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Google Gemini AI Model Chatbot: How To Use, Release Date, Sign Up, Login

What Is Google Gemini AI?

The Gemini is an AI model developed by Google that, in the coming years, will empower most of Google's products. The Gemini is a Large Multimodal Language Model that can perform natural language processing tasks from not only text but a variety of data like images, videos, audio, code, and many others to produce the desired output. The multimodal Gemini AI model is currently available in 3 versions which are Ultra, Pro, and Nano. From these 3 versions, the Pro empowers the Bard chatbot of Google while the Nano supports various smart devices that Google offers, enhancing various features from input real-time data.

While the Bard Chatbot is currently supported by the Gemini Pro version, a more enhanced version, “Bard Advanced", will be launched in early 2024 for the test audience being empowered by the Gemini Ultra, the most advanced version of this AI application. Google is not just a simple chat box where you can only get a simple descriptive answer for your query; it is a multimodal Language Model that gives the desirable and productive output concluded from a variety of data sources. Let’s Explain this with an example where, suppose, you have an image that you have uploaded on both ChatGPT and Bard. While the chatGPT gives output describing the objects in that image, Gemini will offer more than that, including a full description, the desired outcome of the objects shown in the images, and even the code for the image.

Here, in this blog post of Advology Solution, we will discuss all that is available for the user to understand about Google Gemini. Through this, they can understand what exactly does Gemini and how it does it, which makes it a more suitable option than GPT-4.

Is Gemini Better Than ChatGPT?

The Gemini and GPT-4, the core of ChatGPT Plus, are both multimodal large language models. While both applications offer an absolute solution to the questions the user has asked, it can be difficult to decide which one is better. To check the efficiency of both the AI model, a series of questions has been asked to both the chatbot i.e., Bard and ChatGPT, and based on the output, the following conclusions have been made:

  • While ChatGPT offers a simple descriptive answer to a simple query, the Google Bard powered by Gemini offers a simple, understandable solution with two more drafts from which the user can decide which one is better.
  • The Gemini Pro offers output for any query based on real-time data; if you wish to check the next itinerary, you can do that on Gemini, which might not be possible through GPT4.
  • Gemini is currently the first model to have beat the human on the Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU)
  • Various sources conclude that Gemini can interact with users more efficiently.
  • Both applications offer easy integration into various other programs.

From the stated facts above, it can be concluded that Gemini is far superior to GPT-4. In terms of technical data, from the official stats available on the Gemini website, the model lags behind the GPT on various technical benchmarks of Image, Audio, and Video except for speech recognition, where GPT is better.

Along with that, Gemini offers easy integration for developers in the form of API to build their own AI applications. Well, more than that later.

Google Gemini AI Model

The Artificial Intelligence Gemini is a large language model that works on a transformer-based artificial neural network. It is multimodal learning having multiple layers of network with a combination of data from various channels. Also, the usage of real-time data to give the desired output makes Gemini Google AI the most advanced artificial intelligence available. The dataset of Gemini comprises text, images, video files, codes, audio and many others.

What makes Gemini Google AI so different from artificial intelligence networks is its multimodality, which makes it capable of performing various complex tasks and generating numerous favourable outputs.

With multimodal LLM and access to real-time data, the Gemini Pro can generate multiple favourable outputs from a given set of inputs. Take, for example, where any user uploads a query “Delhi to Mumbai.” Not only will the chatbot show you the distance, but it will also provide information regarding the next available means of transport, accommodations, and other insights that can help you plan the whole itinerary. Another example is when you upload two objects, to which not only the chatbot detects the objects but also presents results that can be done with the two objects combined.

Google Gemini AI Release Date

Gemini was initially released on December 6, 2023, with Gemini Pro empowering the Bard chatbot. It will be available for developers on Google AI studio and Vertex AI starting December 13. The Gemini Ultra, the most enhanced version of this AI model, will empower the “Bard Advanced” and will be available in early 2024. The multimodal application has been developed by Google Deep Minds (a collaboration between Google Brain and Deep Minds).

The initial announcement of Gemini was made on May 10, 2023, as a successor to PALM-2, another AI model developed by Google. During the launch, the Gemini was considered to challenge the GPT-4. However, after its launch, it was clear that the major intention to launch Gemini was not only to surpass the Open AI GPT model but to serve a wide range of purposes by combining a wide range of LLM capabilities from conversational text capabilities, image generation, and many others.

Since its release, it has received mixed critical reception from the audience and critics. Various researchers have tried the Gemini and given it mixed reception, with many concluding that it will easily outperform the GPT-4. On the other hand, some also criticized the Gemini AI model, saying it does not give the required output involving query, which requires real-time data.

How To Access Google Gemini AI?

Google's Gemini AI model is available in three versions: Gemini Nano, Pro, and Ultra. Not only will the Gemini Pro answer simple questions, but it will also support various developers in creating their own AI applications to serve better purposes. The Nano version of the AI application will be available to support smartphones and will be available for Android developers through AI Core.

