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What Are Threads On Instagram?

What Is Instagram Thread And Is This Better Than Twitter?

The Instagram Thread is a social media platform introduced by Meta where people can post images, videos, and other media along with a text of up to 500 characters. Launched as a competitor of Twitter, the app offers all the features, including text updates, public conversation, and many others. Not only that, the app works in integration with Instagram, so it is easy to share media from one social platform to another. Although it has a variety of features, some options are still there in which this application lags, like hashtags, trending, and direct messaging. This creates doubt in the minds of users whether to opt for this application or not.

So, here we are going to discuss all the available information on this newly introduced social platform “Threads". Along with that, we will tell you how you can easily join this social media. Read this blog post available on the Advology Solution website to get more insights on Instagram’s Threads.

What Are Threads On Instagram?

Threads by Instagram is a social networking platform which is operated by the Meta platform. Introduced in July 2023, the social network has reached the benchmark of 8 million active users within one month. Users can sign up for Threads through their Instagram account only. Different media that you can post include images, videos (up to 5 minutes), and links to any website. The application of Instagram is compatible with any device like Android, iOS, or any other platform. The main vision behind introducing this social platform is to provide a creative space for people to express their ideas.

How To Use Instagram Threads? | How To Use Threads On Instagram?

Users can download the Thread application on their device through the app store. Android users can visit the Play Store, and iPhone users need to navigate the Apple App Store. Follow the given steps to download the Threads on your device:

  • Once you have opened the app store on your device, you need to type “Threads by Instagram".
  • Click on the Install/Download option, which will automatically start the downloading process of the application.
  • Wait for the application to get installed on your device. The file size of the application is 53 MB for Android users and 230 MB for iOS users.

Instagram Threads Login/Sign-Up

  • Users need to have an Instagram account through which only they can sign up for Threads. For an easy process of signing up, they can download Instagram and log in there first.
  • Now open the threads application and just tap on the option “Login with Instagram", which will automatically fetch your account information for the Instagram app.
  • Once you have logged in, fill out the required information, as the majority of the details have been fetched automatically from your Instagram account. After giving out all the details, your profile will be created.

Instagram Threads Meaning

Launched to compete with the social media platform Twitter, the app shares the majority of its features with this app. However, some amenities are still there where threads lag and offer some additional features and amenities that Twitter does not offer. So, to give you a clear picture of how Threads differ from Instagram, we have listed some major pointers based on which you can easily differentiate between Thread and Twitter:

  • Increased Character Limit: A major limitation that users face on Twitter is the character length, which is only 280 characters. However, on threads, you can easily type any long text of up to 500 characters limit.
  • No Current Tantrum Of Advertisements: Ads are currently the major source of revenue for various social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, at Threads, no advertisements are there. Although they might be introduced in the future, currently, users can enjoy this social media platform without any advertisement.
  • Connectivity With Social Media Platforms: It can be assumed that every internet user has an account on multiple social media platforms.
  • Better Platform For Marketers: The major approach by any marketer to the customer nowadays is through social media. Marketers usually look for a platform where they can have better engagement with users. From various sources available online, it can be concluded that the same content posted on Thread and Twitter has gotten more impressions on threads than on Twitter. Although sales and promotion of products might not be the current objective considering the current user base, we can say that Threads can be utilized by Marketers to promote their products and services.
  • Having Current Trending Features Like Status: Like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, Thread also has a feature called Status, through which users can show their current being without actually posting. This is the major feature that Twitter doesn't have.

Threads vs Twitter

Both the social platforms, Threads and Twitter, have the same features of public conversation and other features. However, on Twitter, excluding the direct messaging features, every is public. There is no option to initiate a private conversation involving more than two people. However, on Threads, you can utilize the feature “Close Friends", where the whole communication circle can interact and share media among themselves only.

  • Text vs Camera: While Thread is more centric towards media, Twitter is more inclined to post and share short textual posts. Although the option of sharing media is available on both social platforms, it is up to the user to choose which one they opt for.
  • Different Purpose To Serve People: Although they have the same functionality, Twitter and Threads have different core purposes. For Twitter, it can be said that it is a microblogging site, while Threads is a place to engage in communication between a group.

Use Of Threads On Instagram

With the Tag of Meta and Instagram and the tendency of social media to attract new users every day, we can easily conclude that the number of active users on Thread is going to increase exponentially or maybe even on a logarithmic scale. However, people still want to know how Threads can be different from other social networks that specifically are the right audience for this platform. Below, we have discussed some pointers featuring various benefits users can enjoy while using Threads.

Better Space For Close Friends

Threads, unlike other social platforms, provide a space for close friends to have conversations with the close friends list that you have on Instagram. This provides the user full control over whom you can share your content.

