facebook Twitter Card Validator: How To Generate, Implement & Use It

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Twitter Card Validator: How To Generate, Implement And Use It

The Twitter Card is an excellent way to promote your work/business on the social media platform. Through the help of Twitter Card users can easily offer a link to insightful Twitter Card content summary like images, videos, blogs, or any other form of media redirecting the users to their website. Through a simple HTML code of Twitter Card added to your webpage, you can have the amenity that anytime or anywhere the link of your website is mentioned, they will get a full description in the form of a Twitter Card.

Based on the information you have provided while creating, Twitter will display insightful information with links for your website to have a better chance of engagement. However, for a Twitter Card to work effectively, the card must offer a full preview of the information that you have provided, otherwise, it is nothing much better than a simple copy-pasted link to your website. This is where a Twitter Card Validator comes in handy which verifies/validates your URL with the added HTML code of the Twitter Card to check how it is going to appear on the screen.

Here we have listed all the information related to a Twitter Card and a Validator which can be helpful for you and your business as part of social media engagement. So follow this narrative to the very end to know all about Twitter Cards and how you can make the best out of them to enhance your online presence.

What Is A Twitter Card?

In very simple terms, a Twitter Card is just a tweet different from a simple tweet as it contains all the information of any website in the form of media along with the link to your website. Information/media displayed on a Twitter Card will be given by the user along with a meta text giving a brief description about the page people will be redirected to after clicking the card.

With so much information available for your website, it is merely impossible to describe your full details in just 280 characters. That is why, Twitter offers the amenity to post the link along with rich snippets for your websites.

Not only in posts, whenever you or anyone else paste the link to your website, but a Twitter Card will also appear on the screen displaying full information or the media that you have added on the Twitter Card.

What exactly happens is whenever a URL with the embedded code of a Twitter Card is entered, the system recognizes it and crawls the site to gather the information that you have provided.

Initially, a Twitter Card was just a simple summary card that offered to share a thumbnail image, link, and a brief description of your website. Moreover, users have the option to post different forms of media and provide a better overview of their work with just a simple tweet.

Now, there are four types of Twitter Card which are:

  • Summary Card
  • Summary Card With Large Image
  • App Card
  • Player Card

1. Summary Card

What Is A Website Card On Twitter?

This is the original card introduced as the Twitter Card after which based on the requirements of the user different Twitter Cards have been introduced offering the option to attach various other forms of media. Through Summary Card, users can add only a simple thumbnail, a link to their website, and a brief description. The summary card at the time it was introduced matches the exact requirement of the user to bring more users to their website.

2. Summary Card With Large Image

The summary card with large image is an extension of its predecessor providing the amenity of adding a larger image with more options to add a title and other descriptions providing a better overview of your website.

3. App Card

While the majority of the businesses want to increase their website traffic, with the dependency of the people on mobile many of the businesses wish to divert their audience to their mobile applications where a simple click to install will be ultimately beneficial for their business. Content that can be added to a Twitter App card includes a link to install the app, an image, description of the app.

Twitter offers the amenity to recognize the mobile app of the Play Store and automatically generate the Twitter App card for them. These cards will automatically make an appearance whenever someone posts a link to your mobile app.

3. Player Card

The Player Card is a game changer and a highly beneficial tool to post their desired content to engage more traffic for their website through Twitter. Along with the link and small description about your work, you can also add other forms of media like video, audio files or any other. Through the addition of different forms of media to the Twitter Card, it has become highly beneficial for the users to engage more and more customers.

Twitter Card Validator

Coming back to our main topic, a Twitter Card Validator is a tool available in the Twitter Card Developer platform. Through this, you can easily check whether Twitter is displaying the correct information that you have submitted without any flaws. It checks and verifies the meta titles and other HTML codes that you have added to your URL source code. Moreover, there is an official Twitter Card Validator of the social media where user can simply paste their URL in response to which it will display the preview of their Twitter Card.

