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What Is ChatGPT, Its Application And Advantages?

OpenAI introduces ChatGPT, a long-form question-answering AI that answers complex questions most conversationally. It is one of the most important tools since modern search engines.

With effect from its release date, ChatGPT has gained a lot more attention and traffic, and it has caused much more discussion on online platforms. It is a large language model developed by OpenAI mainly used for natural languages processing activities such as text generation and language translation.

It is a revolutionary technology trained to understand what humans mean when they ask a question.

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is based on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3.5 (GPT-3.5) model, one of the world's largest and most advanced language models available today. It has a remarkable ability to interact in conversational dialogue form and deliver responses that can appear surprisingly human.

It is commonly used for natural languages processing activities such as translation and text generation. One of the advanced features of ChatGPT is that it can create human-like text responses to prompts. It is very useful for a wide range of applications, such as developing chatbots for customer service, creating answers to questions in online forums, or creating personalized and quality content for social media posts.

ChatGPT uses human feedback through an additional layer of training known as Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF). It helps ChatGPT learn to follow directions and create satisfactory responses to humans.

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Who Creates ChatGPT Model?

ChatGPT was built by an artificial intelligence company, OpenAI, based in San Francisco. It is a non-profit parent company of the for-profit OpenAI Limited Private.

The company is well-famous and highly recognizable for its well-known DALLE, a deep-learning model that creates images from the text instructions known as prompts.

Its CEO is Sam Altman, previously the president of Y Combinator.

What Is The Use Or Application Of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can be used widely for natural language processing tasks, and some of the common uses of ChatGPT are as follows;

1. Creating Text

The main use of ChatGPT is creating human-like text responses to prompts, which makes it useful for creating chatbots in customer service centers and creating online responses to questions asked in forums. Eventually, it can also be used for creating personalized and high-quality content for social media posts.

2. Translating Language

Another main application of ChatGPT is language translation tasks. This model can create accurate and fluent text translations by providing a model with the text prompt in one language and describing the target language.

3. Summarizing Text

ChatGPT can be used for creating short summaries of long-form documents or articles. It is used for quickly gaining an overview of the text without reading the entire content.

4. Sentiment Analysis

It is used for analyzing the sentiment of a given text, and it easily understands the overall tone and the emotion of a content piece. It detects the sentiment of customer feedback and simultaneously increases customer satisfaction.

How To Use Or Utilize ChatGPT?

To use ChatGPT, you have to access the OpenAI API. You will need an API key to use the ChatGPT model by sending out a prompt as a text string. This model will automatically create a response depending on the information it has been trained on.

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Method To Use ChatGPT

Here are the steps that you can follow to use ChatGPT;

  • Firstly, move to openai.com.
  • Thereon, you have to register a new account. If you already have an account, then you have to log in directly to your account.
  • Click on the "ChatGPT" option at the screen's bottom left.
  • Move to chat.openai.com, and click the "Try it Now" option.
  • Provide the question in the input box available at the bottom.

How Was ChatGPT Instructed And Trained?

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3.5 was trained with a massive collection of data related to code and information from the internet, including various sources such as Reddit discussions. It helps ChatGPT learn dialogue and attains a human style of responding.

It is also trained through human feedback with a technique called Reinforcement Learning Human Feedback, and it helps the AI understand what humans expect when they ask a relevant question.

What differentiates the ChatGPT from a simple chatbot is that it is specifically trained to understand the human intentions in a question and provide helpful, truthful, and harmless answers.

ChatGPT: Technical Principle Behind It

ChatGPT works with a learning algorithm that creates text responses to prompts. This model is based on the GPT-3 architecture, a type of transformer model that works with self-attention mechanisms to process and create text.

GPT-3 architecture is a neural network built of multiple layers of interconnected nodes. Each node in the network is designed to process a specific aspect of input text, such as overall meaning, syntactic structure, and contextual information.

As the input text is moved through the network, the nodes will work together to create a coherent and grammatically correct response. This model has been trained with a massive corpus of texted data that includes various topics and styles. Hence, it makes the model able to create responses that are highly relevant to the question and reflects a level of knowledge and understanding similar to that of humans.

Another advantage of GPT-3 architecture is its ability to deal with long-range dependencies in the input text. It becomes quite important as several natural language tasks, such as language translation and text summarization, needs to model to understand the meaning of the entire context and create a correct response.

Benefits Of ChatGPT

There are numerous reasons why a ChatGPT is considered an amazing tool for natural language processing tasks. Well, some of the best points that highlight the benefits or advantages of using ChatGPT are as follows;

  • Excessive Size: ChatGPT language model is trained with a massive corpus of texted data, allowing the model to create highly accurate and fluent responses to a wide range of natural language processing tasks.
  • Human Relevant Responses: ChatGPT is highly trained to create extremely relevant responses to the prompt and exhibits the knowledge and understanding of the most relevant and similar answer for that human. It makes a particularly useful model for text generation and language translation tasks.
  • Easy To Adapt: ChatGPT can be easily adapted to different contexts and situations, making it useful for various applications. For instance, this model can create more appropriate responses to the topic.


ChatGPT is a chatbot launched in November 2022 by OpenAI. It is envisioned as a tool that the public will eventually have to pay for using it. Over a million users have registered themselves to use ChatGPT within the first five days from the day it opened for public usage.

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