Media Over Text

Being closely similar to Twitter, the major difference between the two social networks is the priority over photo, video, and other media.

Communication And Updates

At Threads, you can message or receive notifications with your close friends only. Thus, unlike other social platforms, you cannot ignore any notification as it might comprise an important update from one of your close friends.

Amazing User Experience

One feature that makes each social media platform distinct is the user interface, where users can enjoy easy navigation features and another distinctive trait that no other social media platform offers.

Easy Access To Contacts

As Threads is in integration with Instagram, you can easily import contacts or accounts that you are following on Instagram. You can either select the contact to follow or select “Follow All".

Should I Sign Up For Threads?

From the above-discussed pointers, we can easily conclude that Threads can be the perfect platform for new users. They can enjoy all the features available in other Meta platforms, and along with that, they can keep limiting their reach to their close friends.

Common Features That Are Not Available On Threads

While there are some unique features that users can find only in Threads, the newly introduced social network still lags due to the absence of the following attributes:

  • GIFs: Users can update different media like photos and videos except GIFs, which are currently trending in the world of Social Media.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are metadata tags that are utilized by users to increase the reach of their posts. However, being a private Thread does not allow the user of Hashtags during photo sharing or during posting texts.
  • Cannot Track Your Activity: Browsing history is a major amenity through which one can keep a watch of their previous activity. While you cannot find different posts you have seen on social media, different social platforms provide a track record of the various posts you have liked or shared. However, this feature is missing on Threads, where you cannot see your own liked posts.
  • No Editing: Once you have posted something on Threads, you cannot make changes to that. To edit the already published post, you need to delete it first and then make a new post.
  • No Messaging Features: The major purpose of the service that threads provide is to create communication within your close friend's circle. Whatever you have posted will be public to your friends only. However, you cannot message someone privately on threads for which you need to rely on Instagram.
  • Dependency On Instagram: Threads is not an independent social platform, it is an extension of Instagram where you can communicate with your close friends on Instagram. Without Instagram, you cannot even create an account on Threads. Threads is a platform available on Instagram where users can post something private and reachable to their selected friends.

How To Add Thread Badge In Instagram Bio?

Adding a Threads Badge to your Instagram is a better way to promote your newly created social media profile. Following are the simple steps on how to add Threads ID in Instagram:

  • First, create a Threads Account.
  • Open your Instagram profile and then navigate to the “Edit Profile” section.
  • On the new window, copy the URL of your Threads account.
  • Now, on Instagram, hit External Link and then paste the copied thread profile link, and under the Title, write Threads.

Users need to make sure that the Thread Badge is a Temporary option whose significance is to notify your followers that you have joined Threads. You can hide your badge also, but you need to keep in mind that after that, there is no available method on how to unhide Threads Badge on Instagram.

Instagram Thread Ideas For Business?

Utilization of social media for the endorsement of your product and services is the current priority of various online businesses. Through social media, users can reach numerous people. All you need to have is a good reputation and a well-versed profile showcasing your product in a way that can easily attract any user online. With the growing number of users on Threads, you can easily promote your business there. Following are some of the tips that you can follow for online business on Threads:

  • Create A Solid Instagram Profile: Threads rely on Instagram, so a strong presence on Instagram can easily boost your profile on threads. Having a large number of followers on Instagram can easily help to get new ones on Threads. Whatever you post on Threads, take a screenshot of it and put it on your Instagram reels.
  • Actively Engage On Social Media: Business marketers have to avoid creating an impression that the only purpose of creating their social media account is to promote their business. Along with creating a business profile, you need to create posts that are somewhat informational or entertaining. This will automatically increase the number of followers you have.

Summing It Up

Threads is the latest platform where users can find the perfect place to share personal posts limited to their close friends only. Those who like using Twitter but keep their activity private can opt for Threads, where they can get the same experience. Make sure you have an Instagram account first, which is a basic mandate for opening a Threads Account. It is also a perfect platform for the online business where they can easily promote their products. Also, you can connect with Advology Solution, where we can help you to promote not only on Threads but on any other social network. For more information, refer to our “Service” or “Get In Touch” to contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Threads App safe?

Yes, Threads is the perfect application for people who wish to keep their conversation private up to their close friends only.

2. Who owns Threads App?

Threads is currently owned and operated by Meta Inc., which also runs other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3. How are Threads and Twitter different?

Twitter is a micro-blogging site where trending posts are usually text of up to 228 characters. However, on Threads, the main trending posts are images and other media. Also, the character length of any post is up to 500 characters.

4. How to get Threads on Instagram?

You need to have an Instagram account to sign up for Threads. Also, the friends you have on Threads will be “close friends” of Instagram.

5. Are Threads available in India?

Indian users can easily sign up for Threads using their Instagram account. Also, a large portion of the current user base of threads comprises Indian users only.

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