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What Are LSI Keywords In SEO And How To Use Them?

LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, is a language processing technique. It was developed in the 1980s. It is a bit confusing to understand what they are actually and if they are beneficial for your website or not. There are a lot of claims about them, but what is a misconception, and what is true?

LSI keywords are phrases that Google finds relatable to a topic. For example, if your page's main keyword is a phone, then the LSI keywords might be processor, charger, earphones, or camera. These are not synonyms but closely related words that help to define a topic.

If you still don't get it, just relax, we are here for you to clear it up. We want you to understand the meaning and use of LSI in depth. In this article, you will get a useful guide about LSI keywords, their use, benefits and why it is good for your SEO.

What Are LSI Keywords?

Since 2015, we have heard about the LSI keyword's importance. Though, there is not enough information available about these keywords.

Latent Semantic Indexing is a computer-based program which is made to collect a wide variety of relatable words according to content. This method works on mathematical techniques, like eigenvectors, eigenvalues and single value decomposition to find relations in words. Without this concept, you can’t understand and work on the LSI.

With reference to Search Engine Optimization, LSI keywords are terms you search on Google that are related to the main keyword. Their main work is to give support to your content. It makes things easier for both Search Engines and users by adding more context to your content. For more understanding, take an example of SEO.

  • What is SEO?
  • How to use SEO?
  • What are the tools of SEO?
  • How many types of SEO tools are there?
  • Why are tools important in SEO?

Each of the above phrases moves around the main keyword, i.e., SEO. Still getting confused if LSI keywords are the same as synonyms? Let's try to understand and go deeper into the topic, to know that.

Do LSI keywords And Synonyms The Same?

This can be a topic of debate as a few synonyms are LSI keywords, but it’s not compulsory. The major number of LSI keywords are closely related phrases or words to your main keyword. So, by only using synonyms in your article, you can’t make your post rank. Using synonyms is profitable for the on-page SEO of the article, but they are not LSI keywords.

Let's understand this with an example of food. According to the internet, the synonym of food is nutriment, but its LSI keywords are a restaurant, Chinese, hotels, junk food, healthy food, street food, Indian food and so on.

You can also try your own research to understand the difference between synonyms and LSI keywords. Go to Google and search for the synonyms of a word. After that, search the main word, then check the suggested searches which appear. Those suggested searches are LSI keywords.

What Are The Advantages Of LSI Keywords?

If you are reading about LSI keywords, I expect you have a bit of an idea about the search engine and SEO. Each year, there are thousands of new Google queries which have never been searched before.

That’s why Google made improvements in its algorithm to understand the demand or query of the user, with the help of keywords.

By the use of LSI keywords, you can help your content to get the SEO benefits :

  • If you are using LSI keywords throughout your content, the chances of ranking your page increase. As these keywords help the search engine to understand your website and page.


  •  Adding semantic words also ensures that you are not overusing your keyword in the content. In other terms, you can say it helps you in keyword stuffing.


  • These semantic words are also beneficial from the user’s point of view. It gives the user a better search experience, which results in improved ranking factors on your pages. It works in favor of the website by decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the time spent on the page.

When Did LSI Keywords Become Relevant?

If you are interested in the history of LSI keywords, as I already mentioned, it was introduced in 1980 and started being relevant in 2015. But latent semantic indexing was implemented in Google’s search algorithm in 2004. Its main purpose was to satisfy users’ demands with relevant results by assisting the search engine.

In the initial days, Google was focused more on keywords, but with time and algorithmic updates, Google slowly changed its way of delivering search results. It stopped focusing on exact- keywords only in the content and started focusing on and understanding the context, quality and synonyms also.

The Influence Of LSI Keywords On SEO

LSI keywords cover a lot of SEO problems and help the crawler, reader and even the writer, to understand the way of writing.

  • Google crawlers understand and scan the page in a better way

The LSI keyword helps the Google crawler to understand the page. In the starting days, Google's crawlers used to find a website and scan it on its own by crawling from one website to another. When crawling, they would look at the keywords and analyze the content. The crawler checks if you have used the keyword in the key area of your websites like title tag, content, image alt tag, heads and subheads; on that basis, ranking used to depend.

But now, the crawling method is changed with the LSI update. It is the reason why even SEO results are improved. The crawler now not just scans a page for main keywords but also for relatable keywords, which explains that the overall topic of the page is given more importance. This happens because of the update in the latent semantic indexing. It helps the crawler to understand the content on a much deeper level than simply focusing on a specific keyword.

  • Google reads pages thoroughly to focus more on context

With the update in the LSI keyword, the Google algorithm has the ability to read a page the same as a human. They read and categorize the keywords depending on the determined context. This shows that the search engine can now differentiate between words, even which have the smallest difference.

  • Google can provide more relevant results

Recently, it has been seen that the use of frequently occurring words helps Google bot understand your content and topic more easily. This helps user’s to get more relevant results.


  • Google started including the overall picture of your business

Nowadays, the algorithm of Google is designed to showcase your business name, its industry and website details to help search engines understand every page of your website. As all the web pages are related to each other, incorporate your business as a whole.

Is The LSI Keyword Useful For YouTube?

It's interesting to note that, despite the fact that Google owns YouTube, it largely uses two independent search engines and algorithms. Surprisingly, as of this writing, it doesn't appear that YouTube uses LSI keywords for rankings.


For experiment purposes, we tried to use major keywords in the titles of our YouTube videos by ignoring the LSI keywords, but the video still performed well. The only place we put the LSI keyword is in the video description, but even that doesn't seem to be necessary.