The currently available version of Gemini Pro can be accessed through Bard for the users and is also available to be integrated into their app through Google AI studio in the form of API and Vertex AI.

Access Gemini Pro Through Vertex AI And Google AI Studio

The Bard Chatbot has the Gemini Pro as its core to assist general internet users with daily queries whose sole purpose is to have the right information regarding anything. However, the purpose of Gemini is to serve a large user base that not only covers normal internet users but also helps developers to create applications that can process the information and act on it to give the desired outputs favourable to the users.

At Google Cloud Vertex AI, you can find not only Gemini but more than 100 AI generative models with which you can integrate, like PALM, IMAGEN, Codey, and many other open sources. All these AI Models, along with Gemini, can be accessed from the Model Tool. Vertex AI offers an open and integrated AI platform that helps users like developers and data scientists develop applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The second way to access Gemini Pro is through Google AI studio, which offers a platform for users like developers and data scientists to integrate Gemini Pro in their applications through API.

Integrate Gemini Nano Through Android AI Core

There is an option to execute Gemini Nano on Android devices through the help of Android AI core. Through the help of AI core, the Android App on the phone will be able to access Gemini Nano on the device. Currently, the only device which supports Android AI core is the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Gemini Nano can be easily integrated on capable Android Devices through the help of Google SDK.

Google Gemini vs Bard

It is somewhat important to help any normal user understand how Google Gemini and the Bard are different from each other. 

The Google Bard is simply just a chatbot which means it is a normal application or an interface through which information can be transmitted with a purpose to make it more understandable. Your virtual assistant on your device is a chatbot. Any live chat option on any website is a chatbot if it generates an automatic reply. The function of a chatbot is to simply display information coming from other applications or sources.

Google Gemini, on the other hand, is an application based on Artificial Intelligence whose function is to generate output based on a query given by the user. It is an Artificial Intelligence model based on Artificial Neural Networks and can be considered one of the most advanced applications developed now.

While some people consider Bard and Gemini the same or that Gemini is a chatbot, this is not the case. Bard is empowered or integrated with the Google Gemini Pro. In simple terms, it is an interface or a window through which users can connect with Gemini or any other AI model. We type the query, Bard, and send this query to Gemini, which generates the desired output and sends this to Bard, which gets displayed in front of us.

Users might often use the term Gemini AI chatbot. This is nothing but the Bard chatbot with Gemini as its core engine. A new chatbot or we say the enhanced version of the Bard by the name “Bard Advanced,” is in development with Gemini Ultra as its core engine. This will be available to the user around early 2024.

Google Gemini Download

Gemini is not a simple application or software that can be downloaded or installed on your system. It is a complex application that can only be integrated with other applications to utilize it. Different applications can be built that are based on Gemini Pro, including AI applications. For normal users, Google Gemini access is available only through Bard, through which they can ask for desired queries and get the outcome.

Developers can access or utilize Gemini by integrating the Gemini API into the application they have built from the Google AI studio or the Vertex AI. The new application can be built using Gemini through Vertex AI.

Android developers need to download the Google SDK (software development Kit), through which they can build AI-powered applications for Android devices.

Who Created Gemini?

Google Gemini AI Model has been developed by Google DeepMind, a merger of Google and Deep Minds. The development of Gemini is a collaborative effort of Deep Mind and Google Brain Gemini, a Google research team. The Gemini can be considered a combination of all the features present in various other large language Models that have been developed by Google so far, including numerous others of its own.

Will Gemini Overcome ChatGPT Or GPT-4?

Because Gemini is a multimodal language model that takes input from various modalities, Gemini can be a bit superior to GPT-4 in terms of technical specification. Also, while Gemini Ultra is about to launch next year, the Pro version has been challenging the GPT-4 aggressively in various aspects.

While GPT-4 is efficient in providing any kind of information except real-time information, the same can be offered by the Gemini Pro, which provides more generative and favourable outputs. Also, not much information is currently available on Gemini Ultra that can determine its true potential even though it has an exceptional reasoning approach which any other AI application lacks. Also, from the reports, the Gemini Ultra has outperformed the humans on the Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU) test, which includes around 57 subjects with 90% scores.

Google Gemini AI Login

The process to access Gemini requires the user to provide their Google ID information (email ID). User need to confirm their identity through 2-factor authentication. The official Gemini Google authenticator is Authy 2FA API. The process of Google Gemini AI sign up is very simple. You have to visit the official website or any other Google resources based on Gemini AI. Provide the required details, which will involve your Google ID (Email). After that, confirm your Google identity through the 2-factor authentication method. Once your identity has been confirmed, you can access any of the resources available on the Gemini platform.


The Gemini has made its way to outperform the ChatGPT on various technical benchmarks. While not much information has been revealed about it with only time, it can be understood where it lags. Seeing the platform that Google offers to utilize Gemini and other AI models to the developers, data scientists, and other experts to build their AI-based applications, it can be concluded that the intention to launch this AI model was not to compete or contend with Open AI Chat GPT but to introduce the world with the scope of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and how they can be used to automate people tasks in their respective.

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