facebook Google News India – Ways To Get Your Website Listed?

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Google News India – Ways To Get Your Website Listed?

Want to learn how to add your newsworthy website listed in Google News? Getting your website listed on Google News can help you to increase the organic traffic on your website, and you don't even have to be a journalist.

As Google continues dominating the search engine market share, website owners are constantly looking for ways to drive more organic traffic to their websites. Getting your website listed in Google News India is a brilliant way to earn more attention and traffic to your website; credit goes to the increased visibility of Google's top stories.

News publishers, smart bloggers, and digital content marketers are already taking advantage of Google News to target more audiences and better visibility on search engines.

Google news approved website and blog that publish timely trending articles and news. You don't need a news site for that, but if you constantly post newsworthy content, there is a high probability of listing your website in Google News India.

With effect from 2019, Google removed the requirement for submitting a website to Google News, and additionally, it stated;

"Publishers will be automatically considered for top stories or the news tab of search. They must focus on producing high-quality, relevant content and maintaining the Google News content policies and regulations."

How can you get your website listed in Google News India? The blog might answer your questions if you want to know the answer.

A Brief Detailed About Google News

Google News is a computer-generated vertical search engine and news aggregator that collects and aggregates news stories and headlines from thousands of informational sources globally.

It shows users personalized breaking news stories and headlines depending on their likes and interests.

Google News is your source for breaking news headlines and personalized news stories based on your likes and interests. Content is organized into different categories based on language preferences and location. As a reader, you can customize the feed to cover the entire stories that interest you.

The curation method in Google News makes it separate from traditional news media. It finds, analyses, filters, preserves, and shares the most relevant information on the specific news topic for the targeted audience. It aims at providing a 360-degree view of the entire story through multiple credible sources, and the users can easily find the headlines in which they are interested.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Website Listed On Google News?

Well, there are numerous benefits to getting your website approved for Google News. Some of the key benefits are as follows;

  • Boost website visibility and organic traffic.
  • It helps in connecting with a wide range of targeted audience.
  • Increases website trust and credibility.
  • Act as the best source of backlinks for your website to improve domain authority.
  • Improves website recognition and reputation.

How To Get Your Website Listed On Google News India?

Following guidelines, implementing best practices and tactics, and publishing high-quality content on your website can help to rank your website higher on Google News India.

a) Common And Generic Guidelines

1. Types Of Content

The content must be relevant and timely and create some perceived interest for the Google News India audience.

Some forms of content may not be covered in this category, such as tips, advice, job adverts, or informative based content like weather, stock prices, etc.

2. Originality And Readability

The content has to be 100% unique and accurate. If your website includes a combination of self-generated and aggregated content, then you have to create a differentiation for this. Otherwise, it will be added to Google News India.

Additionally, the content published in the news section must be well-written and exclude excessive distractions such as adverts, videos, etc.

3. Create Keyword Rich Headlines That Describes News

News headlines are the major source of grabbing the viewer's attention. If your news headline reflects something crucial that the readers must know, it will drive more traffic to your newsworthy content, increasing the chances of getting the website listed on Google News India.

TIP: Write a clear, compelling, and accurate headline.

b) Technical Guidelines

Google works with algorithm-based processing to discover and crawl articles for inclusion in Google News India. Additionally, some important technical factors must be met to increase the chances of getting your website into Google News India.

  • Some important factors to which you must give importance are as follows;
  • Make descriptive, unique, and permanent URLs and anchor links.
  • Add content only in the HTML format. PDF, JavaScript, and other types can be crawled, neither displayed.
  • Domain hosting content needs to be accessible for search engine robots.
  • Create and publish news-related content, not evergreen.

c) Quality Guidelines

In each aspect of Google's ethos, quality is present everywhere. Whether you want to implement SEO techniques, develop a new website, or publish content, quality is what Google believes.

Take an objective look at your content, and compare it with the top-ranking websites on the same topic. Understand the points in which your content is lagging, and ensure that it meets the basic requirements such as depth, opinion, variation, expertise, trust, news source, and relevancy.

Again remember that Google News India gives importance to only newsworthy content. Keep it relevant and specific to the industry, and avoid giving it a touch of marketing or PR.

Need Of Sitemap For Google News

There is no need to have a sitemap for Google News, but maintaining one can help your content to get discovered faster and more easily. Creating a unique sitemap and submitting it directly to Google can give you the advantage of controlling news content items per Google's guidelines criteria.

The sitemap will speed up and improve Google's success rate for finding and displaying your content on the search engine result pages.

How To Submit Your Website To Google News India?

If you feel that your website and newsworthy content are ready to be crawled and submitted to Google, then you can outline the given below steps;

  1. Firstly, you have to move towards the Google News Publication Centre.
  2. You can see a list of sites connected to your Google account under the "My Sites" section.
  3. If you cannot see any website, you must log in to the account using the Google Analytics login details.
  4. Now, verify the ownership of your news website in the Google Search Console.
  5. To do that, you have to select Request inclusion in Google News.
  6. After that, your website will appear as "Verified" under the ownership tag.
  7. Moving ahead, you have to click on the "Request Inclusion to News Index" option.
  8. Provide the website details, including news section URLs and labels, followed by a click on the "Submit" option.

Golden Takeaway

If you also have a website or business where it acts as logical for you to post newsworthy content, then submitting your website to Google News is worthwhile. After reading the guidelines mentioned above, we hope you will better understand how you can rank your website in Google News.

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