facebook 11 Best Practices To Boost Facebook Posts

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Best Practices For Boosting Facebook Posts

When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, his expansive visions came true. Facebook has acquired WhatsApp Messenger, whose founders once turned him down (now they must've learned their lesson). Up to 324000000 people in India use Facebook during January 2020, which counts an estimate of 23.1% of the entire population.

1) Select a previous or a new post to boost

First, you will need to make a new post on your Facebook business page. Alternatively, you can select an existing post to boost. Usually, it is recommended to boost a post based on your business offering a new product or service or a limited-time promotion.

2) Tap on the Boost Post Button

The next step is to go to the blue 'boost post' button placed beneath your post. After you have clicked on that button, it will lead to a dialogue box asking where you can set your budget and targeting.

3) Choose Target Audience and Location

First, you will need to choose the target audience you wish to bring engagements or conversions from. Selecting a target audience is very important because it will increase your outreach in the desired locality. For example, you wish to get clients from a particular zone and surrounding areas, it is best to select those states, cities, or places to expand your outreach. Then select your location targeting and demographic targetting. You can select from Facebook interests and behaviors as well.

There is also an option to choose one of your saved audiences or a custom audience as well. You have another popular option to target your Facebook page, likes an audience, and set your location targetting. For instance, you can target people who like your page in the United States.

4) Select your placements

You have an option to select the placements where your post will appear. You can't leave Facebook, but you can include or exclude Messenger or Instagram. But, you can turn the Automatic Placements option on. Facebook can run your post ad in the best suitable places to fit your budget well. If you don't wish to run your ad there, you can exclude placements. Understanding ad placements is very important, and this aspect should not be overlooked if you want your advertisement to stand out.

5) Set budget and duration

The next step to follow is setting the total duration of boosting your post and the budget. Usually, it is not suggested to invest a large sum of money on running ads or prolonging the ad for longer than usual. There is always an option to adjust the duration and budget depending on performance to avoid getting locked in based on your decision.

6) Track estimated people reached

The best method to decide your ad's suitable budget is by looking at the number of people you will reach out to per day. Facebook provides an estimate depending on your audience and the budget. This also lets you determine the amount to spend and the target audiences you will be reaching out across the world.

7) Monitoring conversions

When you have the feature of Facebook pixel installed onto your website, you can monitor your boosted post's conversions. The campaign would not optimize conversions, but there is still an option to check when they are driven.

8) Select your payment and Advertisement account

Generally, your Facebook Post Boost will be up and working in a Facebook Ads account, and there is an option of payment method given to spend on the Advertisement. There is an option to use the default payment method on your Facebook Ads account or add a new one.

9) Preview the boosted post

The next step is important, yet the most fun thing to do. After having performed all the previous steps, it is now time to preview the boosted post. This lets you know how your post will look like on numerous placements like the Desktop newsfeed, Instagram, Mobile Newsfeed, Messenger Inbox, and Instagram stories.

10) Go to 'Boost' for boosting your post

After following all the steps mentioned above, it is time to boost your post and launch your campaign. Simply go to the blue 'Boost' button and let your ad reach out to more people. This is the moment when your heart starts pounding, and your mind waits in anticipation for the best outcome. The results may vary based on the type of content you have promoted, your campaign, the visuals, relevance, and more factors.

11) Check boosted post in Facebook Ads Manager

After having published your boosted post, your ad will launch as a campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. There is an option to enable or pause the new campaign at any preferred time. Moreover, there is an option to update the duration, budget, or targetting settings as well.

One of the best practices is to boost posts with a maximum potential of getting likes, shares, and interaction. Another method is to boost posts for a short duration, like five days, which also alters your budget and lets you know the audience's outreach. Try to make sure you are reaching out to your local market as well through your advertisements. And, not to forget, new offerings and promotions. It would help if you remembered to spend some of your budgets on your conversion campaigns. So, if you found the blog helpful and insightful, feel free to let us know. Stay tuned to this space for more enlightening updates.