facebook 5 Easy Tips To Rank On Google's Featured Snippets

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How To Optimize For Google Featured Snippets?

Matching up to the ranking of the Google search engine result page is quite a complicated process. But just because it might seem to be difficult, doesn’t mean that you achieve it if you try to. But, in case you feel ranking on the top might take more time and you need a quick result, then yes there is a way out for it as well. There is something exciting Google offers, which is known as the Google snippet.

A featured snippet is something that appears as a block containing the exact answer to the query you might have entered. Once you search for something, the featured snippet content is something that flashes right above the organic search results, and that is the reason it is known as the ‘POSITION 0.’ Check this example:

It not only makes the online search easier for the users as they get a glance of the answer at one go but also helps in generating endless leads and conversions for those whose content has been featured.

Different SEO companies have different tactics in order to make this happen as there are multiple types of featured snippets one could go for. The three most common ones are shared below:

a. Paragraph: Under these snippets, the content placed is in the form of a paragraph and usually occurs when the user asks for questions like how, why, who, what, and when.

b. List: This is one thing easier to read and eye-catching. The answer for the query is answered in a list or bullet format, usually used to tell the step-by-step format of instructions.

c. Table: Often, you might see some comparison table kind of content for your query; these are the table snippets. Usually states the prices, rates, numerical data, etc.

While people try to reach the top rank of the search engine result page, the featured snippet is something that helps in making your business grow without even ranking on top. There are endless benefits of getting featured on top by the Google algorithm, some of which are as follows:

1. Helps in stealing the traffic from the first result: In case your content is framed in a way that might meet the need of Google, then featuring the content on the snippet is something that is much more profitable. It helps in stealing the click of the first result and then helps in getting more leads.

2. Better to optimize for voice search: In case you are still typing and searching, doesn’t mean that the trend remains the same. About 50% of today’s searches are conducted through voice-controlled personal assistance like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistance. Users naturally tend to ask a question via voice search, the professional SEO services, and that’s when featured snippets pop up.

3. Try becoming a trusted expert: There is a benefit is knowing how-to, but not doing it. In case you understand how you can become a go-to website when people in your niche are looking for a piece of advice, then featuring your content on the snippet isn’t an option with Google.

And now, comes the most important yet easy task to keep in mind, in order to get your content where you are thinking of. Optimizing your content for a featured snippet is something not only smart enough to get on top without getting on top, but also getting leads from potential customers due to the utmost visibility.

So, let’s learn how can someone optimize content for the Google featured snippet

Step 1. Relevant keyword research and sim for question-type search queries:

Researching and putting relevant keywords on your content is something that would help in getting traffic to your page as the customer will be looking for the same. The target audience asks for their queries, and targeted keywords help in reaching out to the solutions for the same. 

Step 2. Look for the results in the ‘People also ask’ box

Just like it is essential to put relevant keywords in the content, do not miss out on the ‘People also ask’ section. This is surely like a goldmine for people trying to get a large amount of audience, as it helps in answering the queries users might be facing.

Step 3. Why not strive to rank on the first page of the Google 'search engine result page’

Though you can get your visibility by featuring as snippet by Google but ranking higher on the search engine result page is a much easier way in order to attract the potential leads. The only way to lead on Google is by getting the organic ranking and searches. 

Step 4. Try following the optimal word count

It is better to play safe and keep your answer brief and crisp and completely straight to the point. This won’t even help you in maintaining the word limit to be displayed on the featured snippet but also catches the eye of the reader.

Step 5. Add a Q & A page to your website

This simply helps in solving the queries of your potential visitors or customers and letting them know that you are there for their queries. Helping them like this and helping yourself by gaining the traffic is surely the smart way to grow your online presence.

Thus, in case you are planning to get organic and reliable traffic for your business, it advisable to get the SEO for your website by the experts of the best digital marketing company. These amazing features offered by Google is something one should take advantage of. So, what are you still thinking about? Try optimizing your content in the best way possible to get displayed on the featured snippet by Google.