High-quality editing is a key component for YouTube SEO to boost engagement and the click-through rate of the thumbnails. However, it’s also not that simple to rank a video on YouTube. But one thing which we can understand from here is YouTube videos depend upon high quality and not LSI keywords.


Therefore, LSI keywords are not as significant in the YouTube search engine even though they are important for the Google search engine.

How To Use LSI Keyword Tools To Find Related Keywords?

The basic step in discovering LSI keywords is to compile a list of important keywords for your company. After that, it will be simple and easier to think of relevant keywords. All it takes to find limitless possibilities is a little bit of research, and for that, you need tools. These five LSI keyword tools can help you locate the best possible combinations of similar words.


1. Use Autocomplete Feature By Google

The simplest way to identify keywords that are related to your primary keyword is to use Google's instant search option. You simply need to enter your desired keyword into Google's search bar to obtain a variety of suggestions for what you might type next.

Look for the suggestions in the words that are bold. Make a list of the ones that are pertinent to your subject and then include them in your writing.

2. Use Related Search Features Of Google 

You can also enter your primary keyword into Google and then scroll down to the "Related Searches" section, which is at the bottom of the page. Check that list to collect more LSI keywords for your article.

3. Utilize The "People Also Ask" Section

Another effective and free resource to collect LSI keywords is the “People Also Ask” section on the search result page. This section provides you with tons of alternative options to using as LSI keywords.

You can click on a few of the suggestions to see if there are any more terms you can use. Choose the ones that are highlighted in bold.

4. LSI Graph

LSI graph is a keyword generation tool which helps you in searching all the terms related to your main keyword in just a few seconds of time. It is a free tool. Just enter the primary keyword for your page to receive a list of LSI phrases to choose from.


5. Serpstat Tool

Serpstat is another useful tool that can be used to find semantically related phrases for your article. Just by entering the main keyword and selecting SEO Research > Related Keywords, you will get a long list of words and phrases. After that, a long list of words and phrases will be offered to you for selection.

There are many more similar keyword finders, such as Moz SEO and Ahrefs tools. These are wonderful, as they not just provide you with a list of related keywords, but with these tools, you can also select the words and phrases by connection strength, search volume, and cost per click.

Now that you have a more clear view of LSI, let's understand how to find LSI keywords using keyword research tools and check a few best ways to use them in your content.

How To Use LSI Keywords For SEO?

With the above-mentioned tools, you can easily find a list of suitable LSI keywords for your post. Now, you must understand how to add them to your post to take SEO benefits.

  • Choose the best-suited LSI keywords for your topic

Before finding the way to use LSI keywords in your content, you need to recognize the ones which are best suited for your topic. For example, if you are working on a blog, with the primary keyword throwing a baseball, the tool might give you suggestions like,

  •  Throwing a baseball for beginners
  •  Throwing a baseball accurately
  •  Throwing a baseball correctly
  •  Throwing a baseball fast
  •  Throwing a baseball in slow motion
  •  Throwing a baseball 100 yards 
  •  Throwing a baseball at 100 mph
  •  Throwing a baseball from the outfield 
  •  Throwing a baseball at the speed of light, etc.

You can see that most of these are perfect according to the context of the content.

But now, the selection of LSI keywords depends on the topic. If you are creating a blog post on the topic “throwing a baseball for a beginner”, you would pair the main keyword, “throwing a baseball” with relevant phrases like “throwing a baseball accurately" and "throwing a baseball correctly".

Whereas, if the post is about “throwing a baseball fast”, you have to choose LSI phrases like “throwing a baseball 100 mph", "throwing a baseball at the speed of light" and "throwing a baseball in slow motion".

  • Prioritize user experience

Avoid stuffing your content with LSI keywords. Even though these aren't technically your keywords, it's still simple to overuse them. If you are doing so, you will be penalized by the search engine. If you want to add related words to your content, do it without ruing the user’s experience.

You can do it by avoiding the artificial stuffing of keywords and making your content cohesive. This will save you from penalties, as well as it will improve the reader’s experience.

  • Research and estimate total monthly search

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on LSI keywords for your content because some recommendations might be better suited for an entirely different topic.

When this occurs, you must decide if the suggestion would be more appropriate as a separate piece or as a supplement to the original one. For that, you can check the total monthly search estimate. This helps you in deciding whether it’s worthwhile to write anything new or include the suggestion in the original article.

  • Mention LSI keywords on your page

Add LSI keywords to the places you were supposed to add your main keyword, which includes

  • Meta title and meta description
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3)
  • Image alt tags
  • Throughout the body text

Make sure you stuff the related phrases naturally throughout the content. Since you can't use the main keyword repeatedly in all the important places on your page, this will assist you in increasing your opportunities.

  • Extra tips for using LSI keywords for SEO

Here are a few rules you should take care of while using related keywords in your content

a) Don’t overuse synonyms.

b) Use a fixed ratio of LSI keywords to the rest of the content.

c) Write as you speak, this helps you in creating more engagement.

Other than this, your first priority should be clear, useful and cohesive content which can help the readers with the solution to their problem. If you write by following these rules, you will end up using related keywords naturally throughout your content.

Final Words

Above, we have mentioned every detail you need to know about LSI keywords to make your content more relevant, which results in your business growth. The tools required, how to use them, and where to use them, we have covered every single aspect of the topic.

If you are still confused between synonyms and Latent Latent Semantic Indexing and want to learn more about it, contact us at [email protected]. Advology Solution is among the best SEO companies in India. We help people learn new things about the digital world and will be happy to help you also.

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