below-mentioned are taken care of;

  • Being a GMB company, we ensure you get the best results with our SEO metrics pertaining to Google’s requirements and focusing on your business.
  • We work to enhance your Google Map ranking by filling your profile with all the necessary attributes concerning your business.
  • Our marketing company takes care of your incoming traffic to your official website, as half of the users reach out to you by seeing your business on maps.

Social Media has been in the limelight for a very long time. While millennials and the gen z population use social media quite often, we ensure your official social media page is linked with your GMB profile to give you the maximum results.

Apart from that, we also organize Google Ad campaigns to provide you with an extra edge over your competition. The process evidently enhances your organic traffic by redirecting the link to your webpage.

Why Choose Advology Solution As Your Google My Business Agency In India?

Advology Solution is a GMB expert here in India, giving competition to other agencies with its relentless efforts and passion for adapting new trends and methodologies. We can be your best call for a reliable Google My Business agency. Choosing us as a partner in success will provide you with a competitive advantage against your competition.

While other companies may charge you a hefty amount and that too without even delivering a reliable deadline, our consultancy would provide you complete satisfaction with the cost-effective GMB management services.

  • We operate your GMB profile with SEO parameters known to provide the best results in enhancing traffic, increasing your customer base, and strengthening brand credibility.
  • Our Google My Business expert team is highly potent at managing your GMB profile reviews with its expertise.
  • At our Google My Business agency, we use the result-driven methodology to provide you with results that last long.

If you search for "Google My Business expert near me" in your search bar and see the results, make sure you cross-check their reputation and the reviews posted by their clients. Only look for the GMB agency that has a reputation for handling business profiles.

Talking about our reputation, we have worked with both local and international industries and helped them achieve their goals. Our satisfied clients always contact us when they are seeking a reliable digital marketing service.

Our Process to Grow Your Online Visibility

Claim your Business Profile
Claim your Business Profile

Search engine like Google always tries their very best to do for your business. To gain recognition from Google, you need to claim your business profile on Google with all relevant information. Claiming your profile will enable you to edit the information of your business.

Publish Google Posts Weekly
Publish Google Posts Weekly

Managing your Business Profile on Google, we will make sure that we are posting weekly to promote your business. It will help you to connect with your local customers via your Google Posts. Regular Google Posts like videos and photos help you to connect with your local customers.

Collect and Respond to Reviews
Collect and Respond to Reviews

Ask your past and current customers to share their reviews on your product or service that you are offering to them. Collecting reviews can welcome a lot of benefits to your business. 90% of customers check reviews of products or services to make their purchase decision. Just collecting reviews is not enough but you also need to respond as it will help you to win over your customers.

Management of Business Profile
Management of Business Profile

Claiming your business profile on Google is not enough thing to do for the growth of your business. You also need to constantly update your information on Google like contact information, events, location, and everything. Post photos and videos on a regular basis to connect with your local customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Labels appearing on Google My Business are an extremely useful feature used for organizing a business location. The feature helps a business to label its multi-outlets in a group where you can manage them to appear like they are part of one business with multiple subsidiaries. The option enables an organization to have ten specific labels that denote the same entity they are associated with. A label must not exceed 50 characters and neither should they have characters that are invalid. The labels are of great advantage and can be used in various Google services.

Another function that it helps a business with is, that it enables you to disable ad marketing campaigns on your locations. All in all, it is the best way through which a business or a brand can label itself on Google Maps. Whether you are an artist or a lawyer or have your own industry, the feature is quite helpful in letting other people know where your business or head office is located.

Google My Business, also known as GMB, states that store code could be anything that uniquely identifies a business that can be used as a store code.

In simple words, a store code can be anything from a character to a name, place, any noun or number as long as it stays the same and denotes the business or a profession in Google Maps.

The store code cannot appear to the public. It, however, is only visible to the one who logs in to their GMB profile. The store code helps you in identifying the location of your business when you are running a local inventory advertisement.

Besides, inventory varies from store to store and store code recognizes the attributes of inventory details and identifies your business.

In short, a store code is a code that is not visible to the public but only to ones with GMB profiles and is used to identify your business outlet.

Google My Business is an important aspect of any industry that seeks to grow exponentially. It shows where your business is located on Google Maps. Optimizing GMB properly can increase the credibility of your business and enhance your customer traffic. You need to properly follow the Google My Business SEO checklist to improve your Google ranking. Below is how to do it:

  • Fill your profile with the relevant information and make sure that there aren’t any blank fields. It helps people who share similar interests find you.
  • Provide your business description on your Google My Business profile (within 750 characters) and submit valuable information about your business directly to Google.
  • Make sure that the hours wherein, your business is open should be correct and updated. Contrarily, if it says that you are open, but you are not, it is a big issue.
  • When setting up your Google My Business profile, it prompts you to select the primary business category. Provide the most relevant categories, and try to limit it to 2 or 3 in order to avoid the mess.

