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How To Improve Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy Using Video SEO?

Every second, people are making Google searches to the tune of a hundred thousand. While that may seem like an enormous amount of traffic to you, here’s another fun fact.

About 1.8 billion other websites are competing for that traffic. With so much competition, how would you stand in the crowd?

Although there are a lot of tried and tested SEO strategies that could help, let’s just focus on video SEO for now.

Video search engine optimization is the practice of creating content that can be easily and effectively indexed and ranked by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

If video SEO is of interest to you, read on. In this write-up, we are going to discuss why video content is critical for an SEO company and what are the various ways or techniques using which you can improve the overall digital marketing strategy.

Let us dive deep into it.

Why Is Video Content So Important For SEO Services?

Before we get into the “how” side of video SEO, we need to first figure out why video content is so critical to the SEO strategy.

Now, you may ask what is a good strategy? To answer your question, a good strategy is the one that brings more organic traffic to the website. 

The reason that video SEO will capture great traffic for you is that it puts you on the side of Google’s algorithm. Not only that, it will expand your social media presence and will win the backlinks for you.

Let us get into the details of what benefits can this particular form of marketing reap for your business;

1. Multimedia Is Favoured By Google’s Algorithm

One reason that the algorithm of Google favours video content is that this is what the visitors want. A study suggests that about 96 percent of consumers have at least watched one explainer video while learning about a product or service.

About 86 percent of the same consumers wanted that brands should produce more video content.

These statistics bear testimony to the fact that video is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Owing to the market demand, it is only natural that Google is now favouring video content more.

2. Video SEO Expands Your Marketing Experience

Producing video content would not just help your website grow, it will improve your overall digital marketing experience.

It is obvious that when you produce video content, you provide the viewers with a direct link either to your YouTube account, webinar content or social media platforms.

As more and more visitors visit those pages, search engines will deem them popular and will boost them accordingly. Thus, video SEO will effectively bring more customers from all your platforms.

3. Substantial Link-Building Potential 

A substantial percentage, about 72 percent of the SEO company experts believe that backlinks are a significant way of improving the ranking of websites. Attracting backlinks will significantly boost your search engine ranking.

Producing videos is a great way of attracting backlinks. Videos are a form of top-of-the-funnel content. TOFU content is a great way of educating people in the initial stages of the sales journey.

If you produce great TOFU content, high-ranking websites will source your information for their own content. This will further improve the rankings.

Tips For A Great Video SEO

The following tips can help you enormously in your video SEO journey;

1. Perform Keyword Research

While searching for video content, the target audience uses specific search queries. Post this, search engines like Google shows them a list of videos that are relevant to search queries.

This means that you should know the exact search queries that your audience is using if you want your videos to rank. Make it a point to include these keywords in your titles and tags. Also, add in the keywords content to make the videos SEO-friendly.

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When you use keywords that are popular with your audience, it helps boost your niche rankings. It is an open secret for a successful video audience targeting that works best for you.

The reason for that is that these keywords have the potential to attract qualified leads.

A lot of marketers use the YouTube Auto Suggest feature for keyword research. When the customer types the name of the product on the YouTube search button, it shows various keywords used by other customers.

While doing your research, an advisable option is that you combine both free and paid keyword tools. You need to create a list of high-potential keywords by looking at the volumes and the competition for each keyword.

Take this as an SEO services rule that you should adopt long-tail keywords with high search volumes and low competition.

This should be done to avoid competition. Since it is already hard enough to rank, you might want to use this strategy that pits you against popular brands.

2. Select The Right Hosting Platform

The right hosting platform is way more important than you may think. When you curate your SEO services strategy around the video content, each video acts as an anchor that draws in more traffic for you.

If the website goes offline, it could be catastrophic for the revenue of the business. The average unplanned website outage costs you somewhere between 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

Therefore, you must choose your hosting platform very carefully. There are two things that are very important in choosing the right platform for your business.

These two things are the length and size of the video and your website host. You must choose widely accepted hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

3. Generate High-Quality Videos

Imagine that by using the best methods, you get traffic to your website. The visitors that come to your website find that the quality of the video you are generating is low or degraded.

This way, you will upset both your visitors and you will lose your credibility. Success in video SEO will start by creating high-quality videos. Creating high-quality videos means that you are creating clean, creative and flawless videos.

Your videos must also contain relevant content. You must also know who to target and how to target. You must also know what is it that benefits your audience and how can you address their pain points.

4. Do Optimization For All Devices And Platforms

You can get the full benefits of Video SEO if you do not optimize for all the devices and platforms. Instead of supporting your SEO services, videos can sometimes hurt your SEO company efforts.

The only thing you can do in this case is that you adopt reliable video encoding software. For different browsers, the video quality and the experience are different.

If a browser is incompatible with the videos, your visitors would not get the desired experience. Sometimes, what may happen is that a high-quality Search Engine Optimization video may lag and slow down the website.

This happens in cases where the files are either too large or the device is unsupported. In this ever-changing day and age of technology, video formats and devices are changing which will make it difficult for creators to manage.

5. Polish The Title And Description

It might happen that the algorithms of Google are not fully conversant with the spoken content in your video campaigns. It might also be that it is not able to manage or detect keywords in the video content.

