facebook 10 Important Google SEO Ranking Factors (A Complete Guide)

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10 Important SEO Ranking Factors 2020

If SEO is not really your forte, then you will find it difficult to wrap your head around the recent changes in Google Search’s ranking algorithm. Now before you go ahead and dismiss the changes, it is worth taking note of the top Google ranking factors for 2021, if you want to grow your business. The impact of the changes may differ based on the search location. If you run a business in India, you can consult an SEO company in India to understand how the ranking factors affect your local business. To get you started, here’s a quick look at the top 10 ranking factors for 2021:

Content is Still King: Amidst the ever-changing world of search engine optimization and internet technology, there does seem to be one constant; content. Even with the latest algorithm updates such as “Penguin 4.0” and “Possum,” content has managed to hold on to its crown as the king of ranking factors. The trick to creating impactful content is to ensure it provides real value to the user. Additionally, it would be best if you also worked with a top SEO company to incorporate engaging visual content that goes along with the written word.

The Freshness Factor: The phrase ‘old is gold’ can be a defining factor when it comes to the choice of wine or music perhaps, but when it comes to online content, you need to keep it fresh. Thanks to the Google Freshness Algorithm, you are duty-bound to take a trip down memory lane and update your old content if you want to improve your ranking. Many digital marketing services provide a complete overhaul of your webpage to ensure it makes a notable impact on the SERP. 

Back to Backlinks: If you are struggling to make sense of the updates in Google Search’s ranking algorithm, it helps to just stick to the basics. Regardless of the complicated updates over the years, the fact of the matter is, Backlinks are among the strongest ranking factors for results. You can work with an SEO company in India to get more Backlinks from high-authority domains so that you avoid low-quality Backlink profiles and so that your website will rank well for keywords connected to your business.

Time to Go Mobile: When we say take your business mobile, we don’t mean to start traveling; we mean to get into the mobile or Smartphone world. Google data suggests that more and more users prefer to access the web using their mobile devices. Following the growing trend of mobile internet users, Google announced the mobile-first indexing that prioritized the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages. The key factor is to create a responsive or dynamic serving site where the content is equivalent across all devices. 

Need for Page Speed: It is often said that the attention span of a goldfish is just nine seconds. Well, one rather unfortunate consequence of the Smartphone and internet revolution is that the average internet users are really giving the goldfish a run for its money. Given the fast-paced digital age currently thriving, page speed has become a crucial ranking factor for online business. Many companies invest in digital marketing services in a bid to boost their website page speed in order to beat out the competition. 

Adding Schema Code: Do you remember how your teacher in school used to insist that you improve your handwriting? It is important to write clearly because if the examiner cannot understand your handwriting, you will not score well in your exams, even if you write the correct answers. That, in a nutshell, is basically what Schema.org highlights. The addition of Schema markup code or other structured data helps Google get a better understanding of the content on your webpage. Implementing a correct schema code is essential, especially for local businesses, so that you get the best search results possible.

HTTPS as a Ranking Signal: One of the biggest disadvantages of the internet is that privacy and security related issues. Online fraud and security breaches are a constant for search engines like Google. That is why Google announced that Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS would be an important ranking factor for websites. Following the latest update in Google’s algorithm, top SEO companies have encouraged companies to use secure HTTPS encryption for their websites along with 2048-bit key certificates.

Ultimate User Experience: While the technical aspects behind recent Google updates may go over your head, once you understand the underlying principle, it will be a piece of cake. So what is the underlying principle? User Experience. The main goal of Google is to provide useful information to the user. Needless to say, since the focus of Google is on the user, it is quite clear that the user experience is exactly what you need to focus on. The more you are involved with digital marketing, the more apparent it will be that there is a strong connection between an accurate UI/UX and a good rank on the SERP.