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How To Rank In Google My Business?

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Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool provided by Google which allows local businesses to create their online presence. Today, online means have become the number one platform for anyone to buy things even for their daily utilities, they search online. In that case, the local sellers need to have an online presence which would highly affect their business. Here, Advology Solution will discuss various measures with the help of which you can create an online presence and attract more local customers towards your business.

Why Is A Business Profile On Google Important?

Approximately 90% of the people who browse to look for any information prefer Google. Even for the tiniest info they rely on Google and trust the search result whatever is shown on the Google search result page. Thus, if any person searches for any shop online looking out for a store near him, it needs to be very crucial that your shop is listed in those search results. In other words, GMB can be very helpful for local businesses in customer acquisition.

How Google Decides Their Local Search Result Ranking

There are 3 factors based on which Google decides their local search result:

  • Proximity: The first factor is the location which means the local business should be within the given range of the searcher.
  • Relevancy: The information you have added regarding your business should be matching with the query that the person has entered.
  • Prominence: Local businesses which are more popular in their area are considered more trustworthy and hence ranked first.

How To Rank Higher In Google My Business?

1. Complete Your Google Business Profile And Get It Verified By Google

The first thing you need to do is to fill in every information regarding your business including necessary details like address, contact details, opening and closing hours, list of your product, photo of your office and a little bit of description about your business.

After that, you need to verify your business by Google to get authenticity about your business. In your profile section, there will be an option marked “Verify your business”. Various methods are available like email, phone and postcards. Choose according to your relevance and verify your business.

2. Improve Your Engagement

The main intent of GMB is to provide complete information regarding any business in one place so that the searcher does not need to visit other websites and waste their time finding correct and complete information. Thus, the business should create a more engaging profile which will be able to attract and engage new searchers.

3. List Your Verified Business On Google Maps

Once your Google Business Profile has been verified, make sure that you are also listed on Google Maps. There is a high chance that your business can be spotted on Google My Business page especially when someone is travelling looking for products or specifically looking for your shop only.

4. Keep Your GMB Profile Active And Be Responsive To The Audience Review

Another way to improve your Google My Business listing is by reading people's reviews towards your profile, responding to them and taking effective measures for any negative feedback. Replying to the review makes an effective impression that you care and value your customers.

5. Write A Detailed And Effective Business Description

Customers who search for nearby business listings often read the whole profile of any business. Thus, an effective business description with all the right keywords in it might be containing the products or services which the user is looking for. A total of 750 characters are available for you to write about your business, make sure you put all the right keywords in the first third line of the sentence. Make sure not to add any URLs in this description.

6. Post Photos Of Your Product And Services

Another way to attract customers is images of your products which will be very beneficial for you. Through images, customers will have the full surety that the products you have mentioned in your GMB are available in your store.

Make sure you post a clear image with less space so that they load easily on someone's desktop or mobile.

7. Set Up Q&A Section

Apart from reading reviews, another thing you can do is set up a Q&A section in your GMB profile. In that way, a user who is doubting your product can post their query and you or the general audience can respond to it.

8. Pick A Category For Your Products

You must select the category of your business. Based on the category you have picked your business will be listed by Google. You need to select the categories that define your business more accurately or the one that is nearest to the type of product you are selling. Defining the category of your business is important because more than 75% of businesses get online presence from discovery rather than direct searches.

Another reason for defining a category is that based on your business category, you will get further options which you can use to enhance your Google My Business Profile.

9. Post Regularly Regarding Your Business

Just like social media posts, you can post on your GMB about your products and services or the various topics which are related to business. Posting frequently will increase the user activities in your profile. This can send a positive signal to Google which will be helpful for your ranking in local searches.

10. Update Your Products Regularly

While it is important to list your product on the Google My Business Profile, it is more important that you update information regarding the current status of these like their availability, price, offer or discount while purchasing and all other useful information regarding the products which will ultimately convenience your customer to buy your product.

11. Try To Create A Good Impression About Your Products In Your Locality

Although the information you provide will be genuine, the ranking is also based on the reviews of others. Thus getting positive reviews with the help of people from your neighbourhood can also boost your Google My Business Profile.


We are sure that the information above will prove beneficial to you while listing your business on Google. The main strategy you need to keep in mind while making a Google My Business profile is how you can engage customers so that they stay on your profile and become interested in your products. Positive feedback from people always has an impact on your ranking.

In case you need any assistance you can contact our expert. We at Advology Solution, one of the top-rated digital marketing companies deliver high-quality marketing services to our clients. Feel free to contact our marketing team, and they will provide the best assistance regarding Google My Business management.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to set up Google My Business profile?

  • Sign in to Google.
  • Go to business.google.com.
  • Fill in various mandatory details like business name and business category.
  • Afterwards request ownership of your business and verify your business.

2. How can I rank on Google My Business?

You need to complete your GMB profile with all the details and get it verified after which you need to post your products and post regularly to keep users engaged in your Google My Business Profile.

3. What are the various benefits of using Google My Business?

Google Business Profile is like an online store where users can visit and watch your products. It is easy to set up your business profile on Google and free of cost. Ultimately it helps to increase the number of your customers.

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