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How To Optimize Website For Voice Search In 2021

Voice Search Optimization in 2021

Voice search with the advent of digitalization, voice search optimization is gaining popularity. It has been observed that the number of voice searches are drastically increasing as more and more people are now using their mobile devices for searching online. This noticeable increase in voice search optimization is witnessed because it is easier to say and search for something rather than putting an effort to type, especially when working. 

What is Voice Search Optimization? 

A lot of similarities can be seen in voice search optimization and search engine optimization. They both work for the users and provide them with the information they seek. A unique and different feature found in voice search optimization is that you can speak to search your queries instead of typing. The inclination towards voice search optimization is increasing because traditional text searches comprise short and incomplete phrases whereas, on the other hand, voice searches in 2021 incorporate complete sentences or long-tail keywords.  

Voice Search Optimization takes place when your website pages are optimized in such a way that they appear in search results when people search for something using voice search. When your pages start to show up at the top SERPs then your page will be read aloud when clicked. This helps you to stand out from your competitors.  

Look at some of the most reliable tips that will help your website voice search optimization in 2021. The list we have curated is as per the latest trends.

1. Select Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords play a crucial role in optimizing your page for voice search in 2021. They incorporate specific phrases with approx. 3-5 words. Despite low search volumes, long-tail keywords are relatively easier to rank. There are several SEO tools to find long-tail keywords such as MOZ, AHREF and much more.  

2. Use Question-Based Formats 

While using voice searches, people generally ask questions which is why having a question-based format is likely to gain more attention. According to Google reports, 70% of your voice searches usually take place in a normal conversational tone. So, it’s rational to optimize your page accordingly.   

3. Make Sure To Have An FAQ Page

An FAQ page will help you target a wider audience base. Try to use an interrogative format because when a user asks How,” “Why,” “What.”, you can clearly answer all their queries.  

4. Update Your Google My Business Listing 

It is essential to update the Google My Business Listing because it ensures that every element in your listing is updated. This will make it way easier for search engines to verify your location and update the correct information about your business. 

5. Use Multimedia For Broader Reach 

Content is a vital element for any website to grow. Not only does the content on your website matter but its relevancy holds even more importance. By adding multiple images, videos or photos, it attracts a wider audience. Make sure to write relevant and correct descriptions to attract more audiences. 

6. Optimize For Local Searches 

Local businesses can rank higher in organic search results. If the local SEO optimization is done correctly then your website can not only generate more traffic but also get you potential leads. If you own a local business then it is ideal to optimize for local searches.  

7. Create Compelling Content 

Rich and compelling content is a powerful way to generate traffic towards your website. It not just makes users happy but also answers customers’ queries but utmost clarity. Compelling content makes sure to not leave any room for confusion. 


These days’ people are swiftly tilting towards searching online with the help of voice searches. Having voice search optimization in 2021 is a must for your website to stand out from the rest. Advology Solution is one such digital marketing agency that provides website voice optimization service. We will help grow your business and make you stay ahead of time.