facebook Easy Ways To Improve Bounce Rate In SEO

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What Is Bounce Rate And How To Improve It?

Bounce rate is a traffic analysis tool used in internet marketing. It gives the number of visitors to a website and leaves without taking any action like clicking on a link, filling a form, and navigating the same website. Bounce rate depends on three imperative reasons. Come, let's have a look at them!

  • Minimize the bouncing rate of visitors and stop diverting to other websites. This technique will surely increase your conversion rate.
  • Bounce rate plays a crucial role in determining the Google ranking factor. The study shows that the bounce rate is closely related to the Google Ranking of the first page. 
  • A high mounts rate also gives the idea about the content linking and interaction of a website with its user. It indicates whether the website is user-friendly or not.

What is the average bounce rate?

A report has observed 41%-51% as standard Bounce rate. Bounce rate depends on the industry and type of traffic visiting that particular site. Different studies have listed the fact that different sizes have different types of traffic, which leads to the variation in Bounce rate.

You might have observed that e-commerce websites bounce rates range from 22-41%, where it crosses the scale of 90% in blogs, so it is advisable to compare their Bounce rate with the same category of sites. However display ads, and social media websites improve the organic traffic towards your website.

Why do people bounce?

The above given is a standard question which I will float in your mind after reading about the topic. So it is crucial to reduce the Bounce rate because the page is not able to meet expectations. It might be possible due to the bad design of your website. Other significant factors can be irrelevant content. Because if a user cannot find relevant content from a page or website, you cannot satisfy the user's search. It will automatically increase the bounce rate and diversion of the user to another page for the appropriate investigation of their content.

How to improve bounce rate?

Fusion of YouTube video with content

Research states that people spend more than double their time on any page because of related videos. It is commonly observed that embedded videos reduce the bounce rate and improve the time spent by the audience on any page. And drastic differences are observed between the page with and without videos. But one must keep in mind that it should be sensible and related videos to the content.

Turn donkey into a unicorn

Before taking any step toward correcting the trend of increasing bounce rate, you need to analyze the situation, i.e. finding donkeys and unicorns. Analysis can be done with the help of Google Analytics under the "landing Pages'' option. Then hit the "Comparison" button. Now compare the pages and try removing the unnecessary elements from the page. Unreal users are again a problem, and to solve this, we can use heatmaps to get real users and have a near to accurate analysis.

Improve key of landing pages by using a heatmap

Heatmaps are just another great option to increase conversion rate as they are a great way to communicate to the user. Many heatmaps are available and perform more or less the same. So, you can choose any. You must also delete the elements which are not of much use and distract users from the main content.

Add internal links to your pages

You can give your users a direction by providing internal links. If these internal links lead to your site, they add to the conversion rate. Also, you can use links that lead to other sites but open it in a new tab, therefore providing valuable data, and users don't bounce back.

Craft a captivating design for your webpage and content

Beauty is a feast for the eyes of the beholder, and if you can provide your visitors with a proper mix of good content and amusing design, then there is no looking back. No one likes to visit a site or blog with unorganized data and ugly design. Investing in a good design is a pro tip to improve your conversion rate.

Utilize jump links to add a table of content

According to psychology, if a visitor does not find what he is looking for, he will bounce back. Therefore, if you write in log form and try to provide every minute detail to them, you must use a table of content to help them jump to the piece of information they want to read and feel worthy of staying on-site.

Link to related post and articles

You can provide your users with something to do at the end of the site instead of leaving them clueless about what to read next. In this way, you will connect with your visitors, know about their interests, and provide them with content to read ahead of it. You can also try including PowerPoint presentations for a better understanding of users. 

Make use of exit-intent popups

Popups annoy people like anything and can pave a path of downfall for you. So, should we abandon the use of popups? No, the only thing you have to change is the type of popups and shift to exit-intent popups, which appear when the visitor is leaving and as he is already leaving, so there is no chance of losing anything. Thus, you are only going to be benefitted from it. So, if 50% were leaving and even 10% divert, you have a reduced bounce rate and additional data to use.

Do regular content update

You can go with regular updates of specific content to enhance the conversion rate. Visitors reading the content require an up to date and to-the-point data, which can provide quality information in the least time possible. If you adhere to the topic and provide relevant data, every person who signs in will not resist action on the site, thus leading to a lower bounce rate.

You can also try improving the loading speed of your webpage by including JavaScript code. These are simple and quick hacks to get away with the issue of increasing bounce rate. We hope this helps you in getting a better ranking of your website.