facebook Google Trends India: How Do I See What's Trending On Google?

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Google Trends India: How Do I See What's Trending On Google?

Anyone looking out for something can rely on Google, the number one source of information on the internet. More than 90% of internet users type Google first before typing what exactly they are looking for. However, the flow of information is a two-way street. The information available to someone who has searched on Google is only because someone has posted about it. While anyone who has searched on Google considers it a source of information, for someone who is posting on Google, it is a source of revenue and other beneficial means.

Getting the best through Google is by ranking first. However, to rank first you need to know what’s trending first. One of the open-source tools on which you can rely for this is Google Trends. Here, we have every available detail on Google Trends through which you can find out how to reach the right potential audience on Google.

About Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best and the most user-friendly and convenient tools which helps the users to check for search queries trending in India Google which people usually search. How convenient it is to provide a proper visualization through a chart which makes it easy to show the popularity of any search query over a given period.

While using Google Trends, users have the option to filter the data based on region, period, category, and, most importantly, what type of search they are looking for (image, video, blogs, or simple web search).

How To View Google Search Trends?

Using Google Trends India or any other region is nothing more than simply typing your search query, based on which the tool will provide you with data regarding the search popularity and other factors. The popularity of a search can be determined on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 100 at any point in time indicates that the query was most popular at a given time, with 0 concluding that a search is no more popular or the number of people typing that query or related words is negligible.

How To Check Google Search Trends?

Using Google Trends India or any other region is nothing more than simply typing your search query, based on which the tool will provide you with data regarding the search popularity and other factors. The popularity of a search can be determined on a scale of 0 to 100. A score of 100 at any point in time indicates that the query was most popular at a given time, with 0 concluding that a search is no more popular or the number of people typing that query or related words is negligible.

While you apply filters to your search results in terms of time, region, and type of search, Google Trends also provides useful insights to make data more specific according to your needs. Other useful insights you can get through Trends Google India or any other region include:

  • Interest By Region: Popularity or how much a search is trending in a given region/sub region.
  • Related Topics: Provides insights on the topics that people who have searched for the queries are also looking for these topics.
  • Related Queries: Other searches related to your Query.

While this data is sufficient to analyze how popular a particular query is, users can also find and compare the popularity of one search query with another over a given period.

How To Check What Is Trending On Google In India?

  • Top Search: These are simple search suggestions that appear below the search box while you type your query before actually hitting the search icon. These queries are the most relatable to the topic.
  • Rising Searches: These searches come under the Related Topics and the Related Queries and have the highest search frequency.

Why Is It Necessary To Know What’s Trending On Google Today?

The average number of Google searches made per day is around 8.5 billion per day. Considering this fact, it is pretty obvious that the top-ranking website will get numerous benefits like more visibility, revenue opportunities, affiliation, a large network, and many others. However, to rank on Google or to reach out to people who are making millions of searches, you must post something relevant or trending. While one is posting about something in which they have expertise in that area and wish to share the information with others. Others considering their benefits need to know what’s that among people who Google Trending India or any other region currently.

Some of the most common searches that might appear include Google Trend Health, Sports, News, or any other major announcement related to politics. Depending on your region, you can easily trace out these trending topics and grab the opportunity to occupy the top search results on Google.

Utilize The Best Of Google Trends Content Marketing Measures To Enhance Your Online Business

One important aspect for marketing experts is to be aware of what’s trending, based on which they can easily promote their products or reach a larger number of people. For marketers, Google Trends can be helpful. Here are some of how you can use Google Trends for marketing:

For Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important part of online marketing and other purposes. Through proper keyword research, you can have an idea of what someone is looking for and exactly what they are typing for while looking for any particular product, information, or anything else. While using relevant keywords in whatever content you are using to promote your products, it can reach the right audience using the same query related to your products.

The search preferences of the users change from time to time. Even a single query can be asked in many different ways. So it is really important to determine what is trending or more popular among the users recently. That can be easily done through the help of Google Trends which easily determines the popularity of search queries over a given period along with related searches or queries.

While searching for trending search queries related to a keyword can be a good approach, what is lacking in Google Trends are the other parameters, search volume, and keyword difficulty.

Helpful For Local SEO

One option that can be helpful for the SEO is the “Interest by Region” which determines the regions where the most popular. Any data determination related to search queries region-wise can be really helpful for someone with a local business. Through the proper way, one can easily determine which search query is most popular in their region.

The data under “Interest by Region” is proportional.

Helpful In determining Seasonal Trends

Google Trend shows data for trending search on Google in India over a given period. What might be trending at a given period can have a negligible search volume only after a few weeks or months. Through the analysis of data that can only be available through Google Trends, users can easily identify trends based on which they can create a marketing strategy for a particular period.

Advantages Of Social Media Handles

By getting useful insights on trending queries, you can easily create Social Media Content. Because social media is now a big platform to engage a large number of audiences, it can be really helpful for businesses to promote their products or find potential customers.

