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What Are The Different Types Of SEO?

Before getting started with the different types of SEO why don’t we inform you first what actually is SEO and how it works? SEO is the backbone of every website without SEO, it’s just impossible for any business to survive online. Search engine optimization is a vital tool and technique of digital marketing that helps to get traffic from free, organic, editorial, or organic search results in search engines. SEO holds the potential to make and break an online business. That’s why we always advise our users to give careful consideration to the SEO Strategy of their website. Now, let’s take a look at different types of SEO that you must surely know cheap SEO services India.

Started with the different types of SEO:

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO enables the users to rank their website on search engines while aligning with the rules. Instead of tricking Google, people are shifting more towards the white hat SEO which is perfectly aligns with all of Google’s Guidelines. To sum up the definition of white hat SEO, we can say that it’s a type of SEO that operates within the guidelines of search engines and searchers as well. The idea of tricking search engines is avoided here and the searchers are served with the most relevant results and information.

White hat SEO is totally the opposite of black hat SEO. White Hat SEO involves different tactics of ranking and organic traffic. To know more let’s take a closer look at the list of tactics used in this SEO Type!

• Delivering informative, useful and quality content

• Fast loading and mobile friendly site

• Making use of descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags

• Website should be easy to navigate

Valid Reasons to do White Hat SEO:

There are more than enough reasons for which you should only use White Hat SEO Techniques and here we are going to enlist just a few of them. 

• It’s a reliable technique to get website traffic from search engine

• More promising compared to the black hat SEO strategies

• It helps to meet the search engine standards

• Least or almost negligible risky in the first place

• Motivates to create good and relevant content

• Satisfies the searcher’s intent

• Prioritizes mobile friendliness of the website

• Delivers locally relevant SERPs

• Enhances User Experience

• Clears the context of information

• Motivates to build up quality links

White Hat SEO is the best if you want to play the game of online success for a long time. So, if you want low risk and high rewards, then you must go with the White Hat SEO. 

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a practice that functions against the rightful guidelines of search engines. It is considered an unethical practice of SEO which needs to be prohibited as it doesn’t welcome any positive result at all instead you will end up with a penalty from search engines. This unethical practice includes keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks. Almost a decade ago, SEO was recognized as a practice that was easy to manipulate but now the scenario has completely changed because of advancements introduced in Google Algorithm. At that time, Google was not so advanced to identify web spam but now, the days of black hat SEO are already gone and you cannot trick Google anymore. Most popular search engines in the world like Google and Bing are very clear about their guideline and also very clear that which types of practices are prohibited. So, if you ever considered this in the past or present, then drop the idea of black hat SEO immediately if you don’t want your website to go penalized by the search engine. There are more than enough reasons for which you must avoid violating the search engine guidelines while doing Black Hat SEO

Causes Negative Impact

If you don’t want to lose the search engine ranking, visibility, and traffic of your website, then you must surely avoid the use of black hat SEO on your website. Black hat SEO is the major reason for which most websites lose these important factors from their website. Not only this but losing these things from your website will ultimately result in a loss of conversions and revenue too.

Restrict Long Term Results

As we also mentioned above, black hat SEO is just the opposite of white hat SEO, so it is obvious that it will not welcome any long term result for your website as white hat SEO does. Initially, it will bring the result in a rapid manner due to manipulative techniques used in this practice but after that, you will witness that these immediate results are not sustainable at all. 

Results in Poor User Experience

The black hat SEO practice is planned depending on how search engine thinks not how searchers think and what is their search intent. Not focusing on the needs and requirements of the users ultimately results in a poor user experience as the website is designed and developed while keeping this in mind that what actually search engine wants to see on their website.

Black Hat SEO Tactics that you need to Avoid

• Keyword Stuffing

• Hidden text and content

• Gateway Pages

• Manipulative or Paid Links

• Cloaking

• Negative SEO

• Misleading Redirects

• Duplicate and Copied Content

All and all, you must avoid using Black Hat SEO on your website as Google can’t be tricked anymore with manipulative techniques.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is the combination of white hat and black hat SEO. It is not completely out of Google Guidelines and doesn’t completely abide by the Google Guidelines. Although, this SEO practice is considered riskier than white hat SEO and is not dangerous as black hat SEO. This is an unclear practice that can’t be banned or penalized by search engines and can’t be totally accepted by the search engine. Still, Grey Hat SEO matters because a number of websites available over the internet are using this technique and tactics to improve the ranking of their website on search engines without causing any negative impact. 

Now, the very question that comes out here is do we really need to use Grey Hat SEO to improve the ranking of our site. If you are also juggling with the same question, then we will reply to you with a big “No”. Because it will never be good to get on the bad side of Google even if a little bit. So, avoid using Grey Hat SEO on your website because with every passing day, Google Algorithms are getting more and more strict. 

Tactics/Techniques of Grey Hat SEO:

• Purchase of Expired Domain Name

• Increase the length of content by adding words

• Social bookmarking sites and directories

• Link with other websites

• Research for Best Keyword Density

• Make Great use of Social Media Channels

• Paraphrasing of Content

• Add comment section

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a malicious practice that is aimed to sabotage the raking of a competitor’s website. It can be counted as one of the Black Hat SEO practices. All and all, we can say that this is a practice that you do to hamper your competitors. There are different tactics and types of negative SEO that people do to cause damage to their competitor’s site. Let’s take a look at them!

