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How To Use Reddit To Drive Traffic?

How To Use Reddit To Promote Your Business?

Social platforms have now become the major targets for businesses to create their brand awareness. What could be better than building a positive response from the people themselves? Along with that, social platforms are now also being utilized by people to generate traffic for their websites. One such famous social platform that is beneficial for both businesses and customers is Reddit. For business, they can use this network for marketing purposes, and customers can get genuine feedback for any product regarding their business. Here, we will tell you how to use Reddit to drive traffic and utilize this social platform to get other useful data that might be beneficial for your business to get more insights regarding customer behavior.

What Is Reddit Used For?

Before explaining the uses of Reddit, let’s first describe what Reddit is. It is a social platform that is an aggregation of social media, review websites, and discussion platforms. With more than 57 million daily users, it allows registered users to post or submit content related to their website. The submitted content is then voted up or down by other users (Karma). Posts, according to their type, are broadly classified into different communities or subreddits. Having millions of users visiting Reddit daily, it is currently among the top 10 most popular websites in the states. Numerous reasons are why people visit Reddit, some of which we have listed below to explain "What is the use of Reddit?":

  • Users, while searching for the right product, can visit Reddit, where they can submit their queries. Based on feedback submitted by other users, they can easily decide whether to opt for any particular product or not.
  • People often visit Reddit to gain more information regarding any niche. On any particular topic, people can gather information for which all they need to do is to type the keyword. This information is often referred to as social data.
  • Another reason for social users to visit Reddit is that they can find a community sharing the same interests, like the same music choices, movie fans, and others.
  • It is easy to find genuine information on Reddit. It is common in social media to get under the trap of fake news and others. On Reddit, it is easy to differentiate whether the given news is fake.

Due to the following reasons, people prefer Reddit over other social media platforms. Along with that, some common statistics regarding Reddit will help you to get an idea about the worth of promoting your business on Reddit:

Number of Daily Active Users on Reddit

More than 57 Million

Total communities available on Reddit

More than 100K (1 Lakh)

Average time people spend on Reddit

Around 15 minutes daily

Monthly Pageviews

More than 8 billion

Why Do Businesses Use Reddit As A Platform?

Above, we have mentioned that any normal user can use Reddit. Considering the topic of our discussion here, we must discuss how Reddit can be beneficial for businesses to grow traffic for their websites:

  • Reddit might look odd or somewhat old-fashioned, but it is easy to use and create an account on Reddit.
  • Businesses can easily find particular communities or subreddits through which they can easily find their target audience to whom they can relate their products.
  • Reddit has mature audiences of people who share their interests and reviews regarding any particular. Once you have found the related audiences, there will be better chances for getting potential leads for your business.
  • Currently listed as the top websites in the USA and other states, there are better chances of engaging with international audiences on Reddit.
  • The platform of Reddit drives more than any other social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To prove this, the fact that daily more than 50 million users visit Reddit can be enough.
  • With feedback generated from the people directly, positive reviews can help you build up a strong image of your business.
  • Users can link from other websites related to the specific community, which contain the URLs of their websites.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Reddit And Not Other Social Media Platforms?

  • Back-linking, which is one of the simplest SEO techniques, can be used to drive traffic on Reddit.
  • Reddit is better than other social media platforms, with constant high traffic and very low bounce rates.
  • The availability of spammers on Reddit is very low.
  • While some social media platforms directly ask for money from the user for paid promotions, you can promote your business without giving any money.
  • Marketing on Reddit is initially difficult as your content finds it hard to reach the top. But once it reaches the top trending list, you can generate a lot of traffic instantly. This is also called Viral Marketing.
  • There is a simple rule on this social media platform, “you get what you give". By this, we are saying that a good informative will get good Karma (upvoted) while the spam or phishing content will be simply shunted out. No special technique or algorithm is involved in rating or reviewing the content. It depends on the public review, which means the posts with higher upvotes will be promoted while the ones with downvotes will be ranked down.

How To Use Reddit To Drive Traffic For My Website?

