facebook Voice SEO: 6 Simple Strategies To Optimize For Voice Search

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How To Optimize Your Content For Voice Search?

If you aren’t aware of the voice search technology, you surely lack big time. Why? If we talk about today’s scenario, people highly prefer voice search through their smartphones, tabs, or the amazing voice assistants like Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. And then people operating iOS usually rely on their personal assistant Siri, in the order found out anything they want to know. People use voice search in order to get a list of all the nearby restaurants, order an online product, check the weather forecast, etc. So, as a developing marketing professional one must understand the need for voice search SEO. And one can get it done, by merely getting in touch with the best SEO Company and reach out to your potential audience.

Don’t forget to read the official user guide

Though you might know it all and aren’t much into following the directions, getting a hand on the guide can surely be a helpful thing. When you get a hand on any device, be it Apple, Android, or Windows, read the official guide of the same in order to use the voice search technique in the most useful manner. There might be features you already know, but the software like these getting updated every now and then. Be up to date in order to beat the rest. 

1. Get done your Google ‘My Business Listing”

How will the audience know about you when they do a voice search? It is simple to get this done. Claim your business into Google My Business Listing as that is a great way to reach out to your potential customers. It will provide the visitors with all the additional information about your business that is the industry you work under, your address, phone number, and the working hours in order to notify your presence. So, when you optimize your Google My Business, it helps in showing up your business when a relevant voice searched is made. 

2. Deliver easy to read and user-friendly content

Delivering the content that has been optimized is always a plus for the audience. Whenever an individual does a voice search, they look for content that has been optimized for the users as well as the search engines page. Writers from digital marketing companies help you in creating content that is easily readable and user-friendly without any interruptions like ads or pop-ups. They try to keep the content short and crisp, in easy bullets and paragraphs, along with bold and catchy headings to attract the reader’s attention.

3. Better to focus on long-tail keywords

If you do a voice search, haven’t you realized you put up a complete sentence instead of a word or two? Thus, targeting long-tail keywords for your websites and pages is a must. In order to make it work and reach out to your audience, you need to understand how people think and speak, what particular questions they might put up, what language they use, etc. Every person has a different mindset and different approach; you need to understand your audience and deliver them with the best results.

4. Create Frequently Asked Questions Pages

The key aspect of Voice Search SEO is to make your content natural, almost conversational. A number of websites create FAQ pages to give potential customers the information they are looking for. When you create multiple pages related to FAQs, you need to make sure you use long-tail key phrases that deal with common questions that consumers might ask. You can work with a digital marketing agency to research specific semantic questions and create relevant content snippets to respond to those queries. While it may require a lot of work, creating relevant responses to product questions is a proven way to improve your voice search results.

5. Improve on Your Metadata

Here’s something that you need to consider when it comes to voice search results; customers are not the only ones out there searching for your content. Whenever you create a webpage, you need to make sure Google can search and crawl your site to understand what it’s about. Since search engines rely on metadata to provide a richer browsing experience for users, you need to ensure web crawlers have direct access to this structured data. You can work with an SEO company to create a dynamic sitemap to Google along with a microdata markup.

6. Learn How Voice Search Is Used

Voice search assistants like Siri or Alexa are still a novelty. If you want your website to reach the top rank on voice searches, you need to take the time to understand how customer play around with voice search. Figuring out the questions people tend to ask will go a long way to help you optimize for voice search on your site. And remember, you don’t always have to stick to the book when it comes to responding to voice searches. It will give you an edge over the competition if you can inject some humor into the content on your webpage.

The Bottom Line

There is no getting around it; people today are lazy. Users do not want to take the trouble to sit and type out queries anymore. Internet research found that close to 46% of American adults admit to using voice assistants to search for information online. If you are looking to boost your presence online, you need to work with an SEO agency to come up with efficient voice search optimization strategies to increase your organic reach. The writing is on the wall and the fat lady has sung, voice search is the future of internet browsing. It is time to put your money where your mouth is, and follow the talk.