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Complete Guide On Google Word Coach

Knowing a second language is great, but it might be tricky or hard when your tongue is addicted to the words of another language. But with the help of Google Word Coach, you can do this thing in a fun manner. This game is interactive and engaging and has a competitive pattern that creates the spirit to do better in everyone. Indubitably, Google Word Coach is a perfect blend of fun with learning.

Advology Solution here explains the Google Word Coach game, including the procedure to play the game. But before jumping directly into that section, let’s learn a bit about Google Word Coach and what exactly it is.

What Is Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is a game or feature that Google designs with the motive to assist people in expanding their English Language Vocabulary. It is not boring or like some strict sense of Education but a fun or engaging way to enhance the English language of the people. You can witness this under the translation or dictionary option, and another way, you can spot it when you search for either “Google Word Coach” or “Google Word Coach Quiz Online”. This Google Word Coach Game will benefit you if you do not have an English background.

It is available in multiple languages, so nothing like a language barrier exists here. You can play and learn simultaneously stress-free, as no one can judge you. The pattern of the Google Word Coach game is so interactive that it binds everyone who is here to play.

Google Word Coach Game follows perfectly. For example, there comes a question and two options minimally out of which you have to pick one that is correct. If you select the right answer, you will reach the second level, but if you choose the wrong one, the game will display the right answer. In addition, an explanation came up that the other option is the right one.

If you are among the people who don’t have good vocabulary skills, then Google Word Coach is created just for you.

How To Open Google Word Coach?

As one of the most interactive and creative games, some funny things prevailed about the Google Word Coach game. One such thing is that you can only play such a game on a limited platform like Android and iPhone. But this notion is quite absurd as you can also play this game on laptops or computers.

To prove this thing or to make it more rigid, we, as a matter of evidence, put up the steps by which you can open the Google Word Coach on your device and play it. These steps are as follows:

  • Start the procedure with the first step of opening the browser by double-clicking its icon.
  • When you can witness the web browser in front of you, you only need to enter the Google Word Coach in the search bar in the window.
  • After that, press either enter of the search button, and a new window opens up with the search result. All you need to do without any hesitation is to click on the top suggestion on the first page.
  • When you click on it, the Google Word Coach in English opens up. You can be sure when the next seems identical with Google Word Coach.
  • When you complete the above-highlighted steps, you can go to play the game without any interruption.

How To Play A Vocabulary Game, i.e., Google Word Coach?

Keep this thing in mind as it is important, so please take care that you can’t download the Google Word Coach; you can only play it directly on the browser.

Various steps below need to be implemented to play the Google Word Coach Quiz Online. Read these steps one by one:

  • Open the browser that is available on your system to get started.
  • Navigate to the search bar, and fill in “Google Word Coach” or “Google Word Coach game”, select the search button.
  • The translation result of the game is visible on the right side of the window. If you wish to change the language, then select the language, and Google will outcast the game in that particular language. In case of the desire to play Google Word Coach in Hindi, select Hindi, and in the matter of playing Google Word Coach English, go with English.
  • At the bottom of the game, another language option is present, under which you can select the local language and enjoy the game to your taste of words.
Note: Remember that all the vocabulary will appear in English so you can optimize your grip on English vocabulary more.

Apart from the way to play the game, some more information exists out there that needs to be learned while playing Google Word Coach. This set of information is given here:

  • When you pick the answer to any question, if the green light comes with your option, you select the right one. But if you red light after picking the answer, it means that you choose the wrong answer.
  • There is no dead end to this game when you give too many of the right answers consecutively; then the level gets up. And it is the best thing that keeps the player motivated.
  • No inclusion of the feature of the time limit is available in the Google Word Coach, so everyone can play freely without time out. 
  • If you give the wrong answer, you can pass that and proceed with the next question.
  • No need to worry in case of not knowing the right answer to the question as you always have the alternative to skip the question.
  • The most crucial thing with this Google Word Coach is that you can have an explanation after every answer with an example. It will ultimately build up your knowledge of English vocabulary.

What Are The Level Numbers Present In The Google Word Coach Game?

