facebook Amazon Business Account: What Is It & How To Create?

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Amazon Business Account: What Is It And How To Create?

What is Amazon Business Account?

Amazon Business is a free service that offers its customers multiple valuable features to small business owners. The Amazon business was first started in the USA. All you have to do is click on create a free account on the home page and navigate the setup process to get started. It is required for an admin to set up the account and verify its business information.

However, an Amazon business account is an option for all sizes of businesses; users can sign up despite being the only proprietor, small business, or enterprise company. The Amazon business account holder will have access to these features:

  • Search hundreds of business products.
  • Receive only business-related prices.
  • Free shipping on orders more than $25.
  • Use an Analytics Dashboard.
  • Coordinate expenses with line item transaction details.
  • Qualify for free shipping with business prime.

What Is Necessary For Creating An Amazon Business Account?

To create an Amazon business account, users must have to be registered businesses. They must register for an Amazon business account and wait for the verification procedure. Please provide business information along with your email address. The verification procedure takes up to three business days. Once you are verified, you can start using your account, and if your account still needs to be verified, you may need to provide further information.

In addition to that, if you already have an Amazon account, you can apply for an Amazon Business American Express Card. With the help of this card, users can take advantage of an expedited registration procedure.

How To Create An Amazon Business Account?

Creating an Amazon business account is free and easy. Follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, visit the Amazon business India website and then choose to create a free account option.
  2. You can now enter your business email address and click on Get Started.
  3. Then, enter your business details and choose to Create a Business Account.
  4. Next, verify your business. Keep in mind that this step is optional but makes business verification quicker. Users can do this by; entering a business credit card number and business tax ID or employer ID number, or social security number.

Now, Amazon will verify your business, and users can begin their shopping and setting up their accounts. As the account creator and the admin, users can;

  • Link your other amazon accounts and switch between those accounts easily.
  • Make groups.
  • Once you have created groups, you can purchase your items
  • Create approval workflows and add your purchase order number
  • You can now add and manage business-account functions such as payment methods and shipping addresses.
  • Users can add multiple users to their Amazon business account.

What Are The Features Which Amazon Business Provides?

  • Customize Browse And Search As Per Your Business Type: Amazon uses AI to customize your shopping experience to seek products that determine your business.
  • Amazon Business Card: With the help of the amazon business card, customers can get rewards or take more time to pay their zero-interest on US purchases as Amazon business.
  • Easy And Quick Business Prime Shipping: By creating an Amazon business account, you can get same-day delivery, one-day or two-day delivery on most products for your business.
  • Exclusive Prices: Customers can now select prices and get batch discounts on eligible products for your business.
  • Single or Multiple Business Accounts: You can now open a multi-user business account and add some users, and make groups share your payment methods and delivery address.
  • Purchase Approval Workflows: Construct approval workflows to permit better spending controls.
  • Buy Analytics And Report: This option allows users to maintain spending activity and its total costs on the purchases at the individual, purchasing group, or sort of spend level.
  • Comparison In Price Choices: This interface will offer consumers different prices and brands in one spot for the specific product. Also, it will help you prevent wasting time when you click around to look for the best deal on a brand you like.
  • Tax Exempt Purchases: Place your tax-exempt purchases and handle your tax exemption permissions across organizations.
  • Track Your Order: You can give purchase orders or reference numbers to purchases to support reporting and account reconciliation.
  • Amazon Corporate Credit Line: Create orders and finance purchases with a credit line.
  • Amazon Business Customer Support: Amazon business customer service is for registered business buyers.

Amazon Business Value Days

Do you know Amazon business conducts a monthly event called “Business Value Days?” The Amazon Business Value Days are monthly sale events through which Amazon business customers get extra savings. This sale happens every last week of the month. During this period, customers can avail of a hundred deals and offer on mobile and laptops, electronics, office products, and more.

Benefits Of Amazon Business Value Days

  1. Get Extra Cashback: Customers can save more with exclusive business deals and additional cashback.
  2. Business exclusive Prices And Quantity Discounts: You can get quantity discounts and exclusive business prices on bulk purchases.
  3. Get GST Invoice For Input Tax Credit: Purchase products with GST Invoice and save up to 28% more on your bill with your input tax credit.
  4. Wide Variety To Choose From: You can select various products from different categories, such as Electronics, office supplies, grocery, and many more.

Concluding Thoughts

Amazon business offers great advantages that many new businesses will love. It will help you save some of your time and some extra bucks and improve the workflow more effectively. We hope you find this informative guide about Amazon business accounts helpful. If you need any assistance, then you can contact our experts. We at Advology Solution provide high-end marketing services to our clients. Feel free to contact us anytime; we are available 24x7 at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay for my Amazon Business Account?

Amazon business charges zero to sign up. But, if you want to leverage the advantages of prime shopping, you must pay for a Business prime account. The most economical business accounts can cost you around $179 annually and allow more than three users.

2. How much does an Amazon Business Account cost?

It requires no cost for users to register for an Amazon business account. It charges no annual fee to shop on the platform, but if you want to access Business Prime Shipping, you must pay the fee according to the number of users. Here’s what the pricing chart looks like:

  • Essentials will cost you around $179 a year for at least three users.
  • Small will be around $499 a year for ten users.
  • Medium will cost you at least $1299 a year for up to 100 users.

Customers can share their personal Amazon Prime membership with their business account; however if you cannot use this as your buying. Aside from that, you cannot use this to resell the items you deliver directly to another consumer using Amazon business prime shopping.

3. How do I access my Amazon Business?

To access your Amazon Business page, Then you can tap on the Create Free Account option. And after that, you have to enter your email, and if you already have a personal Amazon account, you will be asked to log in. Next, follow the prompts to complete setting up your account, and now you can begin using your Amazon Business.