facebook What Is Google Penalty In SEO & How To Recover From It?

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What Is Google Penalty In SEO?

You have seen in various websites that Organic Traffic is the highest one. Compared to other sources, the conversion rate with organic traffic is also a bigger one. It has created a trend of business to meet with Google. Improvement in a few terms with SEO will increase a huge number of leads and retain considerable revenue. Few SEO practitioners have an overview or optimize their websites in an unlimited pattern or applying Black Hat SEO to gain faster and improved results. Google penalizes such websites and confirms their no valuation in Search Engine.

What Do You Mean By Google Penalty?

Now, you will be confused and can't identify the difference between Google Algorithms Change and Google Penalty. Google penalty is taken when you go beyond google webmaster instructions, and algorithms updates are related to improve or affect Google Search Results.

What are Various Terms of Google Penalty?

The list of various types of Google Penalty is mentioned below.

  • User Launched Spams

This term is not based on the misuse of google webmaster instructions, but it happens because some unwanted users try to create irrelevant links or content on your websites, and the aim was to mark it spam. Websites that accept such terms by any unknown users have the chance to come under this Google Penalty. Some examples of spammy contents given below.

  1. Spammed Blogs
  2. Fake account on free hosts
  3. Invalid Forum threads that appear like an advertisement
  4. Fake posts or profiles that are auto-generated

It has become essential to track your websites for spammy content providing users. Here are a few steps that help you to keep away your websites under this penalty.

  • Switch-off comments for individual posts
  • Comments moderation and profile before putting it live
  • Applying anti-spam tools like Captcha
  • Integration no-follow section for fake users links
  • Blocking of various websites if fake spams are attempted several times

If a Google Penalty has been applied to your websites, then delete all spam links attached to your websites and put a request for reconsideration at Google Search Console.

  • Fake Hosting Services

It has been applied when your hosting service provider has been spammed due to installing various websites into it and mainly violating the Google Instructions. This issue is raised for Free Hosting Service Provider. If you have taken the Hosting Services free of cost with lots of spammy websites, then a manual action has been taken against it. Google penalty has been applied to all hosted websites under this service. You can resolve this issue by recommending a trusted hosting service provider.

  • Manipulated Data Error

This penalty is applied to you if there are irrelevant content formats and already marked-up structured data index. It means that you will be hitting with this penalty because you have used invalid structured data and not followed structured data guidelines. It means that you have used correct structured data and run the testing tool to mark it before going live with various changes.

  • Unnatural Links Attached to Your Website

To defend your competitors at Search Engine Result Pages, you have started building links at a vast scale. You have focussed on creating manipulated links and exchanged relations. When Google has started analyzing it, it has marked up a few links as an unnatural pattern. You have followed a few instructions to avoid Google Penalty.

  1. Don't exchange your links with others
  2. Follow links at large scale with researched high-anchored keyword text
  3. Monitor the external links for spam and ignore them
  4. Unfollow guest posts at a large scale using anchored-rich keyword text
  5. High ratio of Do-follow and No-follow links
  • Unnatural Links Recommended from Your Website

The Google Penalty occurs when you have an outbound link profile. This penalty is for outgoing links from our website while the above one was building links at other websites without following the exact pattern. Unfollow to create connections at a large scale, participating in creating excessive link-exchange, buying and selling links.

  • Unvalued Content

Your website must be avoided to paste irrelevant or spammy contents. Ensure that the content available at your website is attracting and providing value to users and is not a faked one. If Google has detected multiple low-quality pages at your website, you will be hit by a penalty. Some examples of irrelevant contents are

a. Auto-generated Content

b. Creation of Affiliated pages to generate affiliate links

c. Fragmented content or plagiarized guest blog posts

Relevant content is used to avoid penalties on websites and maximize more traffic to your websites' format.

  • Irrelevancy

If your website provides the content to the user in a different pattern and text than Search Engines, you will be penalized for this activity. Google always instructs you to show the same contents with the same text and format to users and Google Bots. Content should be similar to Google Bots as it is appearing to human eyes.


When Google penalizes you for all such irrelevancy and unnatural activities, your website will decline in terms of rank, organic traffic and finally, the most important no revenue collection. You must ensure that the website is not violating the webmaster instructions. Don't worry if you are penalized. Just remove the specific penalized spam points from your websites and request reconsideration at Google Search Console. If you face any difficulties in recovering your website, you have to contact Google Recovery Services to remove the penalty. 

You can also delete all spam files, contents, hosting services, links, plug-ins, external links at your websites to recover it soon. You must ensure to Google that you are not avoiding the webmaster instructions provided. If you enable other fake users links, contents, blog posts at your websites, you will be hit by a penalty for it. You can also go through other alternative measures to avoid such penalties applied by Google to their users. You must focus mainly on a few terms that may hit your website as a Google Penalty.