Generating organic traffic is as crucial for any business as gaining new customers. It is the basic foundation of the online business that more people visit your websites. Marketers follow many tactics to drive traffic to their websites, among which social media has now become a major preference. However, many businesses are still not using Reddit. So, with the tactics given below, you can have an idea of how to use Reddit for SEO of your websites and also create potential customers:

Create A Noticeable Account And Start To Understand The Rules Of Subreddits

First of all, you need to create a Reddit account with which you can become a part of the community where you can promote your products and find potential customers. You need to create an impression that, along with promoting your products, you are an active member of Reddit, which will avoid some negative feedback and judgment. Active participation involves posting daily content not only related to your content but also other social posts. Along with that, you can give a revert to queries submitted by other users. Through this, you can contribute to the community by yourself, not only just marketing your products and services. Another means of participation is upvoting other content (karma). All these things contribute to creating a strong image of your account. However, some factors are there which you need to keep in mind to get an idea of exactly how to promote on Reddit:

  • While posting something, make sure it is unique and not the common query that has been posted by numerous users.
  • Make sure that the content posted is not copied from other posts and that it is fresh and interesting, as always.
  • Whatever feedback you are getting from the users, accept it and do not complain about the Downvote.
  • Make sure that the majority of the posts are not related to promoting your products and services. Make sure to follow the 10% rule, which states that only 10 percent of the content will be promotional regarding your products and services.
  • Any type of content posted by the users should be unique and relative to the community where you are posting it. One suggestion to the user is that the posts that are submitted are related to the solutions to the problems that people of that community are commonly facing.

Actively Involved With Other Redditors

One of the major contributing factors that businesses can focus on to drive traffic to their website from Reddit is positive, trustworthy images in front of other users. For this, you need to create a strong social presence, of which active involvement with others is a major component. Engaging with other users to promote your product can be a bit tricky, as you cannot afford to create negative impressions. Presentation of your content is key to pulling other potential users to interact with you and the best way to use Reddit.

Not only the users; there is a necessity to engage with the admin of the community to whom you can get consent to advertise your website. After that, it will be easy to openly promote your product. Make sure you avoid posting too much promotional content, which might sometimes be considered spam.

Make sure to promote your content with some precautions, as the site is famous for rejecting marketing and sales measures. Along with that, new users are heavily distrusted on Reddit, and any immediate marketing means would ultimately spam their product.

Get Familiar With The Community First

Even for the same product, the same marketing strategy might not work on another platform. Consider, for example, Instagram for promoting your business. There, you can create reels, comment about your products in related posts, or refer your product to a celebrity who, in their post, mentions your business. While all these tactics work there, a similar strategy might declare your business as spam on Reddit. Also, considering the daily active user mark of 57 million across more than 1 million communities, one cannot afford to lose their credibility on this platform. Therefore, you need to handle it carefully while promoting your products.

For any community you have joined, first, look out for the top post and get a clear idea of which type of content will be relevant. Go to any community and look out for the ranking post under different search preferences like Top, Hot, and Rising. See what type of content they are, i.e., they are simple articles, videos, case studies, or just some discussion. Based on these, create user-friendly and relatable content. 

Businesses should make a username that does not indicate their business. Otherwise, people will assume that you are just here to promote your business. At least a month should be given while posting anything promotional. Only after that can you post something that mentions your website along with positive feedback. User credibility is crucial on Reddit.

Ask Me Anything

To lead somebody to your website, you need to provide a clear picture of your business along with all the crucial details that the user needs to know. One way to do that is through Hosting an Ask Me Anything interview. Not only are we saying this, but from various trusted sources, it is recommended that AMA interviews are beneficial for any business to get traffic on their website.

Through the help of AMA interviews, users can ask anything from you. AMA becomes more beneficial when you have more subscribers, which direct the business to post relevant content to gain trust and followers on Reddit.

During an AMA session with a significant number of attendees, you can directly market your business but make sure that the insights you are giving to the users are as per their query.

