facebook Image SEO: 7 Easy Tips To Optimize Images For Search Engines

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What Is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is the complete analysis of images available in websites that may not slow down the page speed, have appropriate tags, usable file size and type. It helps in choosing the correct context of the image for Search Engine to boost up in result pages. The primary analysis behind Image Optimization is

  • Obtaining the crucial efforts in On-Page Optimization process and ranking high in Search Engine Result Pages.
  • Confirming the appearance of Images in Vertical Image section of a Google Search

The KPI key of image optimization establishes relevant search factors and the number of clicks and impressions generated by webpages integrated with images. Use Google Search Console to check these optimization points over some time. You should also ensure that you have changed the search type from the web to images.

Why is Image Optimization Required in SEO?

Image Optimizations helps in ensuring the top page speed and enhancing the user experience. It is one of the On-Page SEO techniques that will affect the rank of a web page. If an image ranks well in the image section of a Search Engine, then it means that websites have high organic traffic on your website. It will also help in gaining massive traffic to your websites.  The importance of Image Optimization is discussed below.

Minimize Page Loading Speed

The amount of time taking the page loading speed should be as minimum as possible. Making the users wait because of the non-compatible size of images and taking maximum loading time can drive away traffic from your website. So, image optimization is ensuring the webpage loading minimal speed.  Image optimization provides excellent quality images in the smallest size as possible.

Improve User Experience

The maximum time for page loading can drive away the coming traffic to other websites. Therefore, the minimum page loading speed of a webpage must be 2-3 seconds. The page loading speed of a website integrated with images may take time due to poor Internet Connection. The first topic is to enhance the user experience at top rates. Webpage loading is not only faster in computers but also in other devices like smartphones, iPhones, etc. 

Generate Higher SEO Rankings

It has been already discussed and understood that a webpage loading speed of a website integrated with images may generate High Rankings to your website on a Search Engine. Google has also considered the webpage speed a significant element to decide the rankings of any website's pages. For 2020 Digital Marketers, it is meaningful to know that high Page rankings bring or generate millions of clicks on it and positively impact a better user experience.

Increased Conversions Rates

The direct effect of a good search engine is the website traffic will increase enormously. It means that more leads are generated as traffic is increased, and higher will be the conversion rates to your business. 80% of users never wish to browse those websites that take time to open, and it is defining the importance of Image optimization in SEO activities. Advology Solution is one of the best SEO service providers in Delhi NCR and Gurugram (Haryana). You can opt its services at affordable rates and frequently get the results.

How to Optimize Images for SEO?

There are few tips given to optimize Image SEO for a particular website to get the high rankings in Search Engine.

  • Impact of Image File Format

It impacts the page speed parameters and enhances you to use the right file format for your webpage. There are three standard formats used for file size – JPEG, GIF, PNG. The differentiation between these three file formats is their particular image size. PNG possesses the largest out of three. The maximum image size should be of 100 KB and not more than this. You can take the help of an image compression tool if image size exceeds more than 100 KB.

  • Image Name

It has become important when you are coming to the image context; then you must choose the correct file name. The file name should be based on a keyword by which you can attain a better rank on a webpage quickly. So, name your image as "keyword.jpg" and don't autosave the file with the same context as "image324.jpg.

  • Image Path or URL

Websites have web pages each with their folder name while images are stored in one folder. It is crucial to keep all of these images in a single folder with their particular context or name. Suppose your website is an online cloth store; then the link for a specific image should be with its context name.

  • Image Alt Tag

Image Alt Tag or Image context is one of the alternative text displayed below the image that will direct the user to the specific image available with its real context. It is also one of the techniques to attract users to search for the pictures and surf it. It is one of the significant factors in deciding the website's top Google Rankings on your website. The Image alternative text should not be more than 100 characters.

  • Image Title Tag

It can also be one of the responsive factors in deciding the beautiful context of any image integrated to your website. It differs from Image Alt Tag, and you can use the keyword relevant to your webpage.

  • Image Sitemap

Image sitemap is an essential point in SEO Image Optimization checklists because it can help the image visibility be perfect at the vertical image section of Google Search. It would be best to create a different sitemap for Google to quickly discover your images and mention the image information inside the image sitemap.

  • Uploading Unique and Attractive Images

Use an image of better context and size that are responsive and enhance a better user experience. The image's unique quality will provide your website with a higher ranking on Search Engine result pages. Check before uploading that these images are looking attractive at the mobile, tablet and other devices.

It means that all the above points are helpful in Image Optimization of a particular integrated website. One of the top Digital Marketing company like Advology Solution, uses all such techniques to enhance a better user experience and more conversion rates to your business.