How Does A Twitter Card Validator Work?

Whenever a user enters a URL in the Twitter Card Validator, it will generate a request to get all the relevant Twitter Card tags about which information will appear on the Twitter Card. In case of any issue, the Twitter Card Validator will display the error along with its description.

How Do I Create A Twitter Card? | How Do You Make A Twitter Video Card?

How To Add Twitter Cards?

How to create a Twitter Website Card? or How to make a Twitter Card?  Creating a Twitter Card involves a few simple steps which are:

Pick up the card you want.

Add the code to your webpage.

Validate the Twitter Card or just simply run the URL through the Twitter Validator Tool.

For your reference, you need to add the following meta tags to your site for Twitter Card implementation:

PropertyAttribution And Content
twitter:cardType of Card.
twitter:siteThe Twitter username to which the Twitter card belongs to.
twitter:titleTitle for your Twitter card indicating or relevant to the content you can find on the website.
twitter:descriptionDescription going to appear on the Twitter Card.

URL for the image in the Twitter Card.

The above-mentioned properties need to be added to your website as a Twitter Card Meta Tags Generator in the given format:

meta name="Twitter:property" content="content">

Twitter Card Image Dimensions: How Do You Update The Twitter Card Image Properly

Images are the common attribute in any Twitter Card. Therefore, while adding a Twitter image card you need to make sure that the image is under the given specifications:

  • The image size should be between 300x157 and 4096x4096 Pixels.
  • Aspect Ratio should be 2:1.
  • The file size of the image should not be more than 5MB and the supported formats include JPG, PNG, WEBP, and GIF.

Why Am I Unable To Render Card Preview Twitter: The Twitter Card Validator Not Working?

Any issue while previewing the Twitter card can be directly related to the meta tags you have added. Also, it means there are some changes you need to make in the CMS you are using. While working on the Twitter Card Generator, you need to keep in mind the following precautions. Through this, you can ensure that the Twitter Validator will fetch the details from your website source code:

  • In case you have WordPress or using any other Content Management System (CMS), make sure to check the settings to avoid blocking a web crawler.
  • Make changes in your web server setting for the Twitter Validator access to access the robot.txt file.
  • In case the Twitter Card not showing image, make sure that the image you want to display on the Twitter card is not too large.
  • Check your site's SSL configuration.
  • You may need to check your web host settings in case they are blocking the Twitter crawler accessing your website.
  • Configure your web server settings and firewall settings before setting up a Twitter Card.

What Is The Purpose Of Twitter Cards?

Twitter Card can be highly beneficial for someone dedicated to engaging a large audience for their website.

What Is The Limit For Twitter Card?

There is a limit on the number of characters for a tweet you post, the Twitter Card allows you to provide more information along with a link to redirect people to your website. The most beneficial extension of Twitter is the player card which offers the amenity to even playing a video on a Tweet. Two major obvious benefits of getting a Twitter Card are:

  • Boost Engagement And Increase Your Web Traffic

With a link to your website on a Twitter Card along with a full description in the form of media, people can easily get a grasp of what your website is about thus contributing to getting more people redirected to your online platform.

  • Getting A Reach To The Right Audience

While anyone can have a large number of followers on social media irrespective of the fact whether relevant or not, any business page or a professional will have limited followers only those who are interested in their products and services. Hence, it gives you an advantage that only the right audience is being redirected to your website.

Also, while anyone can click on the link, it will filter out the ones having no interest in getting your products.

Connect With Advology Solution For More Social Media Engagement

The Twitter Card can be an efficient way for the user to generate more traffic for your website. Also, it will help to redirect the potential audience to your business. However, the social media platform has so much more potential than just Twitter ads website cards. The purpose of social media is to provide a network where people can connect and interact with each other. Hence, it is an amazing platform for businesses to find the right audience. For the optimal utilization of social media, you can connect with a digital marketing agency that will help you increase your social media visibility and get more and more potential customers for your business.

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