facebook 7 Easy Tips To Improve Google AdWords Quality Score

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How To Improve Google AdWords Quality Score?

If you want people to notice your PPC ads, then you need to see the quality score assigned by Google AdWords for each keyword as then only it determines the ranking of your ads. You may be thinking, what actually is AdWords Quality Score? The answer is simple the numerical measurement of the keyword relevance for the search query to the ad copy that is given to searchers. Google’s Quality Score (or QS) also comprises of click-through rate (CTR) and landing page relevance.

If your targeted keyword has poor QS, then your ad will not rank in the search query. Moreover, if you wish to increase the keyword quality score for your ads, then you can rely on the experts of the best PPC company. We will make sure to increase the QS of your ads in the low budget so that your ads can get higher rank and more clicks. Here, we have mentioned a few tips that can help you in increasing the AdWords Quality score and thereby increases the revenue of your business.

Segment the Keyword Groups

The very first tip toward enhancing the Quality Score of your ad is to optimize your account as it will segment the keywords in various groups depending upon the relevance of the search query. You must group the keywords in ad groups by using limited keywords as it then chances of your ads to show-up as a result of the search query will be higher.

Identify the Score Groups with Low Quality 

Once you have segmented the keywords with their associated ads group, then you begin the diagnosis of those keywords which have poor QS. Google is known for including the performance of the AdWords account for calculating the AdWords Quality Score, and then it removes those keywords which are not increasing the CTR. You can even double the bid for the keywords which are under-performing to enhance the QS.

Evaluating Click per Impression

There are times when the keywords used in the ads drive a few clicks but a good number of impressions. If you are doing B2B business, then it can result in the higher QS,but for B2C business, there can be various for its occurrence. You need first to find which keyword is doubling the impression rather than the clicks. Then you can place these keywords in different ad groups having higher QS and can adjust the bidding accordingly.

Thorough Keyword Research

One of the most common mistakes done by the marketers is not to research the keyword thoroughly for their ad-campaign. You can go for the A/B testing for researching the keyword to target for your ad campaign. Research the keyword that is relevant and associated with your ad and on which your competitors are bidding. You have to remember that you have to search the relevant keyword for your ad, and then QS of that keyword will be as per the QS of the account.

Make Relevant Ad Copy

Two factors decide the QS of the ad groups, and these are ad copy relevance and CTR of the search query. You need to optimize the ad copy in a way that it consists of the keywords targeted by you and should be relevant to the advertised landing page. The title and description of each targeted keyword should be included in the ad copy, which eventually ensures that to increase the QS.

Optimize the Landing Pages

You have to optimize the landing page so that it can consist of the same keywords for which you are bidding on each ad group. If a user clicks on your ad and if the result in the bounce-back will affect the AdWords Quality Score. You must make your landing page relevant to what searchers are searching for as it also helps in maintaining the QS. The landing page of your ad should have the call-to-action button, which can be used for easy conversion.

Decrease the Load Time of Landing Page 

Think of the situation where your website takes time to load; then users will not like to click on it. This will eventually decrease the number of potential clients who visit your website, and that will affect your business. Likewise, if the landing page has slow loading time, then it will affect the ranking of your ad. You need to fix this loading time issue so that it will decrease the bounce rates. 

These tips will guide you in increasing the AdWords Quality Score of your ad campaigns. You can even consult the PPC management agency to help you in enhancing the QS of your ads.