facebook Top 5 Content Marketing Platforms To Rule In 2021

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Top 5 Content Marketing Platforms To Rule In 2021

Content Marketing can be divided into two parts: Content Creation and Content Distribution. Many Content marketers find it easy to create content while they start lagging when it comes to content distribution. Not sharing your content can leave your channel go unnoticed. It won’t even bring you the assured results you’re looking for.

Chart out your content marketing goals, industry, and audiences to focus on this year as your content distribution strategy depends on these factors. Here we have enlisted 5 content marketing platforms that will reign supreme during 2021. Let’s get started:

1. Blogs

Blogging is a diverse medium that is created for two purposes: either to inspire the masses or get conversions. This is one of the most powerful marketing platforms. Any content marketing channels list is incomplete without mentioning it. About 93% of B2B marketers use blogging as a strong marketing tool for business growth. It is the home base of the content marketing efforts you are making. It has the potential to grab a lot of attention. If you know how to leverage your creativity through this channel, you can add more value to your brand or business. In fact, any kind of content can be repurposed into a blog.

2. YouTube

If there’s a revolutionary platform for a content marketing platform, it’s YouTube. Video marketing is growing in popularity each year. YouTube is one of the leading content marketing channels because it offers you a space to host your videos, a search engine where people search for and find information.  Gradually, more people are learning and communicating through this platform and joining the tribe. If people want their videos to be easily found, they compile and upload them on YouTube which gives them global exposure and makes them easily searchable. Being a YouTuber is a moment of great pride and adds a silver feather to your achievements. 

3. Podcasts

Audio content is gradually turning into a milestone in content marketing as more people are seeking entertainment and information in podcasts. While people presume that podcasts are designed only for entertainment purposes, they’re potentially a powerful B2B marketing device. 

These days you’d find any podcast applications buzzing the digital market across the globe. Nielsen’s August 2020 report associated with Total Audience Report observed that 53% of respondents listen to spoken-word audio content daily or weekly. 

In the coming years, people with turn to podcasts for learning something new or finding a healthy Detox from the chaotic world outside.  It enhances brand recognition and trust, drives traffic and backlinks to your site from Apple Podcasts. 

4. Emails

Email is a cost-effective, strong content marketing channel and cannot be missed out on when it comes to being counted as a key component of investing in your digital marketing efforts. This is another strong powerful mode of communication and spreading information about your products and services, brand, outlets, new launches, and business. 

It is a great method of spreading the word about your brand to consumers. It helps publicize your brand without making people follow useless links. You can send creatively designed newsletters regarding some new products or items or seasonal greetings. 

In recent online research, it was observed that out of different types of content like blogs, webinars, videos, infographics, and interactive content; Email copy ranks the top in content mostly used for covering COVID-19 subject matter for the audience.

Though you can only get to observe this level of ROI when you know how to leverage this channel smartly and strategically that conveys the appropriate message for your goals, brand, and audience. Emails can be used to send sales reports, regular newsletters, cart abandonment, helpful notifications about company updates, and lots more.        

5. Live Video

Video is one thing and live video is another. Live video is a wonderful and unique platform. 29% of B2B marketers utilized live-stream content in 2020, especially in the content marketing world. Up to 63% of B2B marketing representatives were ready to share their contact information for getting access to a webinar if Demand Gen Report’s 2019 report is to be believed. 64% of users admitted spending 20-60 minutes watching a webinar during a Content Preferences Survey. People have used live –streaming platforms to promote their brand, businesses, and social media presence. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram Live, users are leveraging this technological facility and even the audiences are benefiting equally as much as business accounts are.    

Using this wealth of information will come in handy to help you select the right content marketing channels for your business growth. This year has come up with marketing opportunities galore. Start exploring different mediums of content such as email, audio, video, blog content, or something more exciting. However, remember to cater to the requirements of your target audience. Following the above-mentioned advice would help you connect in the best way with them and carve your global niche.