The Google Word Coach game has two levels. After some of the initial questions, you can witness the tab of levels; after clicking on it, you can reach the second level. This next level doesn’t have any end. Thus, you can play for infinite hours when you reach the second level.

You need to answer 5 questions then you can make your way to the second round. When you proceed further, the level of the hardness of the question increases. You can also have the chance to win 200 points. Regarding these points, there exists some information that you need to know. These are as follows:

  • There are no negative points recorded in the account for the wrong answers.
  • If you answer the previous question correctly, the complexity of upcoming questions increases.

What Type Of Stuff Is Present In Google Word Coach Game?

There are three types of questions available in the Google Word Coach Game. Generally, these questions are:

  • Synonyms or similar words questions.
  • Antonyms or opposite words questions.
  • The third category is called Google Word Coach with Images. Here, all questions are based on any of the random images (like which option defines the Image best).

Procedure To Build Google Word Coach Shortcut On Your Device

When you play the Google Word Coach for some time continuously, a sign will pop up on the screen indicating the message “Add Google Word Coach Shortcut” on your mobile screen. If you do it, it will appear on the device's home screen.

Another alternative to creating a Shortcut of the Google Word Coach on your device is available. When you tap on that, an icon of the shortcut to that game appears up; all you need to do is to find a place to put this icon.

After that, the shortcut’s icon wouldn’t disappear, but it exists only all the time, even when you are playing the game from your window.

Advantages Of Playing Google Word Coach

A plethora of advantages exist if you use the Google Word Coach as it is a significant facet created by Google. So, to get aware of the advantages of using Google Word Coach, you need to go downwards by scrolling the mouse. So, please pay attention to every point given here:

  • Certainly, the game is truly interactive, engaging, and informative. It will directly impact the enhancement of the English language.
  • A huge stock of examples and questions regarding the English language is stored in Word Coach. It is that if a person gets the knowledge of every question, he/she might become the king of English.
  • The chances of getting a job surely increase while playing this game as the person's knowledge increases only by playing the game.
  • There is an addictive model present in this game as they have scores and levels as well. It directly interacts with the player's psychology and boosts him/her to do better every time.
  • Accessibility to the Google Word Coach is simple and easy; it comes on the result page for every word's meaning. Apart from this, you can directly search for it as well.
  • Another asset of playing this game is that it will elevate your confidence level and give a thrust to your communication skill. Speaking English nowadays has become a key skill everyone must be equipped with.
  • If you plan to have English as your second language then you should invest a lot of time in this game. It will train you in the English vocabulary segment that will sharpen your mind in turn. It is a fact that people who speak or know multiple languages have great cognitive ability, a good sense of creativity, and an impeccable memory.
  • Google Word Coach is created by remembering that it is for everyone, irrespective of who knows the English language better or who doesn’t.

In Essence..!

Google Words Coach is undoubtedly the most exciting facet of Google's search system as it includes a game pattern apart from the knowledge-based aspect. It makes the user interface flawless, as people thought it was a game. But in general, their English is getting amplified day by day. For beginners and people who want to adopt English as their second language, Google Word Coach is a boon. Advology Solution as a presenter of this article, hope you got a good idea about Google Word Coach. If yes, then play to become the real champion of English Vocabulary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is any specific procedure available to exit the Google Word Coach Game?

No, there is no complex process, and there is no need to mention the steps to exit from this game. All you need to do to exit from the browser in which you are running the game.

2. What is the highest score someone made in Google Word Coach?

It is not easy to inspect who scored the highest or the score's number. But after doing a lot of research, the highest score of the Google Word Coach is 600360 points. Besides this, contact us if you know that someone or any other person has the highest score or even if you know the number of the highest score. We will surely revert you after checking your claim and update it if it is true.

3. Is there exist any possibility under which we can download this game on our device?

The answer to this query is straight “No” as this game is only supported on the browser, and you can play it directly.

4. Can I save my last score on Google Word Coach?

At this stage in the game, there is no feature available through which you can’t be able to save your Google Word Coach score for any game. Whenever you open up the game, you need to start from zero.

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