Find Out Trending Searches On Google In India

It can be a good option for bloggers who have the expertise to create content in various niches. On the homepage of Google Trends, hit the option “Trending Now", through which you can easily find out what people have searched for the most in the given period. Set your location and find out which query is on the top of the list of “Google India Trends Today". All these queries related to sports, news, recent events and many other Google Trends web development queries can be insightful for the user to create and optimize content as per the people's search preferences.

How To Use Google Trends For SEO, Blogging And Social Media?

Content is the major tool that anyone can utilize to create or enhance their online presence. Be it text, image, video, or any other form of media, it is the content that engages the users. While creating content offering genuine information can be an effective strategy, chances that whether it is engaging or not majority relies that it is on something that is trending. Not only that, you need to optimize your content with trending and engaging queries. Therefore, here we have listed some effective ways to use Google Trends for better content:

Find Trending Topics Suited For The Current Moment

While you type a query in Google Trends, you can check its popularity along with that, you can find related queries that you can use to create relevant content, which is the exact thing people are looking for right now. You can also check that exactly when the topics you are writing about will be trending. This is helpful for those who are posting content in a particular niche. You can also click on “Trending Now” to find out what people are searching for right now.

Find The Best Interesting Topic To Write About

SEO is the necessary means to promote any particular topic. Through technical SEO, you can optimize your content, use the right keyword and take necessary means through which you can promote your blog. However, doing all this can be effective only when you have written that is actually in the interest of the people.

Through Google Trends, you can find queries related to your search, based on which you can compare whether the content you have written will be worth writing or not.

Google voice search trends or image search can be helpful for not only text content but also for other forms of media.

Get New Ideas For Blog Posts And Social Media Content

Just simply write something on Google Trends, where you can find the most trending topics on Google and queries related to your search. You can use these queries to create new content. Whether it be a blog, social media post, or any other form of media, posting something trending on Google today can be helpful for your campaign.

Use The Breakout Query To Get More Traffic

Breakout usually refers to topics or queries which are either new or have only a few prior searches but now have tremendous search volume. Generally, any search with more than a 5000% increase in volume is considered a Breakout.

Creating relevant content along with the other keywords listed below can help you engage more and more audiences for a specific period until the search is trending.

Best Option For Journalist And News Writer

Information in the form of queries and Google trending searches in India or anywhere can be the best sources of information for the Journalist or New Writer. Based on this data, news writers can easily analyze what people are looking for. Trends data are mostly related to any recently occurred event or an ongoing basis on which they can create content for different media platforms to catch the interest of people and engage them.

How they can get the best-trending topics through the topic clusters comprising content related to the same topic from different Google Platforms (Google News, Search, and YouTube). Through this information, you can easily find out why that particular topic is trending and when during the 24 hours of the day it was at its peak in terms of search volume.

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Tips For The Bloggers While Using Google Trends

Every blogger has their niche based on which they offer the right content and reach their target audience. While Google Trends does help the user find the right topic or have an idea of what is trending or what to write about, you can get the best out of it through the following tactics:

Set The Appropriate Time Range

While Google Trends or Google Trends hashtags offer insights on trending topics, most of them are just popular for a very short period. This can be helpful for some writers with seasonal topics, however, the ones with long-term goals need to set their time for at least 6 months or we can say 12 months.

Fad niches or short-term trends disappear quickly as they reach a spike in terms of search. Therefore, no point in creating a solid blog and promoting it. You need to set the time range and check the popularity over the given period. If it is constant, then you can proceed to create content. If it doesn't, then find a new niche.

Helpful For E-Commerce Or Affiliate Marketing

The major goal of both these business types is to promote and sell products. Through Google Trends, you can find profitable products under the “Related Queries/Topics” section in the form of keywords that are trending.

Get Competitive Insights

Google Trends can also help you to find how ahead you are from your competitors. Trending or popularity of two search queries can be found easily. Just like keyword or search queries, you need to enter the brand name and can easily compare their popularity over a given period.

Alternative To Google Trends

Google Trends is the best and most open-source tool for finding trending topics, comparing search queries, and doing keyword research. However, it does lag in terms of other requirements like search volume and many other factors. Other than that, users might face the following limitations while using Google Trends:

Users can easily find trending search queries but don't have any idea why those particular search terms are popular or the most trending searches on Google today.

Data represented using Google might not provide full insights on or generalization on various other aspects like search volume and many others.

It is really helpful for the user to find the intent behind the search, without which they can sometimes be misinterpreted.

To cope with these limitations, user can refer to any of the following tools:

  • AnswerThePublic
  • Treendly
  • Insider Intelligence
  • TopicResearch
  • TrendHunter
  • KeywordOverview


Google Trends is a beneficial tool for any blogger, social media profile, or even various marketing purposes. Considering that content is the basis for getting ranked on Google, it adds up if the person has the right set of keywords that are trending among the users. Through Google Trends, you can easily track the popularity i.e., what is trending, and based on the data, you can easily analyze their search preferences over some time. It can be a powerful tool to tell people what they are searching for in real time.

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