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Importance And Benefits Of Video SEO

Video is an eternal part of content creation and has been here for a long time. Whether you want to promote a video for your business or create brand awareness, video content creation has always been a helpful tool in spreading business.

The trend has witnessed an upward swing in the last two years and has effectively connected the brand to a customer. Several marketers use video content in their SEO strategy to outnumber their competitors.

If you would believe an expert, a website having video content is more likely to gain ranking in Google. While textual content and other visually appealing templates play an important role in attracting customers, video, on the other hand, is 53 times more effective.

Words are not enough to describe how important and beneficial video content could be for your brand and business. Thus, please pay close attention to the write-up to understand its importance and benefits.

Ways To Boost SEO Rankings

When you optimize video for search to gain the favour of search engines like Google and Bing, numerous factors impact the ranking. The ranking determines your top appearance in the SERPs. Marketing a video enables a website owner to enhance the effectiveness of SEO content to meet the standards set by search engines. There are three ways a website’s ranking can be improved using video content.

1. Video Determines If SEO Strategy Will Be Successful

Google and Bing are the search engines that have set certain benchmarks for SEO. Video is an eternal part of an SEO strategy that provides informational content and educates customers about the product and services.

A website visitor when watching the video incorporated on the webpage is provided with the necessary information that they are looking for. For instance, you have a SaaS-based business and developed an application that has never been used before. It promises to make the day-to-day routine of people easy.

Video can be the best way through which you can promote your App. Your video can be about the cutting-edge technology you used in developing the app. Through your video, you can educate people on how they can benefit from the application.

Everything can be conveyed using the app, from a step-by-step guide about using the app to its benefits. Video content and textual content go hand in hand. You can make a page about the application where you describe the application, and down below, you embed the video, where a user can watch and learn how to use it.

The video content could be incorporated with visual images about the context of the product. This is an effective video marketing strategy in which you are letting people know how excited you are about the new product launch.

Video SEO provides in-depth quality in SEO content and helps your page rank higher in SERPs. You can use video as leverage to take advantage of the competition and let the users know how their product is better than the other products available in the market.

2. Boosted User Experience (UX)

The video breaks the barrier where you make the user directly engage in the content without having to provide the information via text. A video helps a user to spend maximum time on the website by providing engaging visual content.

Going back to the same “SaaS-based business ” example, imagine offering the content in visual form instead of textual form, a user will spend more time on your website. Where most of the users prefer not to read loads of content available on the website, rather, offer them the same content in video form.

The more time they spend on your website while consuming relevant content in the form of a video, the more user experience will increase eventually. Therefore, when visitors spend more time on your website, it encourages other users to come to it. Resultantly, it increases the ranking.

3. Increased Number Of Backlinks

The majority of people share the video they watch and like. It eventually increases the backlinks. Thus, by having more backlinks, you will have an increased ranking. This is why many SEO strategists prefer to optimize videos for search results.

Using the same example which you have read above, let’s assume you publish a video describing how revolutionary your application is. Now, a blog site witnesses your video and finds it quite informational and engaging.

The video content is so engaging that a blog site finds it fit to go with their blog post. Now, imagine readers going through the textual content consuming information about the application and simultaneously, watching your video to get additional information regarding the same.

This way, you are not only letting the blog site post your video on their blog page, but you are also generating valuable backlinks that help create traffic and boost your ranking. Put simply, you are not only getting traffic from your website where you originally posted the video but also from the blog site that posted the same video on their blog page.

Importance Of Video SEO

Videos play a crucial role in your digital marketing campaign. Now, we don’t say that your marketing campaign would suffer gravely if you didn’t use the video SEO, we might want to emphasize the fact that video increases the probability of getting success in a digital marketing campaign.

For your information, many of your competitors are using videos as leverage to win over the competition. Video has a crucial significance in a successful digital marketing campaign. Below-mentioned points explain how important a video is;

  • More than half of customers that watch your videos regularly would say they gain confidence in purchasing your products.
  • Users who routinely watch videos on your website for more than a couple of minutes are more likely to pay a subscription to your service.
  • Web videos brought a flood of traffic to businesses back in 2017 and the number of consumers rose to more than 68 percent.
  • Experts say that a website with video content tends to have more customer traffic as compared to a website where no video content is available.
  • YouTube is a subsidiary of Google and is the second-largest search engine in the entire world. Now imagine the amount of traffic you can generate by creating your YouTube channel.
  • Videos enable a brand to spread trust among the customers and promote faithfulness among the customers toward your brand.

Benefits Of Video SEO

The technical SEO if done right to a video could bring wonders to your business. With that being said, it is one of the most overlooked departments in search engine optimization. Where websites are focusing more and more on their website and social media, they used to completely ignore the benefits of a video.

You must know that about five hundred million hours of content is watched everyday by users all over the world. This is the reason why now 80 percent of marketers these days are leaning towards video marketing.

  • Google and Bing not only look at the textual content you post on your website but also at the media you publish. Thereby, using video as a strategic tool increases your organic traffic and brand credibility.
  • When you practice SEO practices strategically, it helps the video rank higher in the search results. You can also utilize a variety of links under your video as a description to generate traffic.
  • Textual content is certainly appreciated by the customers and users coming to your website. However, using a descriptive video elaborating on the benefits of your product would add more life to the content. Thereby attracting more customers to your website.

As was lustrated above, video is the best way to promote a business. It is not just the SaaS-based business that you can promote through video SEO, rather, any business that requires an online audience. Video is just like a picture that is worth a thousand words.

One can convey and engage more than one does through textual content. Apart from that, the engagement becomes more robust and helps the audience to pay close attention to the products and services you are selling.

Sales conversion is another perk that you can reap by promoting your content through an informative video. A business cannot be sustainable if you cannot sustain a customer base. Videos are the better tools that maintain a customer base and help you in boosted sales conversions.

Let’s Wrap It

Video and SEO go all the way from working separately to working together to generate traffic and enhance the visibility of your business. A video is a helpful tool that builds customer-brand relationships and strengthens your SEO strategy. Video + SEO puts the business in the right perspective and aims to bring exponential growth to your business. We hope now that you are aware of the importance and benefits of the Video SEO service offered by Advology Solution, you will get massive gains in your business.

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