facebook AMP And SEO: Everything You Need To Know

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How Accelerated Mobile Pages Affects SEO?

Faster until the thrill of speed over the fear of death of your website and webpages. In parallel, The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) creates an open-source framework designed to speed up the load time for the mobile internet user.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP possesses the capability to benefit distinct stakeholder groups by creating the possibility to load simple mobile websites instantly. AMP utilizes Content Delivery Network with a reduced influence of JavaScript and CSS elements. An Open Source Framework launched as a joint initiative in 2015 by Google, WordPress, and several other technology and publishing companies.

Its imperative as mobile searches are ruled by desktop search, and AMP is developed to react immediately with a demand of short load times. It also strengthens advertisers, publishers, and users in the long run. It was first implemented by Guardian(UK), The Washington Post and Buzzfeed (US), The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung und Die Zeit (Germany ) and El Paid(Spain). In addition to this, Twitter and LinkedIn are involved from the beginning as technology partners with AMP.

Why does AMP act as a crucial component for SEO?

In today's cyberworld, websites can hold a position in the cyber market with quick-loading speed. Although AMP is not used in direct search engines, the standard practice says that the adoption of AMP gives a massive boost in search ranking.

For instance, if two articles are released and both have scored the same in signaling perspective but differ in speed. The one with more rate will get greater emphasis as users find it more compelling. It indirectly influences the Google place pages position in the search result in accordance to petty. AMP is a fantastic tool in determining the page's value for users with a rule of more clicks with fewer bounces rates as it loads faster, resulting in higher placement in search results for the users. Moreover, Google is constantly innovating new and advanced things to make technology user-friendly and easily operable.  Standardly observed that if the website is not mobile-friendly, it will adversely affect your website, reflected in search engine page results.

The mobile phone is the perfect example of a popular digital device on the planet with about 1.7 billion users, which comprises a quarter of the world's population, and the counting still goes on. Also, mobile phones have become the most advanced transitional object for adults and replacing the toddler's teddy bear for ease, relaxation, and a sense of belonging. AMP is an essential tool now and in the future to ensure excellent ranking and findability on Google due to the popularity of Google as a most preferred search engine.

The President of the Productive Computer System states that Google punishes slow loading web content by degraded ranking. Even if one follows every SEO best practice, you are just streamlining SEO without AMP and possibly spinning your wheel. In a recent study of 385 SEO professionals by SEO Powersuite, 50 percent of respondents predict mobile search rankings to "significantly" raise with AMP.

Role Of AMP

Every company needs IT and other teams to create unique content and planning, but IT is essential for actual implementation and maintenance. AMP is in the hands of IT technicians to adopt and boost the reach to the organic audience by increasing the page's ranking and making it frequently pop up in front of an audience. Keeping this purpose in mind, one needs to do this work internally, or you need to hire a freelance company to do this job.

AMP is likely to play a crucial role in boosting the reach with some prerequisites. Most of the thing depends on the chosen configuration. Also, a server administrator may need to set up additional subdomains or install secure certificates. No doubt, most of the work is handled by the developer. Indeed technical people play an essential role in making things successful.

It can also work automatically with the implementation of tools, plug-ins, and add-ons to make it automatic. Comparing the situation of SEO a few years ago, it has evolved so much that one can improve their ranking without knowing SEO tools as AMP WordPress plug-in do pretty well to let things work better.

The reality of AMP future

After such a significant advancement in the mobile web, the reality is that the AMP future is still unpredictable. No doubt, AMP possesses excellent potential for the mobile web, but everything depends upon the acceptance by search engine optimizers. Since it is less proprietary than alternatives like Facebook Instant Articles or Apple News, Robinson says it may be more likely to become a widely adopted standard. The fact that Google has invested substantial resources into promoting AMP as a new mobile standard means it deserves serious consideration.