In such a scenario, how would you optimize your SEO video marketing to rank higher? The answer to this question is just polish your title and description. Google places a very high value on the title of the video.

And it is for a reason. One of the main things that attract you to YouTube is the title. So, you must try to fit as many keywords in your title as possible. This, however, should be a natural stuffing and not the forced one.

YouTube allows you a maximum of up to 1000 characters. However, you would not want to fill this limit aimlessly. If your content is being extended, try to fill the first 100 characters with powerful content. 

The viewer should have no other option but to click on the “Read More” link.

6. Keep Your Thumbnails Engaging

While it is important to make great videos, your video would not be of any use to your SEO company strategy if it is not garnering any views. To make sure that the visitors click on your video, you must use an engaging thumbnail.

In order to select a thumbnail that grabs people’s attention, you must always;

a.) You should put a thumbnail picture that is relevant to your video’s contents.

b.) Align all text to the left.

c.) Make the text so large that you could read it from 1 foot away.

d.) You must always use bright colours to grab people’s attention.

e.) You must include the presenter.

f.) Also try to limit your thumbnail to 1-3 key elements.

7. Include Transcripts And Closed Captions 

Do you know that 83 percent of consumers play videos on mute? Research-based in the U.S. states that about 80 percent of people will watch a video in full if it has captions.

So, if you want to hold that traffic, you would need to add captions to the video. But, you must also include a video transcription. Adding a video transcription and a caption to the video will help the web page rank better.

Google crawlers will scan the text and then rank accordingly. They will also help attract more voice search traffic and make content accessible to people who are not able to listen to videos.

8. Promote Your Videos

The purpose behind optimizing videos for SEO services is to make the videos searchable. It also involves setting up the signals so as to help the crawlers get your content.

Competition is extremely stiff online. You would still need to do some promotional work so as to work your way up to the top of the search engines.

Your rankings are at risk when you leave the Search Engine Optimization services at the mercy of the web crawlers.

It is important to keep up with trends. You must also take tips from popular videos. You should go through the video and then identify all the major elements. Then, try creating a video that is at least 5 times better.

Thereafter, you should look at your favourite channels, and identify the groups and forums so that you can promote the niches. You must also visit these communities to interact with the customers. Collecting content and asking questions can also be done.

You can make great use of social media in this. It is an effective video marketing channel that can reap benefits for you. For you to succeed on social media, you should post engaging and immersive videos.

You should also avoid spammy links and must go with content that gives a native look and feel to the customers.

9. Try to maintain the consistency

Consistent marketing usually leads to SEO reaping benefits. Your credibility is established by Google based on the number of views that are generated. The site attracts new and repeated visitors through continuous engagement.

If you are not continuously engaging with your visitors, then they may lose interest which can lead to negative Search Engine Optimization signals.

You can create and post high-quality content which can lead to faster Search Engine Optimization results. SEO services experts would tell you to post at least five times a week.

But you must focus on quality and not quantity. This will help you to maintain audience engagement. Also, you must try to monitor the video and keyword performance. It will tell you what is and what is not working.

You must also check the analytics to make sure that what are the keywords that you are ranking for. A performance report can help you make informed improvements can help you in your SEO company goals.

You can also edit the video details and you may adjust the keywords for focused targeting. This will help you boost the traffic and will increase the chances of higher rankings.


Above, we have listed down the various methods that can help you improve the overall digital marketing strategy using Video SEO.

Apart from telling you what exactly is video marketing and what are all the methods that can help you improve your overall digital marketing strategy. Following these methods, you can make a winning marketing strategy.

If you find that the above methods are not helpful to you or if there is anything more you would want to know about this, get in touch with us. We would help you with more such strategies.

Feel free to contact us through mail at [email protected]. We’d be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can video help improve SEO services?

Shoppers are twice more likely to make a purchase after they view a product video. This would not happen in the case where they do not get engaged with that content. So, not only video helps in improving your Search Engine Optimization by getting more eyes on the site but it would go a step further in convincing the people to make that purchasing decision.

Q2. How can one improve their video marketing strategy?

The following tips can help you in improving your overall video marketing strategy;

1. You must know your target audience. If you try to target everybody, you will ultimately market to nobody.

2. You must consistently brand your videos.

3. The topic of your video should be clear.

4. Try telling stories through the video.

5. You must also use social proof in your strategy.

6. Also try optimizing your videos.

7. You must also include a call to action.

8. Try analysing your video performance.

Q3. How important is Video SEO?

Video boosts your rankings which would allow more people to see your site. This would also mean that more people will click on your link.

But, they would not be staying on your site for very long if you do not have high-quality on your on-page content.

Q4. How can one do SEO for their website video?

The following tips can help you optimize videos for your SEO company;

1. You should design videos keeping your objectives in mind.

2. You must be introducing strong CTAs.

3. Use the lead capture method.

4. Also, try adding the Search Engine Optimization-related information.

5. Also, measure your performance.

6. Try creating the right type of video content.

7. You must also choose the right video hosting platform.

8. Keep transcripts in your video.

Q5. How is SEO important for YouTube videos?

SEO provides the opportunity to reach wider audiences. It also allows you to grow organically both on Google and YouTube. This would lead to an increase in the video engagement metrics.

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