facebook 10 Trendy Hacks To Drive More Organic Traffic

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10 Trendy Hacks To Drive More Organic Traffic

Search Engine optimization is earning popularity these days to improve the visibility of the website by potential customers. You can use it as a weapon to increase the retention rate and make your business grow. Statistics show on average 3.5 billion people search on Google in a day. It also states that 0.78 percent of Google searches continue by clicking on the results shown at the end. An average CTR of 31.7% is offered to the Google organic search results.

Reflection of stats

If you want to attract organic traffic you are required to have a ranking on the first page of SERP. There is a regular update in SEO. This article will provide you with the 10 most important and helpful hacks to leverage on your website and get success.

1. Ranking factor of Google's core web vitals

Loading interactivity and visual stability are announced by Google as the three new metrics to measure the experience of customers. These three are named Core web vitals. You can enhance all three metrics by just improving the page speed of the website. If you have an excellent page speed then your page will load faster, it will interact with the customers sooner and it will be stable while loading. If you fulfill all these three criteria then you can repair the entire first page.

Improving page speed will give you an edge over your competitors. As these Core Web Vitals are among Google's ranking factors, therefore, search engine bots consider it as a deciding factor for ranking. If two pages have equally relevant content then these Core Web Vitals will be considered to decide the ranking.

2. Intent matches - look for Google's BERT

Google understands the searches and what users want by using Google's BERT algorithm bidirectional encoder representations from Transformers. BERT algorithm work all machine learning and natural language processing. Google operates in more than 70 languages including every query in English.

With this development, Google can interpret the intent of the searcher and think like a human brain therefore this site having irrelevant content will have to face a negative impact. Google BERT is a part of the Google search engine and does not decrease the rank but ignore your site due to mismatched content. If content does not match with the search then it is BERT friendly and needs to be developed aiming to satisfy the user intent.

Researching the keyword before working on the content will help you increase the SEO ranking. You must take time and understand the exact meaning in the intent of the keyword and then design the content to make the content more relevant and worthy.

3. The essence of Keyword Research

Free searching for a good keyword can hold value in today's time as many people end up searching without even clicking the search button. Today's is because of the inbuilt function of Google which provides the user with an answer to the query without even completing typing of it. Where to start for research:

  • Search for a highly targeted chestnut-tailed keyword for your business. You are required to use your creativity and skills to find such a keyboard that it has a staying power and content is not easily available on it. You can also search for unique keywords from the Google search console.
  • Understanding the intent of the searcher is a crucial part as it helps You to be chosen over your competitor bots. A low volume will pay you if your intent is right.

4. Prerequisite of original and unique content

There is an ardent need for original content as Google is not going to rank your page over the original piece and users are not going to read the same content again and again. If the piece of content you produced is very similar to the existing one loses the chance to be bothered by Google Search Engine and users. Therefore you must create content that is authentic, worthy, and satisfies the needs of the users.

You can include case studies, experiments, customer testimonials, and company milestones to create a unique piece of content. This will enable you to establish trust among your audience and in the eyes of Google.

5. Voice search

According to data 27% of the entire audience is using voice search on their smartphones. The trend is constantly growing and voice search optimization is still in the IT development phase. In voice searches, people search for unique keywords and want a crisp and to-the-point answer to their query. These customers are considered at the stage of the funnel and bring more users to the business. Therefore voice search has become a necessity in terms of SEO.

6. Artificial intelligence

With the growing importance of AI, everything is changing. Artificial intelligence has changed the SEO and marketing industry as well. It creates a personalized impact and helps to provide a near to exact answer to the users which day are you looking for.

It is very important to understand search engine algorithms and take steps in accordance to get your website ranked. SEO experts provide guidance to build strategy and utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the experience of users on your website. Artificial intelligence helps in decoding the search engine algorithm to create favorable strategies. Companies like Hubspot and Market Muse are providing AI-based assistance to improve SEO.

7. Video marketing

The YouTube industry is growing like never before having 1 billion users. Video marketing can help you bring the audience to your business.

To start with a video of optimization

  • You can start with your channel name and description.
  • Avoid overloading your description with too many keywords
  • Provide only user-friendly descriptions about the channel and the content.
  • You can also use autocomplete feature to get suggestions for related keywords to include in the description.

These steps will help you reach the right audience which in return will help your business grow.

8. Featured snippets

You can also use featured snippets to appear in the rectangular box on the first page. As You can't select the content to be there and it's the bots that do the job. But answering any question with specific and useful points can bring you there.

9. Influencer SEO

Using search optimization to become an influencer can help build the trust of the audience and build a large base. The job can be done by building links creating brand visibility and engaging in activities and diverting the social media traffic.

10. EAT and branded SEO

Quality alone cannot do the entire job therefore you must follow the principle of EAT - (expertise-authority-trust) and make use of branded SEO to establish a brand reputation.

Including these quick hacks in your 2021 SEO strategy to improve your website and get the advantage of the leverage on it. Follow the trend to get a good ranking and drive traffic to earn greater success.