facebook Top 8 Ultimate WordPress Plugins For Social Media 2021

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8 Ultimate WordPress Plugins For Social Media

If there's one powerful medium on the rise was Social Media remained unfazed by the pandemic. It continues to play a pivotal role in boosting brands and businesses. In times when everything has gone digital to bills, payments, and you name it, it is crucial to be updated with the latest plugins buzzing the town in 2021.

We're talking about social media plugins for WordPress. Yes, if there's a gamut of geniuses that make a huge difference in the digital world are bloggers. Bloggers must increase their outreach in the audience and gain more followers.  So, are you already curious to discover those trending plugins? We can't wait to get started already. Let's begin!

1. Easy Social Share Plugin

Trust us when you opt for the Easy Social Share Plugin; you won't regret it. That's because it entails many advanced features, including A/B testing your social media buttons placement, and it can be used for triggering social sharing buttons to show based on the user's actions. This can be done when the user may click the exit button or after leaving a comment.

In the words of gizmo geeks, this plugin is an affordable and must-have substitute for the Social Warfare plugin because, in spite of being a premium product, it costs a menial $22. What's more? It can be installed on numerous websites. Of late, they have launched a 7.2 version of the Easy Social Share plugin with the most high-end features. This plugin is widely used by 300,00 websites approximately and happens to be one of the most highest-rated plugins in the Codecanyon repo.

2. Jetpack

Using WordPress and operating without Jetpack? Are you kidding? Indeed, it is a widely used WordPress plugin because it allows adding a lot of features to your blog. 

The best feature Jetpack is known for is adding social media sharing buttons to your WordPress Website. 

If you are a current user of the Jetpack plugin, you just need to activate the sharing module and add your preferred sharing buttons. 

3. Novashare

Novashare has been developed in traditional WordPress style, which is easy-to-learn for beginners. It can be configured within a fraction of seconds. It is a recently launched social sharing plugin that takes up only 6 KB and two requests toward your website's front end.

Novashare's noteworthy features include Pinterest Pin images features, UTM tagging feature, and ClickToTweet feature. It's a fast-paced social share plugin compared to others. It contains 'Share Count Recovery feature, which is used to amalgamate your current domain and previous domain's social share counts that are instrumental after domain migration. The best part is that it gets you, new followers on social media. Like it?

4. Social Snap

Social Snap is a powerful social sharing plugin that supports more than 28 famous social networks and does more than just adding social sharing icons. The feature users are going to love more than one. But let's begin with one. It allows you to put social sharing buttons with a shortcode and numerous places to get the best results.

5. Social Warfare Plugin

Social Warfare is available in 2 versions, the free version, and the Pro version. Needless to say, the free version comprises all the basic features required in setting up social sharing on your website. However, to escalate social sharing to the next level, go for the pro version that is not as pricy considering the amazing features and value it adds to your site. Err, one crucial thing we should have mentioned at the onset is that it is a feature-rich plugin.

6. Social Media Share buttons by UlimatelySocial

This is the highest-rated social sharing plugin on our list. This plugin contains excellent features.

This is a freemium plugin supporting up to 200 social networks and 16 designs for the sharing buttons. You get an option to position the social sharing buttons on numerous places and configure pop-ups for social sharing purposes.

7. Share Buttons by AddToAny

This is probably the most versatile and advanced plugin you will find lately. As the name suggests, it provides plenty of customization options and allows adding responsive sharing buttons on your website (a big advantage).

The best feature you get is tracking your social media sharing with the help of Google Analytics. You'll be wowed to know that you can get up to 100+ sharing buttons and a lot of placement options. 

8. Monarch by Elegant Themes

When you are fishing for one of the best-paid WordPress plugins, this should be your choice. This allows adding of social media sharing buttons in numerous places on your website. However, the buttons are designed with the purpose of encouraging people to share social media posts more often.

Gratitude is a great gesture, and you can express it in abundance when you start seeing results on your WordPress Blog by implementing the above information. When your follower count skyrockets and your web traffic increases, your blog will reach newer heights overall. What else could you ask for? After all the groundwork we did for you, we would be delighted to see your blog soar. But, wait, more importantly, we would want to hear your success stories with us. We're all ears.