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7 Lead Generation Strategies For Content Marketers

Businesses, be it online or offline, cannot survive without attracting leads.

If your business is not generating quality leads, then it will surely suffer. And believe me, this one area of marketing is not challenging.

Don't forget it's not just about generating leads; these leads should be well-targeted and quality. It's just a waste of your precious time and effort if you are not focused on generating leads. 

Lead Generation Strategies That Will Work Well For Marketers

  • Write Amazingly Awesome Content

Being a marketer, you should be fond of writing, and it's through writing, people will get to know about your brand. This writing eventually will make them trust you and become your follower. 

Wondering where the cheesy fact 'Content is King' came from? Simple, it comes from the truth.

However, always remember not to serve your audience with mediocre and half-baked content. Using mediocre content is like cutting your own throat. 

The content which is mentioned in the cliché "Content is King" is intriguing, interesting, helpful, and compelling. You can say it is the type of content that will compel people to look for your subscription form.

Brand awareness, market education, and lead generation are the top three goals of good content marketing. It's like excellent content has the potential to go viral, which eventually will convert more leads.

This strategy can work well only when you have your own blog. Lots of marketers see the blog as the best tool for generating leads. See the screenshot given below to learn how to turn strangers into customers for promoting businesses.

In the first step, you have to use blogs, social media, and keywords to attract them as strangers. Compel them to give their email address to convert them as visitors, then earn their trust by sending them helpful emails.  Once you gain their trust and loyalty, selling your products and services becomes easy. 

Overall, it's amazing and useful content that attracts high-quality leads. Thus start getting serious about your content marketing if you don't pay attention to it.

  • Create an Attractive Offer

If you wish to capture leads' attention by using this method, its success mainly depends on its offer. 

Don't create an offer that can be found easily at other places; try to make an offer of great value. If the offer is the incentive, then readers will be happy to get it. One of the most effective lead generations offers that is prevailing on the internet today is free eBooks.

Just by giving free eBooks, your email list of people grows exponentially. There are other ways to provide the incentive to increase lead generation by using webinar recordings, high-quality video courses, blogging tools, etc. However, make sure that the offer you give is relevant and valuable.

  • Concentrate on Inbound Marketing

You should invest your maximum time in inbound marketing. Studies of Hubspot show that "Marketers today spend 90% of their efforts on the outbound marketing and remaining 10% on inbound marketing."

The process of creating good and quality content that appeals to your customers is inbound marketing. It will make customers come to you instead of going out and hunting for the customers. 

Inbound Marketing is all about attracting clients directly to your doorsteps. Creating great content will attract prospective customers and increase your customer list who are happy to share your useful content with their friends.  

Outbound marketing has lost its value over the years. It is difficult to get quality leads from email blasts, cold calling, and other outbound marketing methods.

The bottom line is that we start focusing on inbound marketing for generating quality leads.

  • Host Webinar

Wish to generate targeted leads? Then simply host a webinar, and its success depends on what you are offering.

You can get more quality leads when hosting a quality webinar offering massive value to the customers.  Ask the right questions on the sign-up page of the webinar to generate good quality leads. It's impossible to host a successful webinar when you are not addressing the visitors' pressing problem.

  • Carve Up Real Life Case Studies

Are you still wondering how to generate leads?  Try sharing some real-life case studies.

While reading and listening to case studies, people will take some action to get similar results.

Blog based on case studies will get more crowd, share, and comment than any other blog posts. People are tired of reading the generic blog, and now they want something which works wonders, like practical tips and proofs.

You don't have to write your own case study; it can be writing about something that you found interesting while researching. The main motto is that the content should be actionable and relevant. 

  • Create Alluring Opt-In Resources

Building irresistible and fascinating opt-in resources which will ensure an overflow of targeted leads.

Turn your blog into an incentive by creating a different version, be it worksheets, checklists, PDF, audio, and video version of your same blog post. You can give these options as an opt-in offer on your blog post. Though ensure that whatever you are offering should be excellent and appealing.

Better the opt-in resources is, more people will want it and eventually will be hooked to you.

  • Scatter the Opt-In Form All Over Your Website

After creating an enchanting opt-in resource, scatter them all over your site to allure the audience. 

Creating a well-designed and intriguing opt-in form will be visible to the audience and offers a valuable incentive. 

It's like if your opt-in form is not visible, then customers cannot use it. Therefore place the opt-in form in places where the audience can see it.  You can place your opt-in forms in sidebars, like pop-ups, in the blog header, and as a featured box. 

Create a tempting opt-in form and make them visible to be easily seen and then converted well.


You have to do lots of experiments if you want to generate leads. You can visit the website of others and see what they are doing. Then those techniques on your website and see what the result of it is. If those techniques are successful, then it's good, but if it is not, then ditch it and try some other lead generation strategies. Advology Solution, the best digital marketing company, believes that there are no magical strategies for generating a large number of leads. You can try some of the lead generation techniques mentioned above and see what result you get.