Paid Promotion (Optional)

No matter how you restrict some things, at one point, it is inevitable to avoid them. The same is true here on Reddit; no matter how it restricts sales measures, you can always find influencers who can help you promote your product. Anonymous users can be easily found on Reddit and have numerous subscribers following them. You can connect with them for paid advertising in which they will mention your services in their posts along with the link, which will automatically create traffic for your website.

Be Up-To-Date With The Current Advancement Or Trends Related To Your Products

Active participation not only involves the quantity (number of posts) but also the quality of the content you have listed in yours. For any category of products, recent advancements of products are common on which people need to fetch the latest information. This can be a big opportunity for businesses to get significant results if they post something correct and unique and resolve all the current queries of the users. 

Also, the user needs to post all the updates regarding products and services. Make sure while doing this that all you are doing there is giving information and nothing else. So, do not post any links related to your websites.

Be Ready For The Kind Of Feedback You Are Getting From Redditors

Getting your services listed or mentioned on Reddit is only the first step. However, whether the promotion of your products or getting traffic from Reddit is working or not is the next question. Along with that, you need to be ready for any kind of review you are getting from other Redditors.

Creating an openness with the users on Reddit after posting about your products is the best way to get genuine feedback for your business. It also provides insights on some changes you need to make. To maintain openness, you can do this by providing the best customer service to them.

How To Use Reddit Karma?

Karma is another query users have while they are on this social media platform. A Karma on Reddit, in simple words, is just an indication of the contribution that you are making on Reddit. Contribution is in the form of posts and upvotes you are getting or giving to other users. Not only in terms of quantity, Karma is the reflection of the quality of the post you are submitting on Reddit.

A simple informative post that is getting upvotes will help you gain Karma, while spammy promotional content that is getting downvotes will decrease your Karma. The number of subscribers is the first that can be affected by Karma, which ultimately is related to the image of your account/business in front of other users in Reddit.

Another query is “How to get Karma on Reddit?" for which the only way is the quality content approved and upvoted by other users.


Reddit is an excellent platform for businesses to reach millions of customers worldwide. However, what matters is the type of post you are submitting based on which the credibility of your account and business will be determined. Karma also plays a bigger role in creating an impression in front of various Redditors. While paid promotion through anonymous users can be an easy way to generate traffic, providing relevant contributions to the community will be the only way to generate potential leads for your business. Talking about relevant content, you can connect with Advology Solution, which creates relevant posts related to you that you can post and direct various members of the community towards your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Reddit and how do you use it?

Reddit is a social media cum community forum where users post queries and meaningful content, and answers to other posts review the ones given by users. The purpose of using Reddit is to get the right review and information regarding anything. However, businesses use this as a means to drive traffic to their website.

2. What is Karma used for in Reddit?

Karma is simply an indication of your contribution to the community on Reddit. With more Karma, it will signify that your post is informational and worth reading. Thus ultimately increasing your followers on Reddit.

3. How to increase Karma on Reddit?

Submitting relevant and informational posts can get you upvotes, which will ultimately add up to the Karma of your Reddit Account.

4. How to post on Reddit?

Simple, follow the steps:

  • Create a Reddit account.
  • Join the community.
  • Write informational content and simply post it.

5. How to Run Reddit Ads?

Create a Reddit account and simply add a payment method with which you can begin advertising on Reddit.

6. How to post pictures on Reddit?

Posting pictures or videos does not require any special procedure. All you need to do is hit the option “Create a Post” after which you can find the option “Image and Video”. Upload the desired media from your computer and just click on the submit button.

7. How to promote YouTube videos on Reddit?

Posting or promoting anything is restricted or discouraged on Reddit as it is an informational content social media platform. For promotion, you need to gain some Karma on your account fast, gain some followers, and then write a significant content post attached with the link to your video.

8. How to use Reddit to promote your blog?

Promoting blogs on Reddit can be as simple as it can be. While the purpose of posting on Reddit is to provide useful information, you can easily refer to the user of your blog, providing relevant information on any particular topic related to the community.

9. Is Reddit social media?

Reddit is a social media platform that is somewhat different from other platforms. Instead of posting your daily personal updates, you can post something meaningful which is helpful to other users. Along with that, you can find other genuine people who share the same interests just like you.

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