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What Is Google Dorking? A Complete Guide

In the current scenario, you can find anything on Google search results, right? The Internet made our life easy and a bit hassle-free. But trust us, there is a lot of information and data available on Google about which we don't know. However, Google has provided a hacking technique named Google Dorking using which you can find this information easily. Thus, to help you understand this technique and acquire more knowledge, we have made this blog post regarding Google Dorking and its uses.

What Is Google Dorking?

Google Dorking Meaning

Google Dorking, also known as Google Hacking, is a search-hacking technique. It is a passive attack that uses advanced search queries to grab all the hidden knowledge present on Google. With the help of Google Dorking, you can look for vulnerable sites that are not available to the public in the search result.

For instance, users have the option to click on various tags like images or sites to gather information or images from a particular website. Apart from this, if the user wants to get some other particular search result, they have the option to use different commands, including the Filetype and the Dataranage, according to their requirement.

What Is Google Dorking Used For?

As we already mentioned, Dorking (Dork) is a process used for finding the hidden data that are present on Google. These aether data that you can't find using a normal Google search engine. This information might be sensitive and private as well.

Different security bases organizations use Google Dork to understand the perspective and process of people who try to approach hacking into different systems. Apart from this, organizations also use Dorking for SEO benefits, as it helps them to find what information people are searching on the Web.

However, up until now, things have been too good to be true. Dorking has its negative side as well. Malicious hackers, while preparing an attack, use Google docs to collect information about their competitor. Moreover, people also use it to find sensitive websites and exploit their information. Other than this, hackers can also use Dorking to access cameras, files, or servers of other systems, and if someone can access your cameras, you know how dangerous they can be for you. Furthermore, they also identify the username, password, email, etc.

How Google Dorking Works?

Now, you know the meaning of Google Dorking, right? But how does it work? See, Google Dork uses the custom query to find the covered information from Google. It simply uses a Search engine as a hacking tool. To find more sensitive parameters, data, and security loopholes in multiple websites, Google Dorking uses a search operator called Dorks. Dorks specify the crawler to search for some specific file type in a specified URL.

The main search result of the query comprises of:

  1. An open FTP server.
  2. Accessible IP cameras.
  3. An Organization's internal documents.
  4. Server log files that has different passwords and sensitive data that can be exploited to disrupt an organization.
  5. Different Government documents.

However, it is not limited to these queries only.

What Are The Most Common Google Dorking Operators?

To find anything on the Web, Google has its in-built query language or operators. These are the same queries used by hackers to gain access to your sensitive files, camera, etc.

  1. Allinurl: This operator looks for user-specified characters on the mentioned URL and then returns the result according to that particular character.
  2. Cache: This parameter is used to get the cached version, or you can say the older version of the website.
  3. Inurl: This parameter directs the crawler to look for the URL that has mentioned terms.
  4. Intitle: Search for websites that have some specific URLs.
  5. Site: This parameter returns the lists of all the indexed URLs from the particular website.
  6. Filetype: The Operator is used to mention the crawler to locate and display a particular file type.
  7. Intext: It is used to look for webpages that have some specific characters or strings in their text.
  8. Inanchor: This operator locates the exact anchor text used on a link.
  9. Pipe Operator (|): This operator displays all the websites that include either or both specified words in their query.
  10. Subtract Operator (-): The user accesses this operator to avoid displaying certain works while showing the results.
  11. Additional Operator (+): People use it to look for pages with the help of more than one specified word.
  12. Wildcard Operator (*): It is a bit different from the rest. This wildcard parameter looks for pages that have anything linked with your search term.

Is Google Dorking Legal/Illegal?

Even after all of its drawbacks, Google Hacking or Dorking is completely legal. It is considered a technique to refine your search result for personal growth. However, in case you are using it to infiltrate any organization, or harm some other individual, then it will quickly be illegal.

Google tracks all your searches. Thus, if you try to access any personal or sensitive information of others, it can be harmful to you. The search engine will consider you a threat, and you might end up behind bars.

Note: Suppose you are running a bug test or looking for a bug bounty. Make sure that you are authorized properly by the organization. Else you might have to face lawsuits.

What Can You Do To Safeguard Your Website From Google Hacking?

Want to protect your website or information from Google Dorking? Don't worry; we are here to guide you.

  • Firstly, add a robots.txt file to your Root directory.
  • Avoid permitting access to your sensitive information.
  • Moreover, always create a strong password to protect your important data.
  • Keep your password and sensitive data in a complex pattern.
  • Use tools to find the loopholes on your websites.

Bottom Line!

Protecting your sensitive data in this web world is very important. However, for non-tech people, it can be a bit difficult to understand the overall process. It is not like a big elephant, but it is not as small as the ant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Google Dorking used?

The main purpose of Google Dorking is to find hidden, inaccessible information on the Web. It helps users in getting sensitive and private data about the organization or individual.

2. What Browsers are best for Google Hacking?

To practice Google Dorking, a user can choose any of the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Epic
  • LibreWolf
  • Tor Browser
  • Pale Moon
  • Chromium

3. Can Google detect hackers easily?

It is very easy for Google to detect hacking. Want to know how? See, the hacker tries to access your account from a different IP address or maybe some other device. Google detects it instantly and sends you an alert notification.

4. What are the examples of Google Dorking Operators?

A few of the most common Google Dorking Operators are instructed below:

  • Filetype: This returns multiple types of files according to the file extension you have provided.
  • Inurl: It is used to search for a specific term in the URL.
  • Site: Give the list of indexed URLs from the particular domain.
  • Cache: This is used to look at the recently cached version of a website.

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