facebook Podcast SEO: Optimize Your Podcast For Search Engines

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How To Optimize Podcast For Search Engines?

You have to compete now with other content platforms like videos, blogs, podcasts which have a premier name and place for themselves. Google has provided tips on how to enable them in Search Engines. Let’s look in detail at what exactly Podcast SEO is and how to bring a rapidly growing platform through it.

Why Do Podcasts Require Search Engine Optimization?

Before moving ahead, it is vital to note that your content should be top-notch to rank itself in Search Engines. No SEO can rank you if your content is displaying no worth of it. Right now, Google Updates means that you have to reach your potential audience which has never heard about podcasts. People who have never searched podcasts will search the content of your podcasts if their intentions are fulfilled easily.

Podcasts are widely used and advertise various products in the market recently. As more people consume it, this has become important to understand it deeply to get rank in Search Engines. You must take appropriate actions to rank your Podcasts for most of the searches in various Search Engines, particularly Google.

You will get Podcast’s coverage in two parts that are Podcasts for SEO and SEO Podcasts for Episodes.

1. SEO for Podcasts

Some of the points are mentioned below to know about how to perform SEO for Podcasts.

⮚ Focus Keyword

You must decide on certain keywords and choose some of them for which users are looking for your podcasts. If your keywords are super competitive and filled with podcasts already, move for the long-term keywords satisfying the search intent of users.

Podcasts Title

Here, you will know about Podcasts. Your main or primary keywords must be a part of your Podcast title. Your title must be telling to the users what the podcasts are and how it works. It will help Google to place it in a better way for maximum research by the potential audiences.

If your Podcast title is not explaining clearly, then move to the sub-title and it will impact your Google ranking because Google knows very well what podcast is and can put it for better results.

Podcast Description

From the SEO point of view, the Podcast metadata should be impressive. Not only Google but other podcasts platforms like Spotify and Apple can place it to understand the context of the Podcasts in a better way. It will assist you to rank in searches and, therefore, optimization is crucial.

Use your main keyword once to avoid negative penalty through keyword stuffing. You must clearly define what Podcast is to understand for search engines better to recommend when a user searches for your focus keyword.

Converting to a blog post

Every time you release a blog of your podcast, release the transcript. Make sure your blog posts link back to the original episode. It is great for SEO. It not only assists to increase the authority of the website which in turn will favor your podcast in the long run. It also allows your users to look up through searches in various mediums.

If you are required to convert the transcript to a blog post, you can quickly go through a tool called Wavve which will transcribe your podcast audio to a blog post on its own. Though Google is transcribing your episodes still it is a developing system and uses it till it is converting perfectly. This is why your transcript requires a highly recommended tool to convert it into a post.

2. SEO for Podcast Episodes

Some key points are mentioned below to understand what SEO for Podcasts Episodes is

⮚ Episode Metrics

Once targeting for episode keywords is completed, you must go to optimize it. Each podcast has its unique keyword as maximum searches are shown in Search Engines.

Your episode keyword should be mentioned in the description and title. The title and description should convey the right information for users to get better results out of it. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to figure out a keyword for the description and title of your Podcast.

⮚ Telling Your Keyword

Like YouTube, telling a keyword will optimize your content in Search Engine. Search Engines will listen to your content and optimize it for a specific search term. You must optimize your content around your keyword synonyms throughout the episode to get excellent results.

Episodes Transcript

Google scans written documents easier than any other platform. So, it is necessary and costly to have your Podcast transcript. Though Google has started to transcribe your Podcast, it is the best option to submit as explained already. It assists Search Engine to understand the context of your Podcast easily.


Engagement on Social Media with content is more important than anything else. You must promote your podcasts on all your social media channels to confirm maximum exposure and virtual engagement with potential viewers. It is a direct correlation between Social Media Engagement and Search Engines Rankings.

Google Podcasts

Adding your podcasts to Google will enhance SEO for better results. It will assist Google to show audio scripts from your podcasts. You can easily monitor for rankings further after optimizing your content.

What is the Future of Podcasts?

Podcasts have tried to become the future of wide content consumption. The future of Podcasts is bright and true. Podcast’s listeners have increased 35.5% in the last three years and there is a whopping growth in users from 35% to 70% in the recent two years. The trend is going because of marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners and you can’t overlook podcasts anymore. Thanks to Google and other platforms as it is reachable to millions of listeners and that is why it has proved a game-changer in digital marketing today. Try out some other strategies and research new techniques to make the podcast more reachable and understandable to millions of listeners around the world. There are many techniques still prevailing in the market recently and promoting its use for bright and revenue-generating marketing today.