Types of Negative SEO:

Hacking a Website

Hacking someone’s website is also a type of negative SEO which is quite expensive to be done because it requires a lot of resources and tools. 

Link Farms

Negative SEO also involves link farming on other’s websites because one or two spammy links will not cause a big issue. All of these links utilize the same anchor text. This practice proves that the owner of the site is trying to manipulate the ranking of their site which is not ethical according to the guidelines of search engines. 

Forceful Crawling

In this practice, it is possible that your competitor can forcefully crawl your website to increase the load of your website at a time. 


To destroy the ranking of competitors, a number of people choose the way of Negative SEO and scraping is also a negative SEO practice in which people scrap their website content and copy them across other websites. Copying pasting the same content will decrease the chance of another website to rank as Google will pick only one version of the content and Google is sensible enough to identify the original piece of information. 

On Page SEO

This is a Search Engine Optimization practice that is implemented on your site. This is used to optimize the elements available on the site including loading speed, keyword density, links, and many more. With the help of On-Page SEO, you can improve the ranking and visibility of your website on different search engines, like Google, Bing, Ask.com, etc. On Page SEO Practice is something that is vital to surviving online and also if you want increased traffic, more conversion rate, more visibility, and many more. These are the important some Important factors that you can’t dare to neglect. 

How to do On Page SEO?

Here, we gonna share the different tactics and techniques to optimize your site for On-Page SEO. So, let’s take a look at them one by one!

Optimize the URL of your Site

The URLs of your site play an important role in the ranking factor. So, it needs to be optimized in the best possible way to increase the visibility of your site. Here are some tips to optimize your website URL!

• Add Primary Keyword in URL

• Place keyword to the left side of URL

• Keep them simple and concise

• Make use of Hyphen between words

• Try to avoid session ID

• Use Genuine words

Pay Attention to Title tags and meta descriptions

If you want to increase the click through rate of your site, then it is important to optimize both title tags and meta descriptions. It ultimately results in bringing more and more traffic to your site. 

Structured Data is Important 

For Google to clearly understand your website and your different web pages. According to a study, it was discovered that if your website includes structured data, then there is a high chance of Google showing you in top search results or as a rich snippet. 

Off Page SEO 

Off page SEO, the name itself is depicting its purpose and aim. It is also recognized as an Off Site SEO technique that is used by professionals to improve the ranking of their website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The efforts involved in these SEO techniques are applied after a page is published. It involves page reviews, social media sharing, backlinks, social bookmarking, and many more. This SEO technique is an important asset for the ranking of your website. Off page SEO parameters help Google to determine which site should rank higher on search engines. Google identifies the number of quality backlinks to a website to determine if that site should rank on the first page of the search engine or not. 

There are three different ways involved in off page SEO:

Natural Links

Words like Natural and Good links are thrown with the casualty in the world of Digital Marketing. But very few people know the actual meaning of this and here we will help you know what actually is Natural Links. These are the types of links that occur organically and come to your website naturally. To earn this link for your website, you or your team don’t need to make and effort. 

Built Links

Built links are the type of links that you ear for your website with the help of outreach. To earn these links for your website, you and your team need to work for outreach. This is used to improve the exposure of your website content and other elements. 

Created Links

Created links are earned for a website with the help of self-submissions on directories, forums, or press releases. This link needs to be created by the users intentionally without help of any outreach. This is a type of SEO technique that falls under the category of black hat SEO. And experts recommend users avoid this technique because Google looks down on this. 

Local SEO

If you want to bring the visibility of your business in local searches, then you will surely not be able to neglect the importance of local SEO. Local SEO is advised by experts to the businesses who want to get discovered by their local target audiences. Businesses that are involved with a specific geographical area, for such businesses local SEO works like a boon. Basically, the proximity factor is involved in Google’s Local Search Algorithm that you should never neglect if you want to get succeed locally. The location of your business is an important factor and the local searches by the users involve the location of your business like country, city, or state. 

7 Key Reasons why Local SEO is important:

1. Increases Web Traffic Users of a specific Geographical area

2. Converts Online Searches into Offline purchases

3. Becomes a Cost Effective Source of Local Advertising

4. Helps to reach customers in a specific geographical area

5. Target leads from Mobile Users

6. It makes your business more competitive

7. 97 percent of consumers looked online for local businesses


In this post, Advology Solution professional SEO services India shared a detailed guide of 2022 on types of SEO. We positively help that this post helped you to understand what are the different types of SEO and what are different types of benefits that they can welcome for your business if you implement them perfectly to improve your online business strategy. According to the experts, if you want to improve the ranking and visibility of your business online, then you will have to make use of different SEO techniques. Not exactly all, but you definitely will have to use at least most of them. For more such abracadabra information related to digital marketing and SEO service company India, stay connected with Advology Solution. We feel enthusiastic to share all such knowledge and information with our readers so that they don’t stay behind in this competitive world. Let’s achieve success together!