Social Media will never run out of cringe when it comes to interacting and networking socially. It is the way through which you can engage with customers and get the necessary feedback. Adding a social media account to your Google My Business profile will only add a cherry on the top.

In order to add a social media account to your local Google My Business listings, you need to have a good website that represents your business. If you already have one, all you need to do is, copy the specific URL and paste it into Google My Business Website Link Field. There you have it!

Your social media link is added to your Google My business listing now. If you have neatly managed your website and are already doing SEO on it, the search engine will index the data available on your website and the bots will crawl it.

Google My Business profiles are dynamic in nature. Google prioritises your profile preferences based on the terms satisfying a customer’s search queries and the information you provide to the consumers. Apart from that, the Search Engine also embeds keywords automatically in the profile content, which is of more relevance to a user’s profile. Just as an agency would use a content management system such as WordPress to optimize a website, GMB (Google My Business) also optimize your profile to expand your business reach. Google does that to optimize the searches while respecting keyword targeting, quality of information, and trust. To make the most out of a Google My Business profile, naturally incorporate the keywords into it and deploy a well-planned SEO. Another thing that you must take care of is putting the right information about your business to win the trust of Google algorithms. Once all the conditions are satisfied, your Google My Business profile flourishes.

A suspended Google My Business account can pose a serious threat to your business. It is a sort of setback that nobody wants to have in their business who plans to improve local traffic. A multitude of the possible reasons can cause GMB account suspension. If such a situation occurs, the first thing that you need to do is, check for the GMB guidelines. Google takes an extremely strict approach towards quality assurance. Accuracy, and relevancy are a few of them if not followed accurately, your GMB account might be suspended. Make sure your account is updated with real information and that you are following all the necessary guidelines to keep your account in good shape. If it is a soft suspension, you can resolve the issue by creating another account and reclaiming it later.

Google My Business Profile works best for local searches. Therefore, it is crucial for you to provide and verify your address through the Google My Business profile verification process. Besides, you can also add multiple locations to Google My Business. Below are the steps:

  • First, you need to sign in to your Google My Business and get access to the dashboard.
  • Once you’re in, get access to the dashboard. After that, find the “add business” drop-down section.
  • The next step is to add a business to it.
  • Add your business name and enter the location details and other information concerning your business.
  • After that, verify your account, and there, your multiple locations are added to your profile.

Having your business in Google My Business and not showing in Google Maps may bring a setback to your business. There can be multiple reasons involved in it, out of which, one can be that you haven’t updated your location yet. Check your location setting and update your location.

Another reason could be that you are not serving your customer from the enlisted location. SAB category business shows trouble showing on Google Maps.

Another reason that might be affecting your appearance on Google Maps is the lack of authoritativeness. Businesses with lesser authority do not appear on Google Maps.

One more reason that could be affecting your location appearing is, you might be updated with duplicate Google My Business listings. These are a few of the reasons why your business is not showing on Google Maps.

It depends on millions of different factors that are not similar to each other. Several of them vary from business to business and the type of business methodology they indulge in. While some businesses rank quicker on Google Maps, others take a significant amount of time to achieve the same. A few of them keep on battling to rank, though.

The first thing you need to know is, to rank on Google Maps, you need to meet the standards and the levels of requirements. The number one requirement is that you need to be a local business. There is an interesting fact that the national business chain ascends faster on Google Maps ranking as compared to the international one having various outlets in the same locale.

Also, you need to make sure that you are providing authentic information about your business and keep your Google My Business (GMB) profile updated.

To answer your question, if you could use Google My Business (GMB) without having a website, yes you can.

There’s a reason it’s called Google My Business and is connected to Google Maps. When you enlist your business in Google My Business profile, those who are your customers, can find your business in Google Maps.

It is certainly not mandatory to have a website to create a GMB profile. Although, your business can appear on other websites. Appearing on other websites itself helps you boost your business.

Lastly, you need to provide all the necessary and authentic information that your GMB profile requires. Your business depends upon the credibility and the quality service you provide to your customers and is definitely not required to have a website to get enlisted in Google My Business.

If you need help with your next amazing product, let us know. We will get back to you within 24 hours or less.