facebook Tips For Increasing Your Organic Reach On Social Media

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Tips For Increasing Your Organic Reach On Social Media

While it may only cost a penny for your thoughts, it costs a whole lot more to get your thoughts to reach users on social media. There are two ways you can connect on social media, paid promotions, or organic reach, basically the number of people who view the post for free. The recent changes to social media algorithms saw a marked decline in organic reach leading many businesses to turn to paid campaigns. However, if you find yourself faced with a limited marketing budget, this blog will help you increase your organic reach on social media.

Know the Audience

To supplement the ancient Greek aphorism, 'Know Thyself,' many social media marketers encourage businesses to know their audience. One of the most essential tactics to improve your organic reach on social media is to create relevant and engaging content. The only way you can create tailor the content for your audience is if you know your target audience intimately. Once you can grasp how your target audience uses social media, you will be able to create personalized posts that can grab their attention.

Update Your Profiles

Social media algorithms have to account for several factors when displaying content to a user. Your organic reach depends on factors like the number of likes, profile names, descriptions, and so on. You should try and optimize your profile and use relevant keywords to boost engagement. For example, research suggests that social media pages that use specific keywords in the Facebook profile name will automatically rank higher than other pages.

Reign of King Content

While Sheldon Cooper may take a boring subject and make it completely insufferable, you have to do the exact opposite if you want to improve your organic reach. Even if you work in a relatively dry industry, you can get creative and publish content that is engaging and informative. Think about the most common problems in your industry and create content that is educational and will help your followers. And of course, humor is a failsafe on social media.

Promote your Profiles

While users often have a social media account on all platforms, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, everyone has a preference of one particular platform. So as not to lose out on followers, it will help if you can showcase your social media platforms... well everywhere. Cross-platform promotion helps to convert those Facebook thumbs-up into Instagram hearts and Twitter followers. One practical way to promote your profiles is to add 'follow' and 'like' buttons on your website to make it easier for visitors to connect with you on social media.

Balance Social Media Content

You should take a leaf out of Anakin Skywalker's book and learn how to bring balance to the force, the forces of social media that are. While you may be tempted to promote your product constantly, you need to balance your content and include some useful and informative posts as well. Even if you do not create content on your own, sharing humorous memes, or valuable how-to guides will help to attract the attention of your followers and boost trust in your brand. Posting industry-specific content will establish you as an authority in the industry. You can follow the 80/20 rule, where 80% is useful, and 20% is promotional.

Reach out to Followers

Remember the fundamental rule of communication? It's a two-way street! If you want to boost engagement on your social media page, you need to make sure you interact with your followers. Reply to comments, respond to queries, and build a relationship with your followers. People will show genuine interest in your brand if they see that you are genuinely interested in them. Once you can forge a reputation for engagement, word-of-mouth will help spread your reputation among new members.

The bottom line? Yes, organic reach is on the decline, but the fat lady is yet to sing. Before you dump all the blame on social media algorithm changes, you can use the suggestions mentioned above to try and improve your organic reach and better your ranking. Yes, the algorithm changes may seem a bit complex, but you can get in touch with a team of professional digital marketers at Advology Solution to get a better idea about what needs to be done. We will help you keep things simple, focus on user-experience, page optimization, and quality content, and you will see how things will automatically